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  1. This is an interesting mod. Some thoughts on ground combat: 35 TUs for heavy weapon bursts feels just right; 25 TUs might be a bit low for rifle aimed shots. Ten soldiers feels like too many for a tier 1 Chinook. It's not that it doesn't make sense, but it feels strange gameplay-wise. I am of course biased by prior vanilla playthroughs.
  2. I was thinking about this the wrong way. Certainly anyone would be slowed down by carrying more stuff; being too literal with the word carrying capacity. Capping comfortable carrying weight somewhere in the 25-40 kg seems fair.
  3. By which do you mean 40 years in the past?
  4. Neat idea. Somewhat constricting to situations on the maps. Would make some things compulsory, for example alien alloy must be effective in making EM shielding. Otherwise it'd fry anything on the ship that is similarly operating on the EM spectrum. It's quite a diverse spectrum.
  5. Looks good both with and without the dot matrix effect. Personally I prefer without. Optional feature?
  6. Might have to just look closely at the suggested paths, and best move manually for now. Improving path finding algorithms is a chore to say the least.
  7. I generally enjoy modifying loadouts as technology and situations arise. A Save current loadout as, and more available callsigns would be neat. A somewhat pie in the sky feature would be conditional replacement in event of not enough supply of X. E.G. Not enough laser pistols: load out specifies standard ballistic pistol be issued instead. Put the option and burden on the users there.
  8. I think the immersion of the new UI far outweighs the nostalgia of playing Endgame: Singularity.
  9. That's a fair enough point. I didn't make it clear, so I'll clarify my post. I mean that you'd need to choose a focus to get anything beyond a reduced improvement AND also go on missions to apply the training. No actual improvement without field application. As in reduce general gains and encourage some micromanagement. Gains without missions is something we agree isn't fun; the micromanagement may or may not be fun for people, so it might not be a supported idea overall. Another clarification: It'd involve more work in adding another mechanic to something the team has already put a lot of work into. Further clarification: I'm proposing that we reduce random stat gain across the board, not remove it.
  10. Crouching behind a wall prevents medical attention. I think this may be an issue with targeting working more-or-less as designed, but being inconvenient in certain situations. Because a soldier's head is below a wall when they crouch, and since medpacks can target walls or units (as grenades can) the soldier can't be treated; the wall has priority. http://steamcommunity.com/id/moxiewhimsy/screenshots/?appid=223830 (The link above is not permalinked to those pointing out the issue, and in the future will instead contain funny, and|or awesome screenshots of the game. )
  11. I would see night vision goggles being more of a trade off than game play replacement for flares. Such devices likely reduce the (already limited) vision angle, but improve vision distance at night, but completely dazzle in the event of a sudden bright light. Though other games in the genre include them, I'm not exactly sold on them unless scopes and binoculars were desired features. The lattermost would probably be quite a TU sink, and similarly suffer from tunnel vision (angle).
  12. OK. I know this might not be a supported idea, especially since it does involve more work on the development end, but perhaps a between-mission training mechanic would be sensible. Sure, sometimes people get better just through experience, but often they need to both train, and apply themselves in the field to improve significantly. Potentially gaining strength by two points per a mission is probably too fast. On the other hand, a 30 kg hard cap is somewhat unrealistic for soldiers. (reasoning: a number of my (quite nerdy) friends, who don't work out or exercise other than our regular walks about town, can lift and carry more than 30kg in the form of objects carried. )
  13. (rhetorical) May I just say that I think you're making the right decision here?. Also, in regards to scientist hair-style: they are working fairly long hours and living in underground facilities. That probably goes for most of the staff. Matching external fashions would be extremely short lived.
  14. Very agreed. EDIT: Oh neat! That's what I get for not completely reading before replying. You're quite right. Round vs Hard edges is somewhat of a cycle in games. Look at console hardware between competitors and generations, as an example.
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