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Mission 1:

It's night time and a number of the objects have that black outline that's been reported. It's a farm map with plenty of hedgerows. I fan my squad out. Unfortunately, all the black object seem to be permeable to plasma fire. Cue numerous injuries in turn three, followed by deaths in turn four. Reload.

Mission 2:

Still night time, but I'm a little more cautious in creeping around. But I have to move into the open spaces to get to the ship. That's when I discover that a fair number of the plasma bursts are coming straight through the ship. Cue numerous deaths. Reload.

Mission 3:

Again in darkness, my guys try to sit tight a bit more and find a better solution to suicidal assault through see through hedges. They creep around a bit more. Some random fire, gives me some injuries. That's when I discover that my medpack has been advanced, but the old ones I have have zero healing capability. Reload after the first soldier bleeds to death.

Mission 4:

Wait to day time, after I noticed that the object bug isn't so bad in the day missions. Unfortunately, it still seems to apply to the landing ship. Cue numerous deaths, even though I found a way round to the thing. Reload.

Mission 5

The day time. Sneaking round the ship to avoid fire. Everyone in place. Smoke grenades in use. Give it an extra turn. Move forward. Aliens open up right through the smoke (and their own ship again) with multiple casualties. Bah! Reload.

Mission 6

A different map this time in the day, moving from farm into middle east town. Walls not providing cover, and more shots through the ship result in casualties. I persevere, out of interest as it's a new mix of aliens. My third last guy is shot through the wall of the ship, my second is targeted crouched behind a wall, and shot anyway and the last is taken out by a teleporter right behind him. Reload.

There are WWI generals who cringe at the loss of life in Xenonauts :) 8 guys doesn't feel like anywhere near enough for this one, but there would be a lot of casualties regardless. Once the buggies are gone, I'm going to get such a good feeling when I defeat these things.

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Getting shot at through walls is a really annoying bug. Try clearing a corvette with aliens outside it sometime... I had a situation with one alien inside, two on the south side and one on the north side, and only three soldiers at their ship. I don't think I'll take the hunter to large ships anymore.

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A lot of the hedgerows don't do much for cover, particularly at night. But definitely alien walls. Definitely those. I've had an alien shoot from one side of it's UFO through one wall, across the UFO, out the other wall, across a field and hit my soldier. Gah!

I started using a scout and then just firing right through the ship to hit them on the other side.

They get you in the end, as the aliens seem to be far more accurate.

I've just had a mystery missing alien in a corvette. No tell tale grey shadow, but proceeded to kill two troops in the outer room. No sign of it from scouting the room.

Just got slaughtered at my first cruiser (survivors ran away) in this play through. Losing the equipment for injured Xenonauts is really taking it's toll too.

Loading at an alien base seems not to work too well either.

I've also had a shot through the UFO wall in the corvette, much like crushervin above too. Needless to say it killed the troop walking round the perimeter.

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I have the same issue that the ufos do not seem like solid objects.

When my soldiers get close, they are shot up by reaction fire through the walls of the ufo.

But my guys can see the alien (red alien Indicator) too and return fire through the wall.

I can even run up into the ufo at will (who needs doors anyways ? ;) ). It's like fighting on plain open ground.

Here is a savegame and screenshot with the situation:


(can't attach here in the forum, get a 404 on "manage attachments")

South of the ufo: two soldiers with a wall between them and the ufo

East of the ufo: two soldiers in cover behind roadblocks, outside the visual range of the alien

Move the southern soldiers north towards the ufo und you get reaction fire.

Then I slug it out until either side is dead ;)

Oddly, there is still a chance that some shots will bounce of the ufo from outside. The soldiers east of the ufo (and farther away) have a harder time reaching the alien. But it could be that their missed shots are rendered as bounced of the ufo.

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I usually don't live long enough to run in through the walls of the UFO :)

I find that sending in some suicidal scouts seems to at least show me a few aliens. They can be suppressed from afar, if I'm lucky. If I'm very lucky I might even take a few out before the call goes out for more scouts.

Direct assaults in the farm map don't work out too well for me with a fully complimented landing ship. Also, straying too far down the map seems to get all of the aliens in that part riled up. After all, it's not as though the UFO is blocking anything. So, I don't do that...now.

On the plus side, I took out my third cruiser only losing 1 solider, and that was a little clumsy of me. Having some cover on the map makes a load of difference, even when up against heavy plasma.

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Chris, it seems like alien walls cause the bug most frequently, but shots fired from within the UFO can travel through anything afterward. So an alien in the ship can fire through the ship and anything else afterward. I've also been shot through fences on one of the industrial maps and through a bus (not sure if that's a bug) on a terror site. I think we notice them firing from their ship more because probably they're using spotters to have their whole team gun you down from across the map.

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