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Lookin for some help from sciency people

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Hi, I'm Max Caine. You may remember me from such mods as Smokestacks of Pain: Hotrodding your DeathTank and Sexy Stories of the Alien Menace. In a couple of weeks time I'm going to be embarking on another little Xenonauts mod, and it's going to involve quite a lot of technobabble. I'd like my technobabble to be plausible technobabble, so I'd like to ask the help of the more sciency people that frequent these forums. What it would involve is me describing what I think is good technobabble, you wincing in pain and beating me over the head with a verbal stick, with the ideas flowing back and forth until we hit on something that looks and feels right. If you're interested, hit me up with a PM and I'll describe it to you in greater detail.

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changed "gears and blood" to "smokestacks of pain" because that's more like a TV infomercial.
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I think what you really want is someone familiar with military weapons. Or if you want to go further, someone familiar with science fiction talk. Most people are not too familiar with how far a given weapon can shoot, how much stuff explosives can blow apart, or how far soldiers can see through smoke, or how lasers and rail guns work.

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I've got 6 years experience in the army infantry and can cite a lot of specs for a lot of weapons. Plus, I've studied mechanical engineering at university for 3 years. I think I qualify.

EDIT: Also, your inbox is full.

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