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  1. Coffee Potato

    Xenonauts-2 January Update

    Agreed. The main thing missing in my opinion seems to already be considered, and that's just more world interaction.
  2. Coffee Potato

    Xenonauts-2 January Update

    What's the odds of more debuff types? I've been liking the Shock mechanic of XDiv (basically allows for some guns to hit TUs instead of suppression), but been wondering about the odds of giving more interactions for when a unit is hit, but wouldn't go down. I'd assume it would at least slow them down. (See: everyone's first Seb being immune to shotguns encounter)
  3. Yeah, the grenade thing is a tad iffy. I think it's supposed to count for flubbing a throw and having it bounce, but it really comes across as your recruits having suffered brain damage sometimes. Instructions inclear, shoved portable nuke into shoe. Like I think the odds of a grenade backfiring in Silent Storm was even higher, but it was usually your fault, because you aimed for a window, it missed the window, hit a pipe, and rolled back down. Or those moments when it flew, hit a guy, and rolled back. Either way, XD's fix to this was just to give them a really nice accuracy bonus. Somehow they still couldn't aim past smoke worth a crap, but not sure how they pulled that off. Just would be nice to have backfires be rare, rather than the norm for sure. I'd imagine the balance will be nicer, they are working on a crap load of other stuff for now, nothing's going to be balanced.
  4. Coffee Potato

    Xenonauts-2 December Update

    What happened?
  5. Coffee Potato

    Your Xenonauts 2 wishlist?

    It would be cool to have vaguer info on units and enemies, but have a location map.
  6. Coffee Potato

    Why do we need vehicles?

    Dang straight.
  7. Coffee Potato

    Your Xenonauts 2 wishlist?

    On that note, I'd like to have either a menu, or pop-up, or something that lets you see armor condition and resistances. Would be nice to see the XD thing of a separate armor mitigation stat on weapons. Loved having Axes as an armor piercing melee attack, get those awesome moments of running out of shots, and seeing your international party suddenly all become Danish for a minute. Always wanted a shield push. More medals. I want to be able to do a run where a unit can't be promoted to top rank until they capture one of every unit or something. Or have someone recognized for shotgunning 3 reapers in one round. There's just so much more that can be done with that. Air game has what I always wanted now.
  8. Coffee Potato

    suggestion for air combat

    Honestly just the change to a constantly moving background already feels awesome for me personally. I just hope they go the XDic route and put a bigger variety of UFO loadouts to play against. Vanilla carriers were just "Send 1-3 Foxtrots and forget" XDiv is usually "send 3 fighters with guns/antimissiles, see what they're carrying, then either send 6 more, or send in the torpedoes". Or just more stuff to Dodge bullet hell style. Just feels nice when they feel like they're trying to stay in the air.
  9. Coffee Potato

    Training Mode

    It's one of those things a lot of people liked about Tactics Ogre, where you could split your units into teams for mock battles. Partly for slow grinding, partly for testing out builds. I keep a separate save just to test hypothetical ideas, since I like to play on Ironman rules for the most part. Reloading feels like cheating, but that's a personal things. It's just fun and immersive to play around and try new stuff. Plus it gives this feeling that your units do more than just live on the Shrike. I'm seeing it as just a random base layout or open field that doesn't exist. Base walls replaced with plywood, UFO replaced with a storage crate it something. That being said, as mentioned, a few other games handled something similar well. -OpenXCOM basically did the battle spawner thing, which is fun, but might break the illusion for some. I'd assume it's fairly straightforward to implement. -Tactics Ogre let you fight your own units, I feel like maybe NewCOM went down this road, but u-turned into making it a multiplayer mode instead. (The latest TO game let you turn your teams into fightable AI challenges, which was neat) -Ob64 had probably the best mix of balance and immersion I've seen, though. You pick a team, then they get a scaled fight, with an entry fee based on rank. So it's safe, but you're spending instead of gaining, and all downed units get nothing, counting as injured instead. Can't be cheesed, has plenty of downsides, but a good way to test things and get rewards if you do well. It also made the battles harder with every consecutive fight. There were rewards for winning several in a row with the same team. Maybe a medal or something in this case?
  10. Coffee Potato

    Maxim 56, please

    The obvious answer is that artillery already exists in Xeno 1. The only way to balance it for actual on-map use would be for it to require your own planes to do it (picturing two explosions as a foxtrot respawns at base with no ammo or fuel), or to require reputation as a currency. Even then, the vehicles and launchers from 1 already served that role. On Insane, I would regularly just keep a Hunter off in the distance, pasting things from miles away. Also kept a launcher on everyone's back as an Oh Crap button, since they are one of the few things you could pull out of your pack and fire.
  11. Coffee Potato

    Questions about X2 (potential X1 spoilers)

    So far, here's what I've seen: 1- There are more reaper variants. Harridians bring these scarab looking crab things. Psyons use Mind War instead of Unnerve and Mind Control, basically the same idea, but less random. They also have different versions as scouts. Sebillians have super bulky variants. 2- If it's anything like X1, I'd assume they'd get something similar. They haven't said much about the Mars yet, but modular armor is coming soon. Hopefully the Mars gets that system too. 3- Probably likely, I'd expect more X-Div type stuff for needing to repurpose parts for fancier planes. 4- They were covering this in the last dev log. Basically this is a work in progress, but coming.
  12. I'd assume it'll sort out once configurable difficulty becomes a thing. I know I was confused on the original for ages until getting used to the mechanics on easy. I haven't seen anything inherently harder about this one yet, though. Just bear in mind it's still just getting it's features working, nothing's going to be balanced yet, that's one of the last things to get done usually.
  13. I'm sure they will get it fixed, Xeno 1 has that bug when running too many mods, where it just shows death, followed by someone that already got away.
  14. Coffee Potato

    Training Mode

    With the inclusion of the Training Centers, could we get a training mode? Like a mock battle between people dressed up as lizards or whatever to simulate what to expect in any given mission type to prep before heading out? Please? I can't be the only one that loads some rando missions on a different file before going in for a base raid.