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  1. What is the Save/Load solution? Saving and Loading doesn't fix it. I am seeing it during Day missions too. It's literally every map I start.
  2. As far as I'm concerned, this is a feature, but you can apparently throw around ragdolls when aiming with the grenade cursor.
  3. So....I have no idea what's going on here, but there seems to be some black UI element around the top of the screen that keeps getting in the way when I try to move the camera around. In short, while the map area seems to reveal, it doesn't ever undo part of that top area. So....it's all a weird black V from up there.
  4. Alternate version: All Hail The Space Phallace!
  5. Is the ending supposed to be doing something I missed? It seemed like the HP got flattened before the real fighting even started. .and at that point I just let the team die to be done with it. It felt really weird. Is there a way to slap the original one as an option?
  6. 1:59:15 is when the fight starts. It's kind of a long series of events.
  7. I have a video of this particular one if it helps, save attached. A guy got Mind War'd, but never came back under my control, counting him as just completely removed. The fight went on, my last guy got sniped, and the mission didn't end. While I personally really love the chance for them to shake off the mind control and give it a try still (Please do that), he never came back. After several turns, I tried to just abort, which instantly killed the guy...and crashed the game. So that's neat. iron_man-161.json
  8. I...think so? I think this was the save, but can't reload it anymore. iron_man-27.json
  9. There's a crash similar to Xeno 1, where if two air encounters trigger simultaneously, the game breaks.
  10. Balance note, since it was requested on the melee weapons. Axe Mk 3 has way higher numbers than 2, but it barely seems to perform better. Axe 2 could dominate same-phase Androns, while the 3 took the same amount of hits on the same unit. Not sure if bad luck or just it's numbers situation. Sword 1 seemed to do about the same, though, so that was nice.
  11. Plus you can lose them just for picking up and using them. Pretty sure a lot of this is just mechanical and can't be changed.
  12. I'm updating this computer's hardware as soon as it gets here, but after testing it on my other computer, it also seems to be doing it there after being open for a while. All I can theorize as to the cause is: Layered Air Game windows getting skipped by ground missions at the same time Base losses? Just too much crap going on for the game to deal with? Plus side, I found out that I have the means to build a Heavy Interceptor in the middle of all this. Holy crap is that a loadout and a half. Also notable: Two auto resolve air games hitting at the same time will crash the game on the second AR.
  13. I'm having a weird problem, and was hoping to get some help. In short, when I play for a while, it seems like my saves start going jank. (Last 4 saves attached, in case anyone knows how to make sense of that stuff) The previous time this happened, my save files were blank, this time they crash the game on load. There was nothing unusual aside from my computer running a bit more intensely than normal, but that could have been the streaming software. When I loaded them in-game to test it at the time, they loaded fine...now they don't. Does anyone have any idea what might be going on with this? I'm over a year into this campaign, stuff ain't super stable, even with a fresh install twice now. Additionally, I have a question if anyone might be interested. How difficult would it be to make a randomizer? Like just allowing every enemy type to spawn, and giving a chance for every research for every item or some such? I suppose technically just unleashing the chaotic spawns might have the intended effect. Still, XDiv might be super fun randomized. Ironman Round 2.sav Autosave3.sav Autosave2.sav Quicksave.sav
  14. Cool crap I've seen for a no kill run in other games: Tazer pistol that goes from stun to incinerate (Syphon Filter) Slow acting hilarious crossbow darts (Deux Ex) Somehow drug laced harpoon (Terrifying World of Silence) Witch/Mermaid/Cerberus Sleep and Charm abilities (Tactics Ogre) Beating someone with a shield of lasers and drugged shotgun shells (Chimera Squad) Palm Strike (Fallout) Throwing tarot cards are people (Ogre Battle) Straight up gas loaded rockets that go through metal (X-Division)
  15. I hope that they keep the brutality of the reinforcements, though.
  16. I really liked it. As far as individual turns, it'd have to be like Tactics Ogre PSP (Ideally with the One Vision rebalance) to make sense. Basically you get a full turn, but each action or piece of weight slows you down. Or, in the case of this system, would allow TUs to carry over. Ultimately I think it could work, but would usually result in speed builds ruling the day. Even with a heavy defense bias, vanilla TO PSP could be cheesed like crazy with some knowledge of the armor penetration mechanics.
  17. Keep up the good stuff peoples, excited to see where this goes!
  18. So I've been stuck on the end game of X Div for months, and it got me thinking about some of the Xeno 2 ideas that were discussed. It got me thinking about Age of Empires 3, and the supply requesting system there. You could argue War of the Chosen did something similar too. Point being, it'd be nice to tell the funding council that you're low on Alloys, or Rookies, or basic guns that the cops have by now, and want to get some of that instead of part of your income. Or maybe this could be what you trade favor for. It could be neat, it might have already been considered, but I've been out of the loop for a while, so it'd be nice to discuss.
  19. Congratulations, getting a kiddo is an amazing situation! I hope y'all are having a safe apocalypse!
  20. Congratulations on the kiddo! Props for still working with a newborn, keeping stress levels down those first few months is always a doozy!
  21. Personally love the idea of having your miss% being related to your scatter range. It would be nice to see the miss calculation take doors into effect. I know this is oddly specific, but I'm still a bit bitter over a recent grenade that was likely a miss due to all the obstacles in the way, but because a nearby door was open, calculated it's miss scatter around a corner and straight into my entire waiting team, because I assumed I would have been able to rush all the doors in the previous round, but wound up only being able to clear one. I never knew a grenade could scatter like that until that point. Absolutely on board with the HEVY changes. Can we get more snazzy ammo types for that thing? I REALLY want to try a HEVY only run at some point. Maybe it would be more satisfying if the miss calculations happened backwards? Like if when throw it goes.... Yes/No -> Farthest Obstacle to Closest Obstacle. That way you don't feel like those Seals you just hired apparently rode in on the short bus when they hit they misjudge their throw by an approximate 3 miles and somehow hit behind themselves. Most missed throws would fail farther away, and a close range bad throw would have had to fail, let's say 3 40%s in a row to fail that spectacularly. Hopefully I didn't misread anything, but that would feel much better...in the opinion of this particular tired potato.
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