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  1. Since release date was postponed I decided to install Xenonauts again and since I forgot what was missing for me I thought to put it here in case its still something that can be added or has already been added: 1) Unless you have a flying suit, lot of building/rooftops are not accessible (suggestion to add ladders and/or steps as much as possible for multi-level combat 2) When standing and shooting around the corner it doesn't feel (suggesting to have animation where soldier steps out or something similar) 3) Weapons like m60 with tripod that needs to be setup and is mainly used to suppress area (while back one game had this, cant remember the name though) 4) Animations in general especially on battlefield (one cool thing about original was soldier jumping over a wall, would be good to see breaking a window or something along those lines like hiding behind the wall etc Thanks :)
  2. Ajkula999

    Xcom apocalypse style play

    Fair enough, would've been cool to have though :)
  3. Just wondering if there will be a feature to choose ground battle either as turn base or play and pause like im xcom apocalypse?