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  1. I'd love to have some feedback, but I got Xsolla'd into waiting for a Steam code ☹️
  2. I like that, getting some FTL in there is never a bad thing!
  3. I think it feels like how a sequel should. The same things are there, but tweaked to allow more depth from the system. There's more to do, the fighting feels more punchy, the new air stuff sounds nice, and there's more types of units skittering around.
  4. For my list, I'm just sharing some that might match the original emblems in question a bit. The way TO did it, they were used to unlock classes, give small stat perks, or give some small perks under very specific situations. Some of the more extreme ones had a downside, like killing an enemy in one hit would boost strength, but lower intelligence. One time buffs were things like Centurion, where you got a free level from being the unit that got all kills that fight, or Mark of the Elite for doing so with 2 or less units. Most were things like 3 Snipes in a row giving a small accuracy boost, and unlocking the Archer, or Book of Initiation, from dodging 3 times in a row, or Knight's certificate for attacking from the front. Killing 5 dragons or beasts would unlock damage bonuses against them, but make them not trust that unit, resulting in a morale decrease for enemies and friendly monsters. Meanwhile units that didn't have it could become supports. Others were meant to be a teaching achievement, and tended to come in sets. Like Don Quixote, where a unit took 90% or higher damage from a counter attack, Broken Heart (Male unit failed to recruit a female one 4 times), or Bogus Hero, which removed the ability to hit crits. This would be over-written by Miracle (block an attack that would have killed), or Embodiment of Desires (find 5 hidden items on the ground, these were in specific places). Ultimately they weren't massive game changers in the long run, but felt really good to grab, and usually gave a helpful bonus early on. Like the 10 Agility from Sniper was almost nothing by the end, but would be enough to unlock many advanced classes a little bit early. Others still gave morale or luck pattern changes, since it used this whole complicated luck system. Still, you could build units just for morale bonuses, which can become massive if done right. Given the recent changes, the best way for this to be implemented might be something like a 1-2 point skill bonus, but allow this to go above their normal cap. They served like a much more expanded version of the X 1 award system. Morale bonuses would be very welcome to building officer units.
  5. No permadeath main mode? Permadeath is like..first on the mechanics list last I played ...?
  6. Coffee Potato

    Community Discussion - Air Combat

    Anti missile systems worked awesome for XDiv.
  7. I'll try to find my old response, had a long list of potential emblem/badge ideas. I'd LOVE to see this implemented as an extension of the current awards. Edit: Found it Examples: Consecutive snipe damage(acc) Surviving a hit at low health (tus) Melee kill (str) Capture an alien (brv and hp) Kill an enemy that failed to kill them (brv) Survive an explosion (hp) Kill while suppressed (TUs and acc) Multiple units with one grenade (acc and tu) 40 tile snipe (acc++, lowers tu) Sebillian/Psyon etc Slayer, 5 of whichever unit type (minor bonus damage) Survive a cannon round to a shield (Brv, Str) Kill 3 enemies with 1 shot (Brv ++, Acc+) Kill enemy on other side of a wall (increased terrain damage slightly) Survive fatal damage 5 times (Come back as an Angel Knight), also not serious about this last one. Also, some to match the funny ones, like Don Quixote, Bogus Hero, and Broken Heart, though given some positives to avoid rage: Hit for 90%+ health on 90% or more TUs (Brv down, Ref up) Max out stats only by training (Higher target priority) Earn Sole Survivor award twice ( Lower target priority) Miss 95% shot twice in a row (Acc--, TUs+ Str+) Fail 3 panic saves in a row (Brv-, Ref++)
  8. Coffee Potato

    suicide mission

    I would totally be down for them pulling an Ogre Battle, and having the aliens offer a truce to the winning party with cakes for everyone.
  9. Yeah, I feel locking down numbers will always result in a better strategy game, since even the smallest thing can potentially be exploited to all hell. The TU system allowed anything with rapid fire to just make an overwatch wall that absolutely nothing could survive. Thankfully that was adjusted, and I can't wait to try it all out. One of my favorite strategy games, Tactics Ogre, had a thing where they tried, and almost succeeded in implementing everything. We're talking an armor system, like 15 different damage types, dozens of buffs and debuffs for dang near every single situation, skills, perks, and even weight/movement calculations for each and every single action to attempt to be balanced by it's speed. They would have gotten away with it, too, if it weren't for some guy forgetting to adjust a number somewhere in the code for some of the Dex weapons (Longbows, Daggers, 1h Katanas), giving them something like 5% extra damage over other weapons. It would have been fine, except that this was just enough to make them utterly break the game on accident. The actual meta to the game became just getting all the fastest characters, giving them longbows, and abusing time travel spells to never give the AI a chance to shoot (The original intent seems to have been for the bows to suck against armor, which they do at first, and still do against certain units, but easily break about halfway through the first part of the game). The reason I mention this is that this balancing situation, while still incredibly fun, was missed by a team that practically invented the SRPG genre, and has been experiencing it for a couple decades. Not to mention this was sort of a labor of love for those making it, so they got some of the best talent out there to make it happen, making a game with such an absurd amount o polish in it's 600+ hours, branching timelines, time travel, and everything else, that there are only 3 known minor bugs to this day. When a modder began creating an overhaul project several years ago, they wound up reworking a lot of these systems to be more uniform, and the result was a far more interesting game strategy wise. I mention this mod in particular, because a lot of the answers came in the form of reworking mechanics to a fixed %. Cursed weapons were this mechanic where a unit could be sacrificed and turned into a weapon with their characteristics. Originally, though, this meant that they would always do either 1 damage, or near insta kill whatever they hit, but inexplicably also instantly remove terrain. When remade, they did a lot amount of initial damage, followed by a % of health, depending on it's type. This was a similar situation with the health drain spell, which always did either 1 or a ton, and ultimately found a nice anti-tank niche as a 20% drain move. There were hundreds of skills in that game, but let's just say that every time there was this all-or-nothing damage situation, locking it down to a % usually solved the problem, since grinding is usually not something people want in a strategy game. Ultimately, too many moving parts will break any machine, so if things are reasonably capped (which it sounds like they did, come on Steam code..), strategizing tends to feel better. As a rabid fan of the genre, I always loved when the core mechanics are locked down, but the battles and overworld are chaotic. You know yourself, but not your enemy, as it were.
  10. Coffee Potato

    Question to Chris

    Yeah, they said we need to wait a bit until the core stuff is nailed down. Really looking forward to doing that too.
  11. Coffee Potato

    Mission Idea

    So I'm sure I'm not alone in really liking when there's missions that show off the grunts and randos handling the invasion, despite the odds. As such, would we be able to play those missions when locals save your guys? Maybe they send a small team to finish them off, and so it's whoever survived from the wreck, and a dozen random locals on the other side. Or, you know, something to that effect. I want to see the NPC armies more.
  12. I want to have a deployment option upon landing. It's not like they're glued to the floor until they get there.
  13. Coffee Potato

    Community Discussion - Air Combat

    After rereading it, I'm all for power and skill rolls, it worked great for FTL, and that remains my jam to this day.
  14. Coffee Potato

    Shields, A Thought

    I just know I'll always remember my first run to get Wolf armor. I could only afford 3 suits, and it was an Outpost raid. I read the description "it can take a 50 cal at point blank." That first guy died to two pellets from a shotgun at the other end of a hallway. I like to think they then kinda did the MGSV thing with Snidely.
  15. Coffee Potato

    Shields, A Thought

    I really liked the Phobia system X2 put in, rather than perma loss on bravery. Armor wise, I should clarify that in XDiv, it's usually like the case mentioned above. Some units have high DPS weapons that will initially be stopped by armor, while others can kill outright. Like in Phase 3 right now, here are a couple missions: Mission 1, first intriduction to the next phase. My top 3 guys step out with miniguns and Predator suits. They are immediately ambushed. my top guy goes down (Blood Cannon, a chemical AoE gun), while the others and their rookie trainees get into positions around the dropship, hoping to drop some Shock Rockets on whatever just sniped him. One unit takes KO damage from an electric gun, and goes unconscious (Predator doesn't handle electric damage well, neither do shields). The others take some plink damage from wave and ballistic rifles coming from the background infantry. The Blood cannon takes out 2 more, while the tank drives up to shield the others from everything else. We eventually get almost everyone back to the drop ship, but still, the A-Team of 10 in the best gear we had and a tank (for 11) still got shredded by a team of what turned out to be 6 or so. Since armor degradation goes both ways, the team was pinned down and suppressed by the Rifles, damaged by the big guns, and pressured by the other small arms and melee units, who were there doing scratch damage and blocking paths, but progress was still difficult, because their armor had to be worn down, which took a lot of our firepower, limiting turns to only being able to stop 1 or 2 units, while needing to focus on locking down the rest. Ultimately, whether more or less units (depending on the mission), there's a lot more "Let's stop and have a think here" time. https://youtu.be/aK5__O3QaZI?t=493 The Previous mission was against a carrier. 11 Vs around 60 Ceseans. In XDiv, they come with 600 HP foward shields, 1 handed weapons, and still pretty decent armor. Immediately, we drop out of the shrike, and start getting pounded by fire from out of sight range, as one would expect from end game. The shield guys run out, and while I know they will be able to take a couple shots, they won't last for long, even with shields of their own. What results is this crazy thing where these shield guys are running cover to cover, throwing out smoke, while rookies fire stun rockets in the vague direction of incoming fire, and the gunners all file behind the tank to push into the wall of huge beams coming their way. Ceseans start taking 2-3 rockets each, which are used primarily to get past their shields, allowing us to use them. It was this insane thing of constant attack and defense from all sides, showcasing so many mechanics I've loved about this game since vanilla. https://youtu.be/eHWeVNbRzpA?t=12168 It creates this sort of evolving feeling, since your units are mostly dying like normal in Phase 1, then have specialized armor against only certain things by 2, followed by almost matching their armor in 3, but then effectively seeing that armor stripped very quickly by 4, since cannons start tearing off halves of buildings, machineguns are throwing around cars, etc. It matches the scaling that X1 did, but makes it more believable given peoples' adaptive capabilities, and what an ultra powerful, if kinda lazy super invasion came by for a visit. While at first glance, this may seem like it invalidates certain weapon options, I genuinely have changed between almost all classes for different situations almost constantly. Even rifles, which some have stated as being underwhelming, have saved this campaign on several occasions. TLDR: When there's explosions everywhere, it's natural that people would have a way to survive them. Easiest case scenario, can we at least get a boom reducing armor?