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  1. Coffee Potato

    V16 [Ground Battle, Night] Can't See S**t, Sir!

    location, if it helps
  2. Coffee Potato

    V16 [Ground Battle, Night] Can't See S**t, Sir!

    What is the Save/Load solution? Saving and Loading doesn't fix it. I am seeing it during Day missions too. It's literally every map I start.
  3. As far as I'm concerned, this is a feature, but you can apparently throw around ragdolls when aiming with the grenade cursor.
  4. Coffee Potato

    V16 [Ground Battle, Night] Can't See S**t, Sir!

    How do I do that?
  5. Coffee Potato

    V16 [Ground Battle, Night] Can't See S**t, Sir!

    Turns out the Day missions have it too, kinda?
  6. So....I have no idea what's going on here, but there seems to be some black UI element around the top of the screen that keeps getting in the way when I try to move the camera around. In short, while the map area seems to reveal, it doesn't ever undo part of that top area. So....it's all a weird black V from up there.
  7. Coffee Potato

    UOO-1 Fan Report

    Alternate version: All Hail The Space Phallace!
  8. Is the ending supposed to be doing something I missed? It seemed like the HP got flattened before the real fighting even started. .and at that point I just let the team die to be done with it. It felt really weird. Is there a way to slap the original one as an option?
  9. Coffee Potato

    [V13.1] Perma Mind Control/Can't Abort Either

    1:59:15 is when the fight starts. It's kind of a long series of events.
  10. I have a video of this particular one if it helps, save attached. A guy got Mind War'd, but never came back under my control, counting him as just completely removed. The fight went on, my last guy got sniped, and the mission didn't end. While I personally really love the chance for them to shake off the mind control and give it a try still (Please do that), he never came back. After several turns, I tried to just abort, which instantly killed the guy...and crashed the game. So that's neat. iron_man-161.json
  11. Coffee Potato

    [V13.0] Double Air Encounter Crash

    I...think so? I think this was the save, but can't reload it anymore. iron_man-27.json
  12. There's a crash similar to Xeno 1, where if two air encounters trigger simultaneously, the game breaks.
  13. Balance note, since it was requested on the melee weapons. Axe Mk 3 has way higher numbers than 2, but it barely seems to perform better. Axe 2 could dominate same-phase Androns, while the 3 took the same amount of hits on the same unit. Not sure if bad luck or just it's numbers situation. Sword 1 seemed to do about the same, though, so that was nice.
  14. Plus you can lose them just for picking up and using them. Pretty sure a lot of this is just mechanical and can't be changed.