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Starting States for new personal...!!

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Most Defense Forces, has a minimum level of fitness, and that is just to a basic soldier, if you want to enter the more Elite Forces, you must obtains a higher level, so as to complete the hash demands, that that training requires, so sending troopers with states that would make it hard for them to even get out of bed, seams a little silly, so WHY...!!

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I'd like to see these stats beeing customizable and I therefor suggest the following:

1) Customizable Stats Randomizer:
- include two sliders and or number entry fields under customizable options, for:
(A) the avarage starting number, say like "55" for example (a number between 30 and 100) and
(R) the randomizer, i.e. a function that rolls a number between zero and the number "(R)", say like "11" for example, which then is also randomly either added to or subtracted from (A).

(A)    +/-    (R)    => stat
55    +/-    random11 => [a number between 44 and 66]
55 - 4 => 51 TU


2) More Authentic Default Stats:
- adjust the default stats for each difficulty, In order to make them Xenonauts more "authentic".


Author's choice
(what I would opt for)

(diff 1) 66(A), 6(R)    =>    60 <> 72
(diff 2) 63(A), 9(R)    =>    54 <> 72
(diff 3) 60(A), 6(R)    =>    54 <> 66
(diff 4) 55(A), 11(R)    =>    44 <> 66

(if you really want to cap it at "65")

(diff 1) 60(A), 5(R)    =>    55 <> 65
(diff 2) 58(A), 7(R)    =>    51 <> 65
(diff 3) 56(A), 9(R)    =>    47 <> 65
(diff 4) 54(A), 11(R)    =>    43 <> 65

(if "66" is also fine - for nicer numbers)

(diff 1) 61(A), 5(R)    =>    56 <> 66
(diff 2) 59(A), 7(R)    =>    52 <> 66
(diff 3) 57(A), 9(R)    =>    48 <> 66
(diff 4) 55(A), 11(R)    =>    44 <> 66


3) A Re-Roll Function:
Whenever I started a new campaign, I did "create a save after troops sorting, recruiting and basic first steps, then exit to menu and restart all over" many times, before I finally commited to one of those saves, just to have an (for me) "acceptable" starting roster, which I did sometimes commit a whole day for doing so.
- I therefore also like to suggest to include a re-roll function in form of a button that is only availlable for the very first in-game hour (or so), which will allow to reroll the starting roster, without having to restart a new campaign as described aboth.


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The stats are low for gameplay reasons; it's important to have space to grow. If you start with skilled soldiers then it removes a large amount of progression from the game, and would make it less fun.

However, the stats of starting soldiers will be something that can be modded when we get the mod tools done, so if you'd prefer to play the game a different way you will be able to do so.

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Well given that there needs to be room, so a soldier can improve their stats, and so this is tied into the rank promotion system, and as I have seen you can have a number of soldiers with the same rank, that is not very Military, the whole purpose of the rank structure is that their is only one leader in a section at any one time, but this is not what is happening in this game.

There might have to be a re-think in this system, that re-flecks the real world, but that is probably not something that is going to happen soon!

What I would like to see, is soldiers progress though the ranks, and not be directly connected to the personal individual stats, so your stats would improve over time, but the rank structure be based on other attributes.

Just a thought!!   

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2 hours ago, Ruggerman said:

the whole purpose of the rank structure is that their is only one leader in a section at any one time

This idea would solve the ridiculous  situation  when most of your  soldiers  are generals.

It looks  like an   army of  banana republic. 10 generals, 3 colonels and one soldier.

Re-thinking a  system of promoting  into a classic pyramid  (one officer has at least  three subordinants )would solve  a lot of issues.

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I agree on the fact, that too many rookies have miserable stats, they would mostly be unable to function... but I suppose it is the idea of the gamecreators, that we will have a lot of casualties.

The process of promoting soldiers should be based on taking part in actual combat... not an automatic development as soon you have a training facility on a base... and your stats then progress.

In the "stable 2.0" I had a base with training facilities, even if my soldiers never saw combat... they all reached the rank of "major" without ever seeing actual combat.

The game looses value if it is too far from reallity.

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