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same mission every start

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21 hours ago, mitrida said:


every time i start a campaign i encounter same mission in the same map with insurgents, is it possible to randomize that?

I dislike xcom2 for this reason, scripted mission. 


Yeah, the plan is to add more than one map for that mission. I guess I should probably do that for the next update actually, given it's the very first mission you play!

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We will get more Maps for all Typs of Missions earlyer or later. Atm. we have to life with that we have for Testing / Playing (esp. exisitng special Missions). The Early Access-Start will come this Year and other more important Parts of the Game need to be done first.

The secondary / tertiray Parts (more Maps for the existing Special Missions or similar) will come later.

The Main-Parts which need to be finished first are filling the Gaps (more special Missions, more Parts on the Geoscape, Xenopedia etc.), more Stability to the Game (lesser CTD´s, Hangings etc.) and last but not least an longer Gameplay (2x Minimum, better 3x) from the maximum 360 Day Process we have now for Testing out for the Early and Midgame-Features.

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I agree with Alienkiller - the game is in beta testing, so is a fair way from the end product. It's not even in early-access yet.   People need to remember that the point of beta testing is to test the mechanics, find and iron out bugs, and make sure the game flows properly; not to be the final, polished version.  It even says something to that effect when the game first opens on the very first screen.  

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