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Hello, I became interested in xenonauts because of paulsoaresjr. I remember him saying something to the effect of 'after the kickstarter finishes they are going to release a new beta version for everyone'. Does anyone know when this release is going to be? I apologize if my post has been answered elsewhere, I'm new here obviously. This game is awesome so far!

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They (Goldhawk) are going to continue to release alpha builds for a while still and then only to backers and preorders. Chris (Goldhawks project managr) said on the kickstarter that he is hoping to release the next build on desura in the coming weekend.

When you say everyone do you mean people that has paid for it or do you mean like the demo build was available to everyone?

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Quote from Chris:

Haha. Yeah. Well, much like I (erroneously) assumed I could have a holiday as soon as I finished getting the Kickstarter set up, up until today I was thinking that next week would be relatively chilled out. Then it occurred to me I'm going to have to organise getting 4,000 people Desura keys and collecting the various items of personal information required to get them their rewards as well. No holiday for me obviously!

But from our point of view, the plan is to spend the next week or so finishing up the Kickstarter and working on the next build, which we hope to release in about a week. Once that is out, assuming no massive crashes, I think I'll take 2-3 days off.

Things are going relatively well on the development front. You'll probably get an update on that next week.

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