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  1. Ігше шncreases TU and strength, but does not increase carry weight. Although the maximum weight has been increased, the real max weight has remained the same and the penalty applies. user_test-37.json
  2. The player's soldier's maximum stun HP points never exceeds the total HP and always decreases with decreasing HP, but aliens - do not. An alien with 1 HP can take 40 points of stun damage and not lose consciousness. I also noticed that stun damage is reduced by armor Is this a bug or a feature? In the case of EMP damage, this is definitely a bug, because EMP should ignore armor.
  3. The base attack mission begins on the 54th day at exactly 07:50. Regardless of user actions. The message says that the destroyer reached the base, but there were no UFOs on the radar. Thus, the user does not have the opportunity to engage in battle with the UFO with his fighters and prevent the attack of the base. If the user presses the esc key, the message about the base attack disappears and the game freezes (it is impossible to start the timer) user_base_attack_bug-27.json
  4. @Chris Hello. I offer several options for improving the mechanics of bases: 1) First of all, divide research between bases, as it currently works for crafting. The possibility of researching an object at base that is located in another point of the planet where it is stored looks ridiculous. You already have the transfer of items between bases working, so this should not be a problem. 2) I don't know how difficult it is to do, but it is necessary to make parallel research and engineering possible at each base. As it was in the original game. Because the decrease in the effectiveness of the staff when their number increases significantly limits the player's ability to progress effectively. To achieve balance, instead of linearly reducing staff efficiency, it is better to limit the maximum number of staff per project. For example, 10-12 people. This makes sense, because in every development or research there is a limit where increasing the staff does not speed up progress. For example: One alien cannot be studied by 20 scientists at the same time (it makes no sense, most of the scientists will wait a long time for their turn to access it). Additional personnel (if the player has more than the maximum number of people available for one project) can be used for other projects, or for money (a very nice feature by the way). You can even go further. Given that you already have a basic unit of time for each project for all projects, you can even make a dynamic time limit (for example, a few days). In this way, it will be possible to involve more personnel in more complex projects, simply by limiting the minimum research time (to avoid a situation where, for example, 30 workers completed a simple project in a few hours). It looks very realistic, although perhaps difficult to implement.
  5. Hello. Scrolling is required for the long list of constructed buildings. Otherwise, the player does not have the option to choose an action on this message. user_building_a_lot-12.json
  6. Hi there. Started testing a new version. Immediately after the start of the game I noticed a wrong description of the generator. The game suggests that this is a hangar Clicking on it gives the same effect as clicking on the hangar. The aircraft interface opens. user_start-1.json
  7. @Chris Hi. When do you plan to upgrade the Playtest version on steam?
  8. At the moment, it is not possible to choose which base the fighter should land on. Each fighter is assigned to a specific base. It always returns to where it flew from. You can move them between bases through a separate menu, only if they are not on a mission. It would be cool if the player could choose which base for the fighters to land. And instead of a separate menu for moving aircraft between bases, the player would simply send a fighter from one base to another. In this way, it would be possible to send fighters on patrol air and land them where it is convenient for the player. Unfortunately, there is no such functionality, and I do not think it will ever be
  9. I haven't played for several months. It's very interesting to see the innovations in V23.
  10. I agree, every race should have both strengths and weaknesses. The advantage of sebilians is survivability, so they should reduce the accuracy and range of vision. They are strong creatures, so they must prefer heavy armor and heavy weapons, probably short distances. I do not know if this is possible, but it would be advisable to make it impossible to aim at a distance greater than the range of the unit of vision.
  11. The same problem with the rocket launcher. It has no upgrades
  12. I have not had similar missions too. I really liked such missions in the original UFO, I hope there will be such missions here as well. In addition, the latest updates have already added the destruction of objects during the explosion, which means we are one step closer to the idea of the original UFO (the more destruction in the ship - the less loot). In this case, UFO landings will be very appropriate.
  13. if they are in adjacent cages, the soldier standing in the line of fire must sit down. Then he will be safe. Otherwise, if the soldier is on the line of fire, there will always be the possibility of friendly fire.
  14. Is it possible to attack the UFO by fighters stationed at different bases together as a squadron there?
  15. As I said, this is normal. This is exactly what it was in the original UFO. The difference is that we could attack UFO by fighters from different bases there. Therefore, there was no need to build more than two hangars on each base. Only this feature is missing now in the game compared to the original.
  16. Or you can create a feature for simultaneously attack the selected UFO by fighters from different bases, taking into account THIS topic. The proposed feature will greatly expand your ability to balance air battles.
  17. I have always passed this mission without losing soldiers. Even when there was a BUG with endless reapper spam. There you just need to choose the right tactics. There were many changes in the balance in the 19x versions, so it makes no sense to discuss the old versions.
  18. I was also against the idea of 2x2 aircraft, because we need a lot of hangars to build basic fighters. But now we can buy basic fighters, so 2x2 hangars is not big problem. In this case, Xenonauts have become closer to the original UFO. It would be cool if the developers added the ability to create squadrons before the fight. In this case, players will not need a lot of fighters at each base.
  19. It is not necessary to send a team for every mission here. You can delegate it to the locals and get paid for it. This allows you to focus on important missions and saves a lot of time. You do not need to go around the whole map to find the last alien. It is enough to clean and hold their ship a certain number of turns (5 if I'm not mistaken).
  20. I agree. It will be more convenient for everyone if the moderators will somehow separate the current bugs from the already fixed ones. I see several solutions: 1) Moderators can rename a topic 2) Create separate categories, and move topics there. 3) Close topics where the problem is solved.
  21. Although 18.2 is not the current version of the game, but the bug with the crash after the explosion is still present. Unfortunately, I can't generate the exact conditions under which it occurs to describe it in detail and record a video.
  22. In the current version 19.1, the armor must be lost upon the soldier's death. In other cases, there should be no problems. Personally, I have not yet encountered such problems in the new version.
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