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  1. So, I just had my first proper terror mission. Too many Predators (can't remember what they're called but they make the zombies). I feel there should be a percentage chance they don't get thru your armour, and a percentage chance that when you kill the zombie they die outright. On another note, the grenade launcher is ridiculously inaccurate.
  2. Not sure if this is actually a bug or just bad luck but EVERY alien raid mission has been Androns, even as early as the first month when they're not meant to show up
  3. This bug where the armour sets to nil is still present...
  4. @ChrisOne of these should be the last go on a mission. groundcombat-145.json groundcombat-146.json
  5. These are the ones I'm talking about; they have been all Androns and Wraiths since 11.2 dropped. They used to be Sebillians and Caesans.
  6. I agree with ALL of this. Perhaps there could be two options for grenade throwing - overarm (distance shot) or toss (ie short distance where you intend to run away to cover, ie into a room or UFO). Also, I concur with the HEVY being a missle launcher.
  7. It dissappears when you finish the mission. That being said, there's no way of telling if you're actually wearing it on the mission anyway.
  8. How do you assign scientists to the medical centre?
  9. Emily_F

    Xenonauts-2 January Update

    What is the ETA for HF2?
  10. On a combat mission to an Observer with Lizards. Can't remember what was going on at the time, but I think it was their go just starting and there was a CTD. The red text was different to previous CTD's. groundcombat-43.json output.log recording_3.rec content_manager.state
  11. 1) I really think you should get an aim bonus when crouching 2) The heavy weapons chance of hitting and/or suppression is still way off 3) Sectoids are ok. Super-Lizards too difficult early on in the game, esp when there are so many of them. The only time I've seen Androns so far it CTD and then the first hotfix came. 4) I've not had an ariel bombardment yet 5) The speed of base-building means I can get to March before I've got a second functional airbase somewhere else.
  12. There is a glitch in the stores screen where you try to sell things, a box pops up to confirm the sale but won't disappear after clicking yes. It just grays out the options. You can clear it by clicking escape on the keyboard but it doesn't sell all the things you tried to sell.
  13. @Chris I was able to replicate it from the save and it seems to be related to the grenade going off and killing a super-lizard
  14. This one is still broken. Oddly, it can go through walls but it can't go through a wooden fence . Which makes it now the same price as a combat shield. Is the shield meant to cost $100k??
  15. So, there are quite a few bugs in the soldier inventory/loadout screen: 1) The armour keeps resetting to the basic one for all soldiers after every mission 2) Many of the soldiers don't have heads 3) Weapons are often missing 4) The buttons for selecting armour modules often disappear (though reappear if you click on a different soldier then go back). 5) You can't equip soldiers in the "Unassigned" queue.
  16. Loading an alien raid mission at a dockyard in South America caused a CTD with a load of error message in the dev dialogue box. output.log recording_10.rec content_manager.state strategy-9.json
  17. Oh, that's where all my money is going! Yes, that would be the problem. Seems a bit steep for the return on investment. . . .
  18. I've sent a few troops on Comms Tower missions and all was fine. Now the button to start mission is greyed out
  19. You see the guy in the green circle? He threw a grenade at the alien in front of him, and then all hell broke loose. The game came to a crawl and when I finally pressed end turn, another load of NullReferenceException errors came flooding up followed by a CTD. output.log strategy-28.json
  20. Random CTD during alien turn in dockyard raid mission. Didn't give any error messages or anything. groundcombat-94.json output.log recording_8.rec
  21. I've done a load of the comms tower missions and not once have I "won" anything no matter who I send on it, nor how many people. Which means I can't get any more scientists or engineers.
  22. I wasn't doing anything at the time; it was an andron mission and they were on their go, and it just CTD'd.
  23. Oops, my bad. Here are the saves from around the time it happened. groundcombat-74.json groundcombat-75.json groundcombat-76.json