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Laser Rifle Balance

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hmm...that laser rifle....only being able to get off one aimed shot and one normal shot will hurt effective DPS a fair bit. I could see two hits with the ballistic rifle being better than one hit and one miss with the laser one...but I haven't tried it and I don't know how everything will interact(armour, damage type difference, actual HP of targets, etc)

An example of what I mean is that if you need only one hit with the laser rifle to kill an alien but two with the ballistic rifle then that's great....but if you need two hits with both then the laser rifle is worse. I haven't played enough to have that information though.

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Guys, that's another matter. All thermal weapons except rifles do not differ in TU from the usual. But for rifles more TU is spent, not to mention that thermal ammunition is limited (5 shots against 20). So it turns out that thermal shotguns and sniper rifles are great, and rifles are waste. If the thermal rifles will have a corrected TU, then despite the small ammunition, they will still be relevant.

Bl Shotgun.jpg

Ls Adv Shotgun.jpg

Gs Shotgun.jpg

Bl Sniper.jpg

Ls Adv Sniper.jpg

Gs Sniper.jpg

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