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[Mod] True laser beam


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Persistent - no. Beam is still projectile and projectiles disappear on impact. And you can't convert it to impact effect as it is can't be linked to shooter.

As for bigger - how much bigger do you need? If you hadn't tried, there is already option for 7px beam instead of default 5px (all instructions in the first post), maybe it'll be enough.

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And another, like "blood"...

Works with XCE0.28.

Don't want to necro this thread, but I think this little mod should be mentioned in the completed game mods section. It is too good to be lost.


Seems not to work anymore after I had to re-install the whole game. Maybe because of mod installation order, but I don't know anymore what I did before so that it worked.

Question to Lt_Parsons: Can you update this mod to the modular installer?

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actually, you wouldnt see anything off a pulse laser unload, as long the laser is not emmiting specially a viewable wavelenght, like your laserpoint does. but even then you would not see the line between target and soldier, you would just see a coloured dot on the target. but with such a pulse laser you just see evaporating water and meat on your target ;-)

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