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Revamp of air combat graphics


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Weapon slots can be damaged by enemy fire (including missiles not yet fired), so it's disabled. I think you can also disable missiles from firing manually by clicking on them, which may turn them red.

Red indicates that they are not able to fire due to being out of range or not having missile lock, I think, rather than not intending to fire.

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If you're referring to the images placed in assets/aircraft/aircombat/weapons/, then I'm sorry but changing those files' colour won't affect them in the aircombat screen..

Only the gray files are loaded, then they are colourized in the source code to the green/red ones you see in the game.

Basically, you'll be able to modify the weapons' shape, but not the colour of their ready to launch status.

(Now removing excess files to prevent any future confusion on that)

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I think we'll be disabling the damage system for this reason, or certainly removing the damage images. It'll be a lot more graphical art otherwise.
Chris - I think you should at least make a damaged image a modding option. I'm sure some people would probably work them up. Obviously there is already a flag in the code that tells the program to use a damaged picture. I'd just put a flag in the XML that allows a different image to be used in the event a plane is damaged. Certainly couldn't hurt anything.
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