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More choice in starting weapons

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I know this is supposed to be a faithful recreation of the classic X-Com game, but I think it should be realized that X-Com: UFO Defense was more of a "science-fictionized" setting than what Xenonauts is put in to. The starting weapons in X-Com were tailored more towards this, having more of a sci-fi feel.

In Xenonauts, however, I think a chance should be taken to bring some more "realism" into the game's armory.

Here is what I'm suggesting

I consider myself a bit of a weapon's buff, and I love it when weapons in video games are given brief and detailed descriptions. In Xenonauts, however, there is only one rifle that is considered to be the universally-accepted standard-issue assault rifle of the Xenonauts program: the M16A1.
See, I like having immersion in some of my games, and I feel like Xenonauts has the opportunity to add in some more weapons to tailor to nationality or somesuch. It's the late-1970s, right? The Soviet Union is in on the Xenonauts initiative?
How about add in the AK-74 model into the fold?
It's a bit jarring to see a Cold War-era Russian soldier carrying around an M16 assault rifle, I'll admit.
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you can add the weapons you want, thats no problema at all. I made a mod that adds a 30mm cannon and a wakizashi sword to be used by soldiers for example.

SInce units and weapons stats are in the process of balance any weapon you add will need to be changed multiple times to keep in balance with the game so right now is a bit of wasted work.

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