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Favourite game of all time?


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            What is your favourite game ever? the one game you always go back to, the one you could play over and over? And most importantly, why?
            For me, it would have to be Fallout 3: GOTY edition. There is just so much story, the world design is stunning, the characters, the development...just everything about it is amazing, I have personally bought the game 3 times because of selling it and then wanting it back again xD On both Xbox and PS3 :')  

            A close second would be Super Mario Sunshine on the GameCube  

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I've played all official XCOM releases but Terror From the Deep is my all time fave. Games I always have installed on my PC are TFTD, Sudden Strike2, Half Life, Diablo2 and Simcity 4.

Funny how I got into TFTD back in '95. Friend of mine had a gaming club back then and every now and then he would supply me with latest game releases. Unfortunately, none of those were originals, they'd all be bundled up on a single CD. That was the period when I'd play anything I could lay my hands on but after a while you get tired of Doom, MK, TV and similar games so you start looking for something else to play. XCOMTFTD was the last file(s) on the CD and I always wondered what it is. I had absolutely no idea how to play it but I was so amused by the atmosphere and everything else that I pressed hard onto it. I still don't remember how I've managed to take down first Alien Sub but I did it. Then again, it also took me some time to learn how to send aquanauts to the crash site. Capturing live alien and discovering how to use mind control was something I've mastered in my 3rd new game. All in all, the thrill, the creepy atmosphere and freedom of play is what always draws me back to it.

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Hard to pick favoirte but here is a few I jump back to time to time.

- XCOM: Defence & TFTD - awesome atmosphere and story.

- Transport Tycoon Deluxe - Huge debth and options. There were a lot of attempts to make a similar game but it's still the best. Graphics still work nicely even today.

- Original Theme Park - So much fun building the rides and it wasn't focused on rollercosters only. It was much bigger.

- Master of Orion 2 - Endless possiblities

- Dungeon keeper - Loved that for a change your not the hero. Thinking from a diffrent perspective. Great!

- Settlers 2 (Anniversary) I didn't like the direction with Settlers 3 onwards - Settlers 2 built on the success of Settlers and it was pleasure to watch for hours how you build, discover and expand.

- Final Fantasy 7 - Do we need a reason? It considered one of the best games ever made and always into top of the rankings even 20 years after.

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Vulcan/Desert Rats/Rebelstar/Lazer Squad - zx spectrum 48k

ACE (Air Combat Emulator) - Commodore 64

UFO:Enemy Unknown/Sensible Soccer - Amiga

Modern Warfare 2 - Xbox 360

Panzer General III/War Thunder and of course Xenonauts - PC


These games have stood the test of time.

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