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Has anyone realised how big the alien UFOs are?

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When soloA produced his excellent realistic aircraft mod, I noticed he had worked to make the aircraft to scale as much as possible. So using his to-scale aircraft, I measured up alien UFOs, and I was surprised by how large the UFOs are.

Take for example the light scout. By my (rough) calculations, the light scout is about 15 metres long, by 7 metres wide.

The normal scout is HUARGE. It works out around 25 metres long, by 20 metres at it's broadest point. To give some idea of how big this is, take a look at this:

A big wall of ice

That's 20 metres high.

The corvette is mahusive. It clocks in at around 52 metres at its widest point, by 72 metres in length. No wonder the corvette is the first ship that can do terror missions!

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The dreadnought (biggest capital ship) looks to be about 3.5 times wider and 3 times longer (it is round while the corvette isn't).

That would make it roughly 200 metres in diameter, which is around 630 metres circumference and covers an area of nearly 31, 500 metres.

Plus it likely has at least three floors.

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