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Little Mod V4


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New Mod. This one took a few hours. Since the game is being balanced I may have gone a bit crazy with the changes.



-All the various weapon changes. Accuracy has dropped in general. Includes vehicle weapons.

-Heavy Plasma Rifle now has single-shot option. This is due to large numbers of aliens (especially Sebillians) only having the Heavy Plasma as a weapon option.

-2 Plasma missiles will kill a Heavy Fighter (this was done by increasing the damage to 195, and the HF armour to 20)

-Costs and build times of Corsair, Shrike, Marauder, Valkyrie and Foxtrot reduced.

-Jackal, Sentinel and Predator armour build time reduced.

-Advanced missiles and torpedoes must be manufactured (a single unit is unlimited, but they have hefty Alenium costs)

-Advanced grenades and rockets need to be manufactured (fast and cheap though they do cost resources).

-Things that were missing a resource cost now have them. Weapons cost alenium to manufacture as well.

-String fixes (Battle rifles, stunned Reapers, Drone autopsies and Scimitar)

-Alien Electronics can be unlocked by capturing a Corvette.

-More aliens in ships up to Landing Ship (Cruiser spawns are still bugged).

-More cash per alien weapon.

-Score changes (50 from secure, 25 from capture)

-Aliens have armour, with support variants having more, except for Harridans

-->Caesans have low base armour, poor chemical defense and poor incendiary defense.

-->Sebillians have good base armour, poor chemical defense and good incendiary defense.

-->Androns have heavy armour, good chemical defense, and excellent incendiary defense.

-->Harridans have good base armour, poor incendiary and excellent chemical defense.

-->Wraiths have good to excellent armour, ok incendiary and poor chemical defense.

-To go with this, Nervegas and Toxin grenades have been added (well, added and filled in, including silly Xenopedia entry). To unlock them, well...(hint: You should capture live aliens for testing). They also need to be manufactured, but use no resources

-Vehicles got armour upgrades. Its directional too. They also got an AP boost (but not as high as they used to be)

-Its called Weaponry in the research screen now (it annoyed me).

I think that's all of it. Give me a shout if it causes crashes, and some feedback would be nice. Remember, play the vanilla game first and give Aaron feedback on vanilla balance!

Also, you'll probably really need to get a manufacturing base up pretty quick.

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Edit #2:

this crashed my game:

-Heavy Plasma Rifle now has single-shot option. This is due to large numbers of aliens (especially Sebillians) only having the Heavy Plasma as a weapon option.

replacing this alien`weapon`section from original weapons_gc solve the problem for me :confused:

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Hey Sathra my friend - thanks a lot for your effort - I played until middle game now and saw that I am running out of the ability to beat the game - too little funds - I could not even fund a second base until November and the UFOs just get to strong (escorts and big ones) too early on - could you mod that - then I would restart another Xenonauts game - thanks a lot!

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Slight, major, one of them. Its all a bit random in practice and depends on luck and player ability as to exactly how fast it escalates. Later builds of Xenonauts are promised to have a wider variation in ship types so you don't just drown in nothing but Cruisers mid-game.

Anyways, new version of the mod is done.

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Version 4.1

Changes from V4:

-All MG's range increased to 30.

-Smokechance for nervegas/toxin/smoke increased to 60/70/80.

-Smokegrenade gas accuracyreduction increased to 35.

-Nerve Gas Grenades are called such in the Stores screen now, instead of Gas Grenade.

-Alien Alloy Fabrication renamed to Alien Alloy Manipulation.

-Manufacture times for t2+ aircraft and weapons reduced across the board. MiG is t1.5. Still want to get a manufacturing base up for craft though. 4 days for Corsair with 60 Engineers for example.

-Wolf requires Jackal tech.

-Laser Weaponry requires Alenium and Alien Alloys tech.

-Electroshock requires Alenium Explosives tech.

-Living quarters allows for 40 people per building.

-Bases cost $300k to start now.

-Chinook can now carry 10 people, or 8 + vehicle (This should work fine, but tell me if there's bugs)

-T2+ aircraft now require Alien Power Source/Reactor/Fusion Reactor. (It should allow you to make them with the power core 1 stage up as well as the power core from their 'era'. Again, if it doesn't, TELL ME)

-Strength gains at half normal rate.

-Longer gaps between rank-ups.

-Escalation slowed down. Should have longer with corvettes for example, and there should be more of a mix between craft types as they switch.

-Cruiser+ craft have increased, random crews. Low ranking aliens in these crews too, so not all killing machines.

-Bases 'crew' rebalanced. I forgot to do this last version and it was crazy. 30+ aliens in some medium bases. They still have tons of aliens though.

-Mixed crews. So you can get a few Caesans with Sebillians, Sebbies with Androns. This only happens with Landing Ships+, and to a lesser degree in bases (mostly Caesans in Andron bases to allow for more chances at early MAG tech).

-Sight ranges for armours changed. Increases for most of them, except Basic (this was actually in the last version, but I forgot about it).

And that's that. So any bugs, post them here and I'll see if I can fix them. Any ideas if there's something to rebalance/improve/add and I'll also consider and possibly include them.

Link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/q1fcs82xzng014q/Sathra%27s%20Mod%20V4.1.zip?v=0mcns

Edited by Sathra
helps to add the link ><
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Any chance we could see an exhaustive list of all the changes over the various versions of the mod, please?

Exactly how exhaustive? Specific numbers?

There's been 4 versions, each with their own thread.

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Is it possible to incorporate the xtended soldier backgrounds (made by Geredis) in your mod ?!

Kinda, if you dump the files straight from the Xtended Background mod over the top of my mod it'll work, but a bunch of stuff won't have names (due to strings.xml changes I made). You could copy the changes either from my strings.xml or the Xtended's strings.xml, but either way there would be some work involved.

The changes from background mods would probably be stuff listed under 'experience' if you do a 'find' (ctrl-F) search.

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This is an interesting mod. Some thoughts on ground combat: 35 TUs for heavy weapon bursts feels just right; 25 TUs might be a bit low for rifle aimed shots. Ten soldiers feels like too many for a tier 1 Chinook. It's not that it doesn't make sense, but it feels strange gameplay-wise. I am of course biased by prior vanilla playthroughs.

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I decided to increase since you don't get a new dropship till mid-game, and there are noticeably more aliens in all ships now.

Ballistic Rifles are the cheapest to fire of all rifles, but should be almost completely obsolete by midgame (due to alien armour and health going up). Laser rifles+ have higher TU costs (20, 25, and 30).

All Ballistic weapons are the cheapest of all weapons to fire, its part of the tier 'flavour' changes. Laser has low AP, plasma has the highest damage and MAG has excellent armour penetration.

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