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Since Test-Version 7.x and 8 the Game makes CTD´s without an Error, wherever you are. It dosen´t matter what you do (equip Soldiers, Research, Build something or only waiting on the Map with the Timerunner). Is the stability broken for bringing in new Features faster than normal?

My wish for Version 9 is to stabilize the Game like in the Test-Versions 1 to 6 before. It´s impractical to test the Game with this CTD´s comming without warnings and Errorlogs.

Personaly im not very pleased about the old Things which comming back from X1 (esp. the old Bases :(), but some other modernised / upgraded Features from X1 are good. Like the better Managment for the Crew / Soldiers. Esp. the automatic fillup for Sicentists / Workers and the lighter Soldierrework / Soldiertraining were a very good Idea. That I could test out since the unstability CTD´s were comming.

We will see in Version 9 what have been done to the Aircombat and some other Parts of the Game (like Research-Texts etc.) Hopfully the first Graphic Changes to the Bases-Screens to 3D like the good old ATLAS-Base will come next. With that Base-Graphics-Buildupscreen you get Eye Cancer.




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