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  1. A soldier that is healed with a medpack back to full health (half of the lost health is healed back) will have a much shorter recovery time back to base than one that wasn't healed on the field, since the game apparently checks the soldier's actual health at the end of a mission to determine how long he stays wounded. While I appreciate the realism of immediate first-aid being helpful for long-term recovery of a wounded soldier, it only makes it mandatory to manually heal up all soldiers to full before killing the last alien, thus being just a gameplay drag. Simply make the game subtract only the unrecoverable (black) health when calculating recovery time, pretty please:)
  2. That's exactly the core issue: as long as soldier advancement is directly related to specific actions performed on the battlefield, then the optimal way of playing will be performing unnecessary/repetitive/tedious tasks in ground combat. "But you don't actually have to do that! You can just play missions with the only goal of eliminating all enemies, and take the stat gains that come with it!" Can we? This game, especially on higher difficulties, is supposed to be constantly challenging, where just a couple of mistakes can make you lose. How can such a delicate balance be achieved if the player has the choice of performing tedious and time-consuming tasks in order to gain a significant advantage? In short, I believe that the ideal solution would be something akin to the system in the 2012 remake: soldiers gain a bit of experience just for participating in a mission, and a variable amount when they kill an alien, the tougher the alien the higher the xp payout. This xp is then distributed into the soldier's stats, either selected by the player in the mission debriefing, or being raised at random, or maybe being tied to the soldier's role (thus giving roles more significance than just inventory presets). This would still require rookies to actively participate in combat, since they would advance very slowly with just the mission payout, but it would switch the focus of ground combat back to eliminating the alien threat in the safest way possible, rather than ensuring that each of your men has run enough to maximize his TUs, shot enough to maximize his accuracy, etc.
  3. I'm sorry for the Necro, but this thread sums up my current biggest issue with the game, and Infinitum already exhaustively explained why, way better than I could ever do So, I would like to know if there are any plans in the near future to change the stat advancement system; if there are, we can then talk about how we could change it.
  4. Uhm, I'm kind of confused, where is the link for the 5X version? The only one I see is the original one in the 2nd page of the thread. Also, a question I've had for a couple of days: would there be any way to mod the stat-increase system? This is possibly the biggest gripe left for me with the game, how I'm supposed to do lap tracks around the map and shoot at walls in order to get a maximum increase in stat, but I suppose it requires actual rewriting of the code, right?
  5. As much as I understand the emotional value of the "hidden movement" screen for x-com fans, it is simply a terrible game mechanic. It's intrusive, breaks game immersion, and most importantly it is completely useless; a simple box beneath the "alien turn" text that says "(hidden movement)" would work so much better.
  6. Apologies if this has been brought up before (and I suppose it has) but after some searches I couldn't find any threads about it. I believe that the current 1 TU cost for turning by 45 degrees adds an unneeded layer of complexity to movement, in addition to causing pathfinding issues (link). The current facing direction would still matter for reaction fire, but we wouldn't have to carefully look at the most efficient way to move through a maze of obstacles because our soldiers are really BAD at turning around. What is Chris and the others' opinion on the subject?
  7. If it's not hard time-wise to implement, I fully support this. It would greatly help with making individual soldiers stand out more.
  8. This is something that annoys me aswell, though it's more of an immersion breaker than a problem in gameplay. Basically, our soldiers manage to get their hands on extremely valuable alien artefacts - archives from their computers, live specimens and so on - things that have a huge scientifical, economical, and cultural value, and they throw them in a nearby trash bin because "we already got one back at base"? It just makes no sense. Couldn't we just make them auto-sell for varying amounts of cash in the end-mission screen, like we do with the alien weapons? This would give a further incentive to not employ explosive weapons (you might damage the ship's contents) and capturing aliens alive. (Speaking of which, I was actually wondering why alien weapons are auto-sold at the mission's end? Is it because otherwise we'd get an endless supply of them very soon, while we're supposed to go through expensive and time consuming research+manufacturing?)
  9. Perhaps fishermen from the Azores? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Azores
  10. Oh yes, I forgot frags: unlike the other grenades, they might well use a buff, right now it feels like I'm throwing firecrackers
  11. Some more answers for you: -About grenades: afaik, right now they work pretty much like a projectile, which means that they can be thrown very far away, but they have a chance of "hitting" any obstacle that is in the way; a grenade rework is incoming, we have to hold on until then . -About flares: don't quote me on this, but I think that beside the accuracy issues, areas illuminated by them but not within sight of a xenonaut will show the terrain but will NOT show any aliens that are there. -Speaking about sight, some alien species do have a longer sight range than the default human one: for example, IIRC the Caesans have a range of 18 tiles while the default xenonaut has 16 (and 14 with Jackal armour).
  12. With "exposure", I meant a dose of of the gas, since I thought that the grenade merely spawned the gas, which was actually doing the real damage. But, after a quick peek at the .xml files, I see that the grenade does indeed do stun damage by itself, while the gas' damage is applied when an entity enters, or begins a turn in, a gas-covered tile (supposedly, the gas damage isn't applied in the initial throw aswell?). Anyway, what this means, is that any alien hit by a stun grenade will inevitably suffer not only the grenade's damage, but the gas' damage when the alien turn begins. The same, of course, also applies to xenonauts. A possible way to balance this would be to simply lower gas damage by a significant amount, so that you can't stun a tough alien by simply tossing one grenade at it and watch as he takes 3-4 times the grenade's damage while attempting to walk out, but instead it takes a large amount of resources in terms of TUs and grenades thrown. Also, lowering its radius wouldn't hurt. I also wanted to raise the point that smoke grenades might be a tad too powerful, since every tile of smoke in the line of fire lowers accuracy by a large amount, thus making it quite easy to create intangible "walls" behind which your soldiers can take cover. However, I think that the real problem with grenades is just that you can take with you so MANY. At 1 kg and 1 slot, you can easily afford to just pack 10+ on every soldier, especially with strength rising so quickly. Perhaps you might make them heavier or take 2 slots?
  13. Since, currently, stun grenades are an extremely effective way of dealing with any early-mid game enemy (and maybe late game too, haven't gotten there yet), while they're supposed to be an unreliable way to get an alien down alive when you need to capture it, can you try and get them into that state in the mod? They will most likely get reworked very soon, with all the other grenades, but it would still fix them for the time being. And yes, I know that I could just *not* use them, but since they don't just provide an easy kill but score you more points with the nation, it mildly annoys me. Also, is there any way you could actually show stun damage in the soldier stats? Since, you know, these best-of-the-best soldiers apparently LOVE to just throw a grenade at their feet for no apparent reason (I have, however, noted that they always go down after 2 "exposures" to stun gas, so maybe there's no stun damage but a simple stun counter: when it reaches 2, you're out.)
  14. Well, I guess that if things are indeed changing quickly, it might not very efficient to write down a guide. But still, I happen to have a lot of questions If you could quickly answer a few of them it would be a great help. *How does research work? Does every technology have a set amount of required "scientist hours", or are there diminishing returns to assigning all your scientists to a single project, like in manufacturing? And what does the progress bar readout mean? I've seen that the more scientists you assign, the better the readout becomes, but also appeared to shift mid-research. *Can a storeroom effectively store an infinite amount of stuff? And are there any advantages to building more than one medical center, or they don't stack? *Is there a list of all the TU costs? Most of them are obvious, but I'd kind of like to know how much it will me cost me to reload a specific weapon from the belt, or from the backpack, or to drop/pick up a specific item, and so on. *How does suppression work? I've seen that it makes you lost half of your TUs, but does it have other effects? And how is it triggered exactly? *And what about overwatch? Is there a way to manually enable/disable it, or any soldier with spare TUs will always fire at the first enemy it sees? What if there are friendlies in the way? *Soldier stats: TUs, resilience and accuracy are obvious, but I haven't got a clue at what reflexes does. Strength increases carrying capacity, but does it also increase throwing range? Bravery supposedly ties in with the morale system, but I have yet to see a soldier lose any morale at all. Is it not yet implemented? *This isn't really a question, but I've noticed that once I have access to stun grenades, every other weapon becomes nearly obsolete. They have nearly infinite range, a huge area of effect, and make the aliens unconscious, which even raises the mission score more than killing them. Currently, 8 men with their inventory full of stun grenades (and a firearm or two for the eventual drones) can clear pretty much every map without breaking a sweat. I guess this is just one of the balance issues that will eventually be sorted out?
  15. Uh...that "manual" was apparently last updated in may 2012, and anyway only contains the hotkeys and a very basic explanation of a couple UI screens.
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