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  1. Have you tried to play it recently? I enjoyed it a lot later (actually I'm still enjoying it - just started a game this weekend ) - yes, it did take them quite some time to fix it, but in the end they did get it working (at least in my opinion)
  2. The game I struggled the most with was Dwarf fortress, but all those hours of figuring it out were worth it
  3. This reminds me of a user on a different forum (a very frequent poster) who decided to write all of his replies as haikus I think he managed to write a few hundret if not thousand haikus and he was always understandable. Though he stopped with them after some time.
  4. Turning off autoupdate does not meant don't ever update, but don't update before I actually need it - so you won't eat my bantwidth while I play other games... And yes, steam does not display that, nearly everyone learns it the hard way...
  5. Since suppression from it is very common I personaly do find it useful... Getting them easily supressed sometimes means more than raw damage output IMHO
  6. I really enjoyed CoH (the first one, i have never tried the second) untill I found Men of war.... I simply coudn't go back to CoH after playing it.
  7. 9 hours to go and so close.... Come on guys we can make it
  8. About the RPGs you menioned - role play them It is far more interesting, don't think what is the optimal choise; think about what the character you are playing would say in such a situation. And usually most options get evenly rewarding in the end (there can be some exceptions - but you can always finish the game ) EDIT: i also force myself to never reload such games (unless they crash of course or i'm forced by a game over...), what happened, happened and it's part of the story.
  9. If anyone would like to know a bit more how the units work and how the cards in your deck work, there have been a few updates lately describing what is what on the cards (and there has also been a rather interesting lore update)
  10. One of the most underrated tanks in the game - i had tons of fun with it (although not that many battles) If you return to it later when you are more experienced you can do a lot of damage with it (at least it was so before i stopped playing a year ago...) I had (technically still have) the JagdTiger (back in the day it was the highest tier german TD), IS7, IS4, Bat.-Ch√Ętillon 25 t , VK 28.01 (highest tier german light back than - also hated on the forum, while it was a GREAT tank, everyone underestimated you and i got 4+ kills in many matches (counter its slow acceleration with starting downhill if possible and surprise your enemies)), Pershing, T32, SU-14, T25/2 and the Tiger (i think the tiger was/is decent if you play him right, i would have definately continued towards the Tiger 2, but stopped playing at the time i grinded the Tiger 1). I also had a few cheaper premium tanks - Pz.Kpfw. 38H 735 (f) , Ram II , T14 The most fun tanks i've ever played (in no particular order): -T14 -T20 -Ferdinand -AMX 13/90 -T29 -M18 Hellcat (play it as a TD which relocates a lot and you can do enourmous damage, all people who used it like a medium/light with a big gun never saaw its true potential) Yes you see it right i was no real fan of the russians, but got the two t10 tanks for clan wars (proud member of STAPA - a pure fun clan, where we enjoyed trying to get at least some victories in CW battles but in the end we always lost (so my t10 stats are really bad, since i've almost never used them outside of CWs))
  11. So the KS campaign didn't work out, but KP hasn't given up - they started an indiegogo capaign for a lower goal. But they also plan less content (appropriate for the lower goal), though the old content will be added as a stretch goal: Campaign link: http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/sword-of-the-stars-ground-pounders/x/1677170
  12. With Rome you mean Rome 1? (same question for Medieval and Shogun ) If you mean Rome 1 than that gets my vote, if we are talking about the sequels i guess it would be Shogun
  13. There is a new alpha demo available. From the KS update #18:
  14. The "needed the money or they would have gone broke" is most likely IMHO (maybe with some pressure by the publsher as well). Arinn Dembo (writer of Kerberos) wrote this on her blog after the release: I'm sure i've read somewhere on the Kerberos forum that Mecron also sai they have lost a big part of the team months before release... EDIT: btw i agree with TrahsMan that the game is good now, at least i've had lots of fun with it (and tbh i can't go back to SotS1 anymore)
  15. Kerberos Productions is currently running a Kickstarter campaign for their new strategy game Ground Pounders. http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/kerberosproductions/ground-pounders I'll just quote the What is...? from the KS campaign: You can also try out a alpha demo, which seem already really promising IMHO.