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Minimum ages for combat experiences

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I wonder if we could have minimum age experiences by having a field in the experience tag that sets the minimum age for a soldier to have fought in that war.

i.e. <experience minAge="26">Vietnam</experience>

I'm guessing a soldier's age is generated before his regiment etc. when he is constructed so when it comes to selecting previous combat experience, the program checks if age > experience.minAge and if it is, the soldier can get that experience otherwise it discards that experience from the list of possibles.

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Xenonauts - a very good game and stylistically perfect, if a developer would not cut much of its functionality due to lack of funds for development.

As I wrote earlier, Firaxis UFO - is fucking shit.

Although the screenshots are beautiful and also has style.

But this is not a follower of UFO-classic, It's Another game in the universe UFO!

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