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  1. MrAlex

    [20.1 Shield] Assault

    The same problem with the rocket launcher. It has no upgrades
  2. I have not had similar missions too. I really liked such missions in the original UFO, I hope there will be such missions here as well. In addition, the latest updates have already added the destruction of objects during the explosion, which means we are one step closer to the idea of the original UFO (the more destruction in the ship - the less loot). In this case, UFO landings will be very appropriate.
  3. if they are in adjacent cages, the soldier standing in the line of fire must sit down. Then he will be safe. Otherwise, if the soldier is on the line of fire, there will always be the possibility of friendly fire.
  4. MrAlex

    Hanger Size

    Is it possible to attack the UFO by fighters stationed at different bases together as a squadron there?
  5. MrAlex

    Hanger Size

    As I said, this is normal. This is exactly what it was in the original UFO. The difference is that we could attack UFO by fighters from different bases there. Therefore, there was no need to build more than two hangars on each base. Only this feature is missing now in the game compared to the original.
  6. MrAlex

    Hanger Size

    Or you can create a feature for simultaneously attack the selected UFO by fighters from different bases, taking into account THIS topic. The proposed feature will greatly expand your ability to balance air battles.
  7. I have always passed this mission without losing soldiers. Even when there was a BUG with endless reapper spam. There you just need to choose the right tactics. There were many changes in the balance in the 19x versions, so it makes no sense to discuss the old versions.
  8. MrAlex

    Hanger Size

    I was also against the idea of 2x2 aircraft, because we need a lot of hangars to build basic fighters. But now we can buy basic fighters, so 2x2 hangars is not big problem. In this case, Xenonauts have become closer to the original UFO. It would be cool if the developers added the ability to create squadrons before the fight. In this case, players will not need a lot of fighters at each base.
  9. It is not necessary to send a team for every mission here. You can delegate it to the locals and get paid for it. This allows you to focus on important missions and saves a lot of time. You do not need to go around the whole map to find the last alien. It is enough to clean and hold their ship a certain number of turns (5 if I'm not mistaken).
  10. I have already written about this problem HERE
  11. MrAlex

    Suggestion for bug reports

    I agree. It will be more convenient for everyone if the moderators will somehow separate the current bugs from the already fixed ones. I see several solutions: 1) Moderators can rename a topic 2) Create separate categories, and move topics there. 3) Close topics where the problem is solved.
  12. Although 18.2 is not the current version of the game, but the bug with the crash after the explosion is still present. Unfortunately, I can't generate the exact conditions under which it occurs to describe it in detail and record a video.
  13. I started the game with 5 sets of armor and made 2 more. After the first two missions, I had one set of armor left. Does this mean that the armor is no longer restored after the battle if the soldier was injured?
  14. In the current version 19.1, the armor must be lost upon the soldier's death. In other cases, there should be no problems. Personally, I have not yet encountered such problems in the new version.
  15. Why do dead aliens take up 10 times more storage space than the living? P.S. I think you need to add a separate prison building for living aliens (as it was in the original UFO) user_test-18.json
  16. I have noticed that increasing the number of engineers and scientists working on same project at a time reduces the efficiency of their work. Counting from the starting number of 6 Engineers, I got the following results: 1) Increasing the number of Engineers by 6 (6-> 12) reduces their efficiency by 6% (114 hours instead 107,5) 2) Increasing the number of Engineers by 12 (6-> 18) reduces their efficiency by 13% (81 hours instead 71,6) 3) Increasing the number of Engineers by 18 (6-> 24) reduces their efficiency by 20.9% (65 hours instead 53,7) 4) Increasing the number of Engineers by 22 (6-> 28 -maximum of available in the current version V17) reduces their efficiency by 28% (59 hours instead 46) Counting from the starting number of 6 Scientists, I got the following results: 1) Increasing the number of Scientists by 6 (6-> 12) reduces their efficiency by 6.1% (78 hours instead 73,5) 2) Increasing the number of Scientists by 12 (6-> 18) reduces their efficiency by 14.28% (56 hours instead 49) 3) Increasing the number of Scientists by 18 (6-> 24) reduces their efficiency by 22.44% (45 hours instead 36,7) 4) Increasing the number of Scientists 22 (6-> 28 -maximum of available in the current version V17) reduces their efficiency by 27% (40 hours instead 31,5) At the moment, in version 17, engineers can be divided into different projects if they are recruited on different bases (although it is not convenient). Scientists cannot be divided at all, as the research window is common to all bases. As a result, I find it necessary to allow the division of engineers and scientists between projects by the player, regardless of their base (as in the original x com), or to remove the reduction in their effectiveness.
  17. MrAlex

    Research and Engineering

    Given that hiring scientists and engineers is now much more expensive, their transfer is now even more necessary. Because it is very expensive to fire them on one base and re-hire them on another. BTW/ Why is the maximum number of scientists and engineers 58? It's very wild. Make at least 60 (3 bases with 2 buildings give 60 R/D places). Although it seems to me that the players are already limited by the budget, so limiting Scientists and Engineers max amount is not necessary.
  18. Make it possible to add new research to the queue before the end of previous ones, as is now the case for Engineering. It often happens that a new important project appears when the current one is still in the process of research. Selecting a new project automatically cancels the current one, losing all existing progress in it. This is especially important at the start when there are few scientists and the research time is quite long. Although it would be ideal to return the system of the old UFO, where player can simultaneously research and produce several projects simply by dividing the staff.
  19. MrAlex

    Research Queue

    Laboratories as well as workshops can be improved. Then what's the problem? Why not just make the interface for research the same as the interface for production. With division between bases. That would be really great: 1) Ability to create research queues 2) Ability to research different projects simultaneously on several bases 3) Impossibility to start research without available components / material.
  20. Aircraft Relocation menu does not show which base the player has chosen. Aircraft Relocation works fine, but it is very inconvenient when you do not see which base is selected. user_g_3-4.json bandicam_2021-06-06_10-32-49-760.avi
  21. The same problem with the relocation of soldiers
  22. It seems that the transfer of items does not work. When transferring items, it is not possible to select the destination base. And if i try to make a transfer to the default base, the game crashes on the desktop. user_g_1-2.json output_log.txt bandicam_2021-06-05_22-44-30-872.avi
  23. I have not encountered problems with protecting aliens from certain types of weapons before, although that would be correct. Maybe in the latest updates it already works, I have not yet reached the energy weapon.
  24. That is why I very rarely make accelerated ballistic weapons for ground combat. After their rise in price in the latest updates, this now makes even less sense. It's easier to simply avoid additional ground combat before making a laser weapon, which is much more effective. In addition, laser weapons can be easily improved, which allows to skip the manufacture of Gauss weapons and go straight to the plasma later.
  25. @Chris Is it possible to add an option to create a squadron before intercepting UFOs, for example: if more than one fighter tail UFO. As it was in the old original UFO (there the player could attack by several fighters at the same time, if they tail UFO). It would be great if you could add such feature.