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  1. Bug Reporting (Temp?)
  2. [V7.5 - Geoscape] Crash on Personnel screen
  3. [V7.5 - Ground Combat] Crash at combat summary screen
  4. [V7.5 - Ground Combat] Basic Armour Visual Bug
  5. [V7.5 Geoscape] Show Missions - shows otherwise undetected scouts
  6. Alien ship approaching
  7. [V7.5.1 Ground Combat] Hidden Movement Freeze
  8. [V7.5 - Air Combat] Unresolved air combat, one party stops moving
  9. [V7.5 Ground Combat] Grenades deleted when changing equpiment
  10. [V7.5 Geoscape] Free money!
  11. [V7.5.1] General graphics bug
  12. [V7.5 - Air Combat] No mouse cursor when game starts
  13. [V7.5 Ground Combat] Mouse cursor blocks downward scrolling
  14. [7.5.1 Ground Combat] Tank sound when using inventory.
  15. [7.5.1 Ground Combat] Game crash on shooting a large gas/oil tank
  16. [7.5.1 Ground Combat] One soldier often has no weapon in hand
  17. [7.5.1 Personnel Inventory] Ammo is stored in a "magazine" not a "clip"
  18. [7.5.1 - Ground Combat] AP penalty for carried weight does not change.
  19. Build 7.5 Suggestions
  20. Build 7.5 LOS problems
  21. [V7.5 Ground Combat] Send\Don't send error
  22. [V8] - Build V8 Missing Sprites List!
  23. [V8.0 Geoscape] Building Base Facilities
  24. [V8.0 - General] Game Resolution.
  25. [V8.0 Geoscape] Game options window.
  26. [V8.0 Geoscape] Loading and tabs.
  27. [V 8.0 Geoscape] Can't overwrite previous saves.
  28. [V8.0 Air Combat] Alien aircraft icon doesn't disappear upon UFO escape
  29. [V8.0 Air Combat] Escape and fuel
  30. [V8.0 Air Combat] Tail target UFO is still broken
  31. [V8.0 Ground Combat] Soldiers sometimes don't enter open doors
  32. [V 8.0 Main Menu] Loading crash with ufo crashsite
  33. [V8.0 Ground Combat] soldier animations look like "Michael Jackson moonwalk"
  34. [V8.0 Ground Combat] Grenade explosion crash.
  35. [v8.0 base] Aircraft weapons
  36. [V8.0 Geoscape] Post-mission equipped weight bug still present.
  37. [V8.0 Ground Combat] Victory and injured soldiers.
  38. [V8.0 Ground Combat] Crouched shooting animation doesn't always play.
  39. [V8.0 Geoscape] Cannot reorder troops in dropship.
  40. Game Crashes when selecting soldier from listing "[V8) -Geoscape/Base
  41. [V8.0 - Ground Combat] Aliens and Civilians Walk Through Doors
  42. [V8.0 Geoscape] Geoscape not returning after mission
  43. [V8.0 Air Combat] Suicide MIG
  44. [V8.0 Ground Combat] Aliens found by Hunter not showing icon
  45. [V8.0 Ground Combat] Soldier not moving, but spending AP
  46. [V8.0 Ground Combat] Soldier in front and behind fence
  47. [V8.0 Ground Combat] Turning when shooting alien nearly straight ahead.
  48. [V8.0 Geoscape] Soldiers' Missions/Kills stat not updating.
  49. [V8.0] Geoscape/Ground Combat
  50. [V8.0 Geoscape] Sorting by armor in personnel screen does not work
  51. [V8.0 Geoscape] Personnel screen: Course Data text turns yellow.
  52. [V8.0 Geoscape] Construct new building: Radar named #####
  53. [V8.0 Ground Combat] Missing Hunter Machinegun sound
  54. [V8.0 Ground Combat] Soldier spending too many AP
  55. [V8.0 Ground Combat] Cannot re-close double doors.
  56. [V8.0 - Ground Combat] Cover System Weirdness at the Transformer Yard
  57. [V8.0 - Ground Combat] Aiming Cursor is not removed
  58. [V8.0 - Geoscape] Base Stores Screen
  59. [V8.0 Ground Combat] Soldier 'realigns' before kneeling/standing
  60. [V8.0 - Ground Combat] Pressing the number of a dead soldier selects it
  61. [V8.0 - Ground Combat] Grenades are not weapon bullets
  62. [V8.0 - Ground Combat] Shot Through Solid Wall
  63. [V8.0 - Ground Combat] Selection Pointer Displayed for Wrecked Hunter
  64. [V8.0 - Ground Combat] Soldier Back From The Dead
  65. [V8.0 Ground Combat] Using medipack
  66. [V8.0 Air Combat] The alien ship escapes and ship fire range
  67. [V8.0 - Ground Combat] Trading Shots Through Scenery Objects
  68. [V8.0 - Ground Combat] Fog of War Only Descends at the Start of the Player's Turn
  69. [V8.0 - Ground Combat] Soldier/Vehicle load order reversed when using custom map
  70. [V. 8.0 Ground Combat] "Alien Escaped" No he didn't
  71. [V8.0 - Ground Combat] Edge of Map Quirkiness
  72. [V8.0 - Ground Combat] Units Fear to Tread on Destroyed Tan Box-Things
  73. [V8.1 Base Menu] "Soldier" tab = Crash
  74. [V8.1 - Geoscape] Changing aircraft loadout causes game crash
  75. [V8.1 General] something is wrong with fonts
  76. [V 8.1 Ground combat] Aliens hard to target.
  77. [V8.1 Game Boot Menu] Windowed Mode option not working.
  78. [V8.1 - Geoscape] Interceptors over Water
  79. [V8.1 - Geoscape - Ingame Menu - Game Options] Not displaying text correctly.
  80. [V8.1 - Ground Combat] Crash after burst fire through window targeting alien
  81. [V8.1 - Ground Combat] Soldiers walking sound loop
  82. [V8.1 - Ground Combat] Soldier tab crashes game
  83. V8.1 Various bugs.
  84. [V8.1 - Ground Combat] Secondary weapon destroyed when equipping two-handed weapon
  85. [V8.1 - Ground Combat] AP Reserve not functioning for ground vehicles
  86. [V8.1 - Xenopedia] Description text cannot scroll down
  87. [V8.1 - Main Menu] Crash if loading Ground Combat savegame.
  88. A bug compilation.
  89. [V8.1 Geoscape] Chinook shot down CTD
  90. [V8.1 - Aircraft tab] Crashed with msg : Xenonauts.exe has stopped working
  91. [V8.1 - Startup menu] List of avaialble screen resolutions is empty
  92. [V8.1] [Battlescape] battlescape fails to load.
  93. [V8.1 - Ground Combat] Freeze and crash
  94. [V8.1 Main Menu] Crash if loading game saved in Geoscape
  95. [V8.2 Ground Combat] Wolf/Basic armour
  96. [V8.2 - Ground Combat] - Soldier Frozen in Doorway After Attempting To Go Through It
  97. [V8.2 Base window] Radar system is called #####
  98. [V 8.2 - Ground combat] 3 bugs found.
  99. [V8.2 - Ground Combat] Plasma Rifle crashes game?
  100. [V8.2 Geoscape] Loading saves and research.
  101. [V8.2 Geoscape] Loading save and contact numbers.
  102. [V8.2 Ground Combat] - Soldiers sometimes get stuck when crouching
  103. [V8.2 Geoscape] Double-clicked on a crash site icon, game crashed
  104. [V8.2 Geoscape] Crash when engaging crash site
  105. [8.1 Ground Combat, Inventory] Grenade disapears from inventory
  106. [V8.2 Ground Combat] Dropped medpack shows up as a rifle
  107. [V8.2 Ground Combat] Flamethrower causes CTD
  108. [V8.2 Geoscape]- Loading game crash
  109. [v8.2 Geoscape] Loading a game with a crashed UFO has a 'ghost' airborne UFO
  110. [v8.2 Geoscape] Two-Handed weapons weight bugged on transport return
  111. [V8.2 Ground Combat] buildings upper lvls desynced with lower lvs / door bug
  112. [V8.2 Geoscape] Multiple research completed at the same time
  113. [V 8.2 Geoscape] Buttons not working
  114. [V8.2 - General] Key Configuration Woes
  115. [V8.2 - Ground Combat] Crash Upon Quitting Game
  116. [V8.2 - General] Aircraft and Vehicle Numbering
  117. [V8.2 Ground Combat] Hunter LOF/S Issue
  118. [V8.2 Ground Combat] Hunter has no sound when moving
  119. [V8.2 Ground Combat] - Soldiers can't crouch if Reserve AP selected
  120. [V8.2] - Crashes (CTD)
  121. [V8.2] Geoscape New game menu overlapping on windowed mode.
  122. [V 8.2 Geoscape] soldier screen crash
  123. [V8.2 Air Combat] Double Air combat
  124. [V 8.2 Ground Combat] - Vanishing medkit
  125. Collective bug thread.
  126. [V8.2 Geoscape/Ground Combat] Flamethrower
  127. Master Bug Thread.
  128. [8.2 Ground Combat] Tactical Load and Tactical Load again...
  129. [V8.2 Ground Combat] Hunter comes back to life.
  130. [V82. Ground Combat] Minor Pathfinding Issue
  131. [V8.2 Base View] Missing items ?
  132. [V8.2 Ground Combat] Hidden Movement freeze.
  133. [v8.2 geoscape] save loading bugs
  134. [v8.2] Loading Screen and Geoscape
  135. [V8.2 Ground Combat] Jackal wearing soldier when hit shows basic armor.
  136. [V8.2 Ground Combat] Tank HP does not reset/repair between combats
  137. [V8.2 Geoscape] Personnel screen: Course Data text turns yellow
  138. [V8.2 Ground Combat] Soldier 'realigns' before kneeling/standing
  139. [V8.2 Geoscape] Sorting by armor in personnel screen does not work correctly
  140. [V8.2 Air Combat] Game Crash When Firing Missile
  141. [V8.2 Savegame-Research] Research projects are blank after loading savegame
  142. [V8.2 - Ground Combat] Machinegun belt too small
  143. [V8.2 - Ground Combat] Reloading replaces and removes the old load
  144. [V8.2 Ground Combat] Invisible ALien kills my troops
  145. [V8.2 Geoscape] Backpack items overlapping
  146. [V8.2 Ground combat] Objects count for double encumbrance until replaced
  147. [v8.2 Base Info] - Radar Name Missing
  148. (v8.2 - Air Combat) Retreating into Zone of Fire
  149. [v8.3 - Geoscape] Chinook will not target crash sites
  150. [V8.2 Ground Combat] Soldier taking 'free' actions (no AP cost)
  151. [V8.3- Geoscape] Unable to dispatch troops
  152. [8.3 Ground Combat] screen freeze in middle of mission
  153. [v8.3 Ground Combat Load] CTD when ground combat loading
  154. [V8.3 - Ground Combat] Hunter Can Shoot Without Paying the Action Point Cost
  155. [V8.3 - Ground combat] Alien ship door won't open.
  156. [V8.3 - Ground combat] Xenonauts.exe has stopped working.
  157. [V8.3 - Ground Combat] Game Freezes Upon Selecting Reserve Mode
  158. [V8.3 - Options Screen] Game crashes when changing hot key to blank
  159. [V8.3 - Options Screen] Ctrl + 2 for vehicles won't stick
  160. [V8.3 build 7 - Ground Combat] CTD on succesful mission end
  161. [V8.4 - Ground Combat] Nothing Here but Barren Wastes
  162. [V 8.4 Ground combat] Aliens suddenly become invincible
  163. [V8.4 - Ground Combat] Ground Combat Freezes
  164. [V8.4 - Ground Combat] Cannot Reserve APs for Vehicles
  165. [V8.4 - Base Research] Plasma Rifle Available for Research at Game Start
  166. [V8.4 Ground Combat] - Alien 'Lost' Outside of Scout
  167. [8.4 Ground Combat] Soldier Freezes on opening door
  168. [8..35 Ground Combat] Alien next to door cannot be targeted
  169. [8.35 Geoscape] Tailing aircraft blocks ability to intercept UFO with other aircraft
  170. [8.35 Geoscape] Displayed date of saved games is 1 month different from Geoscape date
  171. [V8.4 - Ground Combat]Hunter has no sound when moving
  172. [V8.4 - BaseView] Equipable Laser Weaponry in Base Stocks
  173. [v8.4 Ground Combat] Pressing "i" when Hunter selected opens 1st soldier's inventory
  174. [V8.4 Main Menu] Pressing Q opens launch dialog.
  175. [V8.4 Geoscape] Vehicle numbering.
  176. [V8.41 Ground combat] Problem with scout craft map passability
  177. [V8.41 Ground Combat] Grenade activation crash.
  178. [V8.41 Geoscape] Odd visual error with craft.
  179. [V8.41 Ground Combat] Tile misalignment of UFO Scout
  180. [V8.41 Ground Combat] Possible incorrect fence tile?
  181. [V8.4 - Ground Combat] Dead Soldier Brought Back to His Feet by Alien Weaponry
  182. [V8.41 - Ground Combat] Quitting from Ground Combat
  183. [V8.41 - Ground Combat] Unlimited Hunter Machinegun Fire
  184. [V8.41 - Geoscape/Ground Combat] Key Binding Table
  185. [V8.41 - Ground Combat] Incorporeal Xenonaut
  186. [V8.41 - Ground Combat] Revived Xenonaut Leaves a Body
  187. [V8.41 - Ground Combat] Scout Ship Bugs and Some Insight into the Problems
  188. [V8.41 - Geoscape] Alien Fighter Crash Site
  189. [V8.41 - Research] Way too many scientist
  190. [V8.41 - Submap Editor] Changes in object type changing the PathScore
  191. [V8.41 - General] Wounded Soldiers
  192. [V8.41 - Baseview] Sales takes an extra item as tip
  193. [V8.41 Geoscape] Load game with a crashed UFO crashes the game V 8.41
  194. [V8.41 - Ground Combat] - Shooting a dead alien
  195. [V8.41 - Ground Combat] Scatter Laser Causes Crash
  196. [V8.41 - Geoscape] No credit for shooting down aliens over the ocean
  197. [V8.41 - Ground Combat] Hunter Pathing
  198. [V8.41 - Baseview] Equipping Hunters to the Chinok
  199. [V8.41 Geoscape] Battlescape load screen not working correctly.
  200. [V8.41 - Air Combat/Geoscape] UFOs Become Fighter Planes upon Escape to Space
  201. [8.41 - Ground Combat] Alien inside scout ship walls
  202. [8.41 Ground Combat] Medipack reticle stays active after switching weapon
  203. [8.41 Ground Combat] Move soldier through door no other soldiers can enter
  204. [8.41 Ground Combat] Reserve Shot button highlighted but not active
  205. Downloading the latest version of xenonauts.
  206. [V8.4.1 - Geoscape] - CTD on load after return from succesfull ground combat.
  207. [V8.41 - Ground Combat] Hunter Machine-gun does not consume AP
  208. [V8.41 - Ground Combat] Shots from nowhere ???
  209. [V8.4.1 - Geoscape] Infinite Repeat of Ground Mission
  210. [V8.41 - Geoscape] Money upon loading is greater than when saving
  211. [V8.41 - Geoscape] Laser Weapnry Research does not unlock
  212. [V8.4 Ground Combat] Alien weapon rejection upon retrieval
  213. [V8.41 Geoscape] Immediate crash upon return of interceptors
  214. [V8.5 - Ground Combat] "Ready to engage" message during mission
  215. [V8.5 - Groundscape] Enemy seen through walls
  216. [V8.5 - Groundscape] Save/Load Not Working
  217. [V8.5 - Groundscape] Machinegun Clipsize
  218. [V8.5 GEOSCAPE] OMG - My Crashsite escaped to space
  219. [V8.5 - Ground Combat] - Chinook Engage Notice Still Observable
  220. [V8.5 Ground Combat] Unrecoverable hang during alien turn
  221. [V8.5 - Ground Combat] Entertaining Encounter at the Transformer Yard
  222. [V8.5 Ground Combat] Machinegun sprite mixup.
  223. [V8.5 Ground Combat] Capturing aliens.
  224. [V8.5 Baseview] Aircraft numbering bug.
  225. [V8.5 Ground Combat] Tiles near scout door inaccesible.
  226. [V 8.5 Ground Combat] UFO placed at the edge of the map
  227. [V8.5 - Geoscape] Afterburners causing aircraft loss
  228. [V8.5 Ground combat] Freeze on hidden movement screen
  229. [V8.5 Ground combat] Free ammo
  230. [V8.5 Ground Combat] Loading Ground Combat Saves Causes Other Issues
  231. [V8.5 Geoscape] Loading A Geoscape Save Resets Funding Performance Tracker
  232. [V8.5 Ground combat] Engage - Abandon Mission shows true
  233. [V8.5 Ground Combat] Audio Glitch
  234. [V8.5 Ground Combat] Invivsible wall
  235. [V8.5 Air Combat) Problems with Fighters
  236. [V8.5 Air Combat) Disengage Doesn't Disengage
  237. [V8.5 Baseview] Zero Missions/Kills
  238. [v8.5 Ground Combat] Precision Laser causes CTD
  239. [V8.5 - Geoscape] CTD When Planes Pursued by Alien Fighters Return to Base
  240. [V8.5 Geoscape] Loading from within Geoscape causes Crash
  241. [V8.5 Research] Alien Plasma Technology Not Available
  242. [v8.5 Baseview] Wounded Soldier's gear lost
  243. [v.8.5 - Ground combat] Alien ship too close to border, cannot enter.
  244. [v8.5] Ground Combat - "Engage enemies" prompt box persists
  245. [V8.5] Ground Combat - CTD at very end
  246. [V8.5] Geoscape - Crashsite on Base Not Distinguishable
  247. [V8.5 Ground Combat] Aliens shoot through door
  248. [V8.5 Ground Combat] Missing animation.
  249. V8.5: Suggestions
  250. [V8.5 BaseView] Crash when right clicking in inventory