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  1. Thanks, gonna try this version!
  2. Sounds like a solid Halloween mod for Xenonauts to me
  3. Agreed lets beat the crap out of Firaxis first!
  4. Got exactly the same problem, noticed an civilian but is spotted as an alien. Edit direct link because it wasnt full size... Also escape button doesn't work. Mission can not be finished without killing civilians.. Nasty bug Also when an civilian moves in front of an soldier, the soldier shoots (reaction fire...)
  5. Great update thanks, I'm going to test it right now!
  6. OMGOMG IT WORKED I love my badge
  7. I've got the same problem... It happened x11 with new game
  8. Yeah I know right? I was looking for similar problems on the forum, but I haven't found anyone else with the same problem.
  9. Thanks Chris, I really want that shiny badge
  10. 1: X-Com EU and TFTD (ofcourse ) 2: Diablo I and II +Expansions 3: Fallout 1 and 2, not 3 or new vegas 4: System shock 5: DOOM 6: CC Red Alert 2 7: Grim Fandango 8:TES: MORROWIND 9: Fahrenheit also known as Indigo Prophecy 10: Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth ( GUYS YOU MUST PLAY THIS, REALLY) 11: The Darkness Sorry guys, I have a top 11, I can't choose 5 because all 12 are greatest games of all time..
  11. Oke thanks for the information, and yes it is still super awesome!
  12. I think they are right complaining about that, but I still hope it is possible in the new game to view the camera from an isometric top view..