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  1. Personally love the idea of having your miss% being related to your scatter range. It would be nice to see the miss calculation take doors into effect. I know this is oddly specific, but I'm still a bit bitter over a recent grenade that was likely a miss due to all the obstacles in the way, but because a nearby door was open, calculated it's miss scatter around a corner and straight into my entire waiting team, because I assumed I would have been able to rush all the doors in the previous round, but wound up only being able to clear one. I never knew a grenade could scatter like that until that point. Absolutely on board with the HEVY changes. Can we get more snazzy ammo types for that thing? I REALLY want to try a HEVY only run at some point. Maybe it would be more satisfying if the miss calculations happened backwards? Like if when throw it goes.... Yes/No -> Farthest Obstacle to Closest Obstacle. That way you don't feel like those Seals you just hired apparently rode in on the short bus when they hit they misjudge their throw by an approximate 3 miles and somehow hit behind themselves. Most missed throws would fail farther away, and a close range bad throw would have had to fail, let's say 3 40%s in a row to fail that spectacularly. Hopefully I didn't misread anything, but that would feel much better...in the opinion of this particular tired potato.
  2. They're already implementing modular everything else, and mentioned it as a thing in one of these posts, I believe.
  3. OHHHHHHHH, I missed where it was charging for those, my bad.
  4. Hi there, I had a couple of general questions, if anyone could help me out. There were a couple of things that I was hoping to do, and wanted to see if anyone could let me know if they were kosher. First, I wanted to do a small feedback stream of sorts with my small group of fellow strategy (and XDiv) fans. We keep discussing this over XDiv streams, but I had heard that this was the version in which it would potentially be allowed? I just wanted to get confirmation on that. Second, I love listening to the air game theme, but couldn't just find the sound file for it. So I made a private video to just listen to, is it OK for that to be posted with credits, or no?
  5. No one messes with Peoplecopter
  6. Coffee Potato

    MARS Graphics

    Shield Mars is the single greatest scout or aggro controller possible.
  7. Any word on the bug where you can't assign any signal tower units after the first sets go out?
  8. Coffee Potato

    Closed Beta V11 Balance Thread

    For the MARS, I am loving the wall removal ability. I unknowingly just Kool Aid Bott'd a Cesean that was giving us issues, and it felt amazing. Also, on another note, what are the odds of Ceseans and Wraiths being able to bleed out?
  9. Coffee Potato

    Closed Beta V11 Balance Thread

    Would it be possible to see current armor condition and effects on the map? I've been wanting something like that since Xeno 1, it would be good to know what everyone can still take. Also, I feel like there needs to be a reaction or tu penalty to the heavy armor. Right now that 5 weight is kind of a no brainier.
  10. Coffee Potato

    So as far as posting videos....

    Okidoke, gotcha. If it's the same composer as before, that might explain the random copyrights that came in during the XDivision streams. I couldn't imagine anyone sitting and listening to the night UFO raid music at work, but fair's fair. But yeah, thank You for the clarification!
  11. Coffee Potato

    Closed Beta V11 Balance Thread

    I must say that after testing it, I LOVE the MARS. I've seen complaints about the health, but I just want to point out that if you want to use it as a pure tank, you can actually slap a Shield on that badboy. Plus being able to use a stun baton makes it the best stun method in the game currently. I loved using a shield and shotgun MARS side by side, they were able to take on 5 larger Sebillians by themselves pretty much in the open for a far longer time than expected. Add smoke to the mix, and they are just amazing for so many things.
  12. Coffee Potato

    Closed Beta V11 Balance Thread

    I'd love the option of assigning more people. Would probably say Scientists for Medical, Techs for planes, though. It's still "if you squint hard enough, they're kinda related" sort of an assignment, but I'd think the scientist would make sense on the planes as a way to increase gas mileage or something.
  13. Coffee Potato

    UI/UX request re. secondary weapons

    Would it be possible to have secondaries' basic cheap attack on the right click attack options? Or maybe the most useful? Like I'd imagine most folks snap shot pistols and burst SMGs, but scrolling through all 8 or so modes for both would break some mouses on a misclick.
  14. Coffee Potato

    Closed Beta V11 Balance Thread

    It would be pretty cool to be able to have the option to play a week as the doomed base.
  15. Coffee Potato

    Closed Beta V11 Balance Thread

    Ideas for starting research: I figure stopping in the air would be the first goal, so... Sidegrade air armor Cool, but impractical air weapon, like a grapeshot missile. Thruster sidegrades On the ground... Recon tools of some kind Additional armor modules Ammo types Faster meds Crappy stun New base facilities Dropship modules
  16. Coffee Potato

    Closed Beta V11 Balance Thread

    I can't wait to get to the hotel and try this for a bit. Sounds like a lot more going on this time around, and hopefully no room for Corvette Purgatory
  17. Getting ready for a long weekend with some new release bread crumbs like
  18. Coffee Potato

    Excited about Version 11

    All the better for building anticipation! Out of curiosity, is this the version that lifts the stream ban, or is that ok for small groups by chance?
  19. Coffee Potato

    Xenonauts-2 January Update

    A good late update is always better
  20. Coffee Potato

    Prevent reaction fire

    Just use the mouse to change their facing a few times.
  21. I think that sounds really awesome. As long as there's ways to come back from a few back to back losses, I LOVE the idea. I know it's got to be annoying to hear at this point, but that's similar to the XDiv approach, sort of. Phase 1 is mostly infantry ground skirmishes, Phase 2 is when you get a ton of expansion to both sides, Phase 3 it turns into an intense map-wiping open war by both sides, crazy tech, mechs, and all manner of madness everywhere....and Phase 4 they just start farting out Bases or Forts every week, the air fights will usually down half or more of your 8 base air force like nothing, and battles are absolutely nightmarish. At the same time, the locals are following a similar to the above, so you see cops running around with burst fire Pulse Shotguns, armies running around with Gauss Rifles, etc. It's a system that feels absolutely amazing in at least that practice. With some official touch, I have no doubt it'll kick all manner of relevant donkey-related materials. This sounds like it addresses the main complaint with Phase 4 of XD, at least in my book, of having to raid forts constantly. By just having them attack past your defenses and right into your UN Facebook, it sounds like the feeling would be there without the grind. Please find a way to make AI "Sniffing" a bit less obvious when the time comes, please, please, please. No one likes losing an A Team to a blind toss over a fence into your whole team, unless some sort of aerial view mechanic exists. Glad to see that holding doors with units on the other side still works, though.
  22. Coffee Potato

    Suggestion for soldier animations

    Oh dang, another Lithuanian? I've been seeing quite a few more than the tininess of the place would imply. I don't mind the standing animations, but definitely would like to see some more seriousness to their movements. They look like they're there for rehearsal imo.
  23. What I'm hoping to suggest isn't a TFTD type of setup, but more of a general idea of a fluid back and forth of sorts. Maybe Banner Saga's bigger battles are a better example. Just a situation where you have your people there, but they aren't the only ones fighting. You can risk them to boost your rewards/mitigate losses, but can also play it safe, and let's say order the local armies in to clear out some of the fight in an auto resolve of sorts before going in. Or maybe the option to go back and get more supplies or people. Just adding more approaches beyond "land and start shooting."
  24. Some thoughts have been bouncing around in my head about the above, just putting them there, in case maybe they can be worked in somehow. So Mount & Blade and Armored Core on the brain at the same time got me thinking, because when it comes to Terror missions, they, in reality, are maybe just a few minutes of fighting in real time, and one side dies. I hate to pull the realism card, but that was an entire battleship. But what if they were a more drawn out endevour? I don't mean like TFTD, I mean like MnB. Namely the fight happens for several days, with reinforcements on both sides. For example: For terror missions, it's going to be a big ground battle, so you get to bring 3 drop ships. For each ship, you spawn in with your team, and the locals come in with their team. The aliens can spawn a maximum number, and everyone does the usual fight. When your units are wounded, depleted, tired, etc, you have the option to order a regroup by pulling out of the fight. At that point the next team would go in, and the locals would be replaced (presumably at the cost of relation). You would then go in fresh, on the same map. Maybe if you beat the aliens, they can start sending in units from the edges Tactics Ogre style or something? I'm honestly not sure how it would apply in this scale, but the say MnB did it was, say, two armies of 200 meet each other. Each of them fight with 100 or so, they have it out, and one side wins that battle. Afterwards, they both regroup, and go at it again, replacing lost units. I mentioned Armored Core earlier because they regularly wanted to have battles the engine couldn't handle in the early games, so they just had units spawn from doorways that weren't in sight, but relatively far away, to give that feeling of trickling reinforcements. Tactics Ogre did this by just having 10 or so extras on some maps, which would walk in after a set number of turns. I just always wondered why we couldn't send in a second team to clean up when there was one guy left, or have terror missions with more spectacle. I mentioned it before, but my favorite moments of X-Division are those where you find pockets of random grunts fighting off these aliens, and actually holding them back. You could even send the second drop ship in Xenonauts, it just wouldn't do anything.
  25. Coffee Potato

    Xenonauts-2 January Update

    Agreed. The main thing missing in my opinion seems to already be considered, and that's just more world interaction.