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  1. I attempted to remove an infiltrator, and the universe ended. Have some files. output.log output.log_1.fe711f3c7b8f39d682626de81a0b5876 recording_4.rec
  2. Coffee Potato

    Flashbang Captures

    Do Flashbangs not do Stun damage anymore? Is the first mission capture by concussion gone?
  3. So this came to mind when listening to this album while catching sebillians, but what are the odds of letting the Sebillian Leaders regenerate past death unless pasted like a dang T-1000?
  4. Coffee Potato

    Dropship layout

    TU trained gunners do a pretty solid job as of this last patch. Using two alongside smoke walls seems to do a great job of keeping everything manageable. I never noticed before, but it seems smoke blocks aiming now, so that also helps a ton.
  5. I like to alternate between the 3, but just love that XDiv feeling of: -Land in drop ship, I know for a fact that I have at least 1-2 attacks of safety between everyone and death. -Enough TUs to deploy the team where I want them, and know the AI can move just as fast. (Unshackled TUs also get to this a bit) -Free vehicle slot means you always have armor support, plus it's replaceable. Feels great to have them there without worrying about it being a waste. (Also pretty understandable armor) -Having a wide arsenal of area denial options. Sure, there's 6 Sebillians, but they ain't sprinting that lake of lava that came out of the incendiary. -No instant death...mostly. Knowing that a rocket launcher will likely kill anything, but that small arms generally won't. Reapers having to take a couple turns to penetrate armor seems less scary, until you see that they can tank the generally more reliable laser class weapons. Face Huggers, Collapsing Buildings and Big Explosions are generally the insta killers. (Aka, if I round that corner, I might take a big hit and need to retreat that unit, but can suppress for the others to charge in, instead of "Round the corner...dead, round the corner....DED, round the corner...one shot wasn't enough.") -Having the carry capacity for weird builds. I love, for example, having a unit carrying around enough options to deal with different scenarios, while being able to operate at slightly above cap. -Being able to recapture bases. -More plane options, and just a generally more varied air game. This was the best air came I've seen in the genre hands down. -"Shock and Awe" weapons that can actually can roll TU damage (if armor is bypassed) to stun an enemy mid turn, instead of going for the kill (They used Shotguns and SMGs, I feel this feature is somewhat in X2 with being able to suppress mid turn). The idea of total suppression is really something, too. -Evolving weapons. Each weapon type develops new features, which come in several tiers, allowing for different models of the same thing. It feels organic. Ok, I'll stop gushing. I love streaming this though.
  6. I was thinking more like... -High accuracy shot on nearest enemy -Stops Bleeding -Extra TUs next round -Maxed out Morale for 2 turns, boost nearby morale -Instant Reload (maybe only the the new Laser idea, where their sheer heroicness recharged it's ammo)
  7. While not a mod, a thought came to mind today. If you've ever looked at Darkest Dungeon, they lean very heavily on their stress mechanic. Generally, 2/3 times, if driven to panic, they start acting weird, like trying to get themselves killed, refusing healing, panicking everyone around them, or just babbling like a loon. 1/3 times, instead of being broken, they become heroic, maybe shrugging off some wounds, or inspiring the people around them, or taking a guaranteed crit free action, etc. Is there any way to apply something similar, where a panicking rookie might so something amazing besides just getting lucky with a Berserk shot?
  8. Coffee Potato

    V6.3 Balance Thread

    Nope, but the air game isn't finished yet.
  9. Coffee Potato

    V6.3 Balance Thread

    Auto Resolve, they come back fine every time.
  10. Coffee Potato

    [V1.6.37 Grount Combat] Death by Dance Party

    Unable to recreate it, but this was the location and rough setup. Several reactions triggered at once, and the game just kept going into reaction mode over and over. So yeah, will report better if I can make it happen again.
  11. So after their iffy earlier versions, upon seeing my LMG squad taking reaction shots and suppressing a Psyon on his own turn before he could shoot, I just wanted to say:
  12. Coffee Potato

    Dropship layout

    XD has mechs, for what it's worth. I only asked them to add Armored Cores about 800 times, hahaha
  13. So one thing that rarely came up in base game, but gets used all the time in XD is the speed up/slow down/dodge mechanics. If you speed up, your dodge rolls get like 8x their distance, while slowing down gives you much tighter turning. So the idea with some of those early ones is to know they'll be using the normal "leash" yours do when targeting, and so you can take a diagonal to them, exposing the side, and doing a quick dodge when just about in their firing range to get on their flank. From there, you can turn off afterburner mid-flip and use the slowdown to do a quick turn onto their side, before speeding up to keep up pace and get the kill. It's tricky, but you eventually develop this sort of circular movement map in your head. Good luck on Your CE run!
  14. Coffee Potato

    Dropship layout

    If there's different transition screens for vehicles, and the Valkyrie makes a comeback, I hope it looks a bit like the Armored Core 2 drop pods (that the game surprisingly never actually used).
  15. Coffee Potato

    Dropship layout

    You can't target through smoke now? Interesting, sounds like it'll be viable for Insane this time around. Yeah, since the last patch, suppression has really changed the game, it feels fantastic at the moment. Also, really appreciating that you can miss a shot and hit behind them now, and it actually lets you know. Also, grenade rushing a high TU team from the drop ship makes for A-one hell of a stylish first turn, and B-some really safe landings.