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How many maps are there in the game so far?


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Thinking of going ahead and buying on steam, but I wanted to know the answer to this first please :). In the alpha there were only a few IIRC.

Also, I tried the alpha a while back when it was on kickstarter, and found the dogfight portions extremely repetitive, are they more varied now?


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I don't think there has been any new maps added officially, but you can always download and install the community map pack.


The dogfights are OK. I can't remember what it was like in the alpha, but right now I find myself repeating the same tactics. That said, I haven't fought anything above a large scout yet.

The real advancement from the alpha comes in the form of much improved tactical combat, which makes up most of the game anyways.

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There's an autoresolve for air combat now, although I don't know how "realistic" it is. Having played some Total War games in the past, I can't bring myself to trust autoresolve, but that's not Xenonaut's fault.

The straight-up number of maps is a bit decieving. By installing the Community Map Pack and and then Stinky Map Pack 2, you add around 100 maps to the game. However, maps are split among tileset (desert, farm, alien base etc.) and size (size of the UFO, size of the alien base). So even after installing the map packs you'll still see the same map more than once in a single playthrough, but it's not nearly as bad as alpha. If I close my eyes, I can still see that lightscout arctic map with the two buildings and the snowcat in the middle...

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