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  1. NOTICE! THIS REQUIRES XENONAUTS COMMUNITY EDITION TO FUNCTION This mod changes the speed of projectiles to match the real life projectile. It also revamps the look projectiles. A 5.56 from an M-16 now travels at the proper speed and looks like a 5.56 CHANGES All ballistic weapons All MAG weapons All Human plasma weapons (Projectiles subject to further change) Some Alien weapons Most vehicle weapons IN PROGRESS Laser weapons (Currently the speed is increased to 100000) Rocket Launcher All Alien weapons All vehicle weapons Mod Support PLANNED Enhanced art Please rate this mod if you enjoy it, it really helps! Any feedback, questions, or suggestions are welcome! Projetiles Overhaul 1.0.6.zip
  2. Hello! I was wondering if you would allow me to incorporate this into my own mod, Thanks!
  3. Hello! I was wondering if I could use your images for the rifle and carbine in a mod I'm making and thinking of publishing later. Thanks!
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