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  1. This wall is still indestructible auto_groundcombat_turn_6_start-226.json
  2. Here is another example. God knows what's going on here lol. It looks like the teleport pad from level 2 is showing in level 1, but I can't make matey go up there. Also of note, this mission is really struggling and janky but there is no excessive use of system resources.
  3. The selected soldier can't move through the squares in front of him, and the route-planner takes him around as shown
  4. If you look at the picture, the crosses mark some areas that I can't move troops onto. There are a couple of others behaving the same (all inside the UFO). auto_groundcombat_turn_6_start-510.json
  5. I think it's actually 4.6.0 (all my posts from today must be 4.6 ~I didn't realise it had been updated)
  6. When will 4.5.0 be on the Steam server? I just fired up the game and it's still 4.6.0 Ignore this - it updated shortly afterwards
  7. Actually, I can't load any of the save games at all.... They all crash on loading.
  8. This crash is repeatable btw. Also, this crash happens if I CTRL-Shift-V end the game at the start of the savegame attached, or even the first one. Something is really broken in this latest patch cos this must be the 3rd CTD bug by the end of the first mission.
  9. auto_groundcombat_turn_6_start-11.json CTD after completing the mission. There is no crash bugreport so I've attached the last savegame and logs output.log
  10. Note, there are no autosaves - the game had only just started.
  11. There were some visual errors (such as two weapons shown in the weapons slots) then I couldn't unload stuff from the backpack... when I tried it crashed to desktop bug_report_2024-06-08-09h50_st_4.6.0_unhandled_exception.zip
  12. I can't load any save games. They get to around 80/90% and CTD. user_day_269_manual_save-20.json auto_strategy_after_intercept-198.json
  13. Just a minor one, and not sure if actually a bug, but I can't blow through the wall shown, but can blow through the other one. You used to be able to blow through both. output.log auto_groundcombat_turn_5_start-385.json
  14. I think I started it in 4.0.0 or 4.1.0. I didn't bother restarting since the releases came in quite quickly and going straight back to the start is a bit of a PITA lol.
  15. @Chris I have 4 so far: I swear the chance-to-hit with any of the stun weapons is WAY lower than it claims in-game. I'm convinced the training facility isn't working The rescue mission reward of three crap soldiers isn't worth it. The ambush mission is a turkey-shoot.
  16. I've just built this phantom but the alloy armour (all armour in fact) has disappeared from the options. user_armour_disappeared_in_aircraft_menu-10.json output.log
  17. OK so let's consider a worked example: Say a sectoid has HP 60 and Armour 30. A hit with a laser rifle has HP kinetic damage 40, armour penetration 0, destruction 8. A hit with accelerated rifle has HP thermal damage 40, penetration 5, destruction 2. To work out the final damage (assuming the shot is taken from the same spot and has an equal chance to hit): what difference does kinetic vs thermal damage do (are there different stats per alien?) in which order are the destruction and penetration calculations done? i.e. the penetration damage is done first, then the remaining damage accounting for the armour, then the destruction. In which case the accelerated rifle does more damage on the first hit, but lasers do less on the first hit, but then deal increasing damage on subsequent hits. Is there any other modifier that affects damage like where you hit them?
  18. For protection against alien energy weapons, can there be some sort of "Room temperature-stable, mouldable superconductor material" of some description that can create an armour module for troops, vehicles and planes that specifically reduces the effect of hits from energy weapons?
  19. Can someone explain to me like I am five the mechanics behind armour penetration and destruction, and the difference between thermal and kinetic damage please? I've been playing this game seemingly forever and yet I still don't really know what the difference really is between these two weapon systems and it isn't explained anywhere in game (so far as I can tell). It might be worth having an entry or two in the UFOpedia on what these terms are, how they affect the gameplay, and on which enemies different features work best if there is a difference. At the moment, I think lasers are better than accelerated other mag size, but I can't explain why.
  20. Hey @Chris or @Gijs-Jan I'm not sure how hard this would be, but could the solder tabs at the top of the screen be split to those inside and outside the transport? It's a pain, particularly on the missions where they have to get back for extraction, to keep going through all the soldiers who have full TP but are in the ship to find the ones outside the ship, if you see what I mean?
  21. Here's the logs but I carried on playing so it will be a bit buried... output.log
  22. The mentarch I am aiming at had fired at me in the previous turn but missed (I think)
  23. So, the open/closed states are the wrong way round for that door...
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