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  1. Surely this will be addressed?! It's a basic bug.
  2. ooey

    An accurate release date?

    UFO 2 ET: thanks for the heads up on this one. I didn't know about that.
  3. ooey

    Xenonauts-2 February Update

    Maybe, but flashing says "urgent" to me. Maybe a flashing bleeding icon? It's a good way to get someones attention.
  4. ooey

    Xenonauts-2 February Update

    Just a bit about wounded soldiers. It would be an advantage to have their names flash in red if critically wounded and bleeding out; this catches the attention! Just a small improvement but a nice attention to detail. I remember this was the case for Rebelstar on the ZX spectrum (one of the very first tactical combat games released in 1986). If J Gollup can do it on the speccy then you guys most certainly can!
  5. Just a little poll which may help Goldhawk to decide when best to release a "finished" Xenonauts 2. I'm quite happy to wait until christmas, as it should give them time to release a polished product (remember, Chris has just had a baby and also remember there will always be the impact of the Coronavirus). I think releasing a polished product rather than releasing an unfinished product looks bad on a company, even if they work to fix it eventually. Remember also that Goldhawk actually release their products as betas so we get to test them if we want to, and they get the bug feedback, which is mutually beneficial, so it potentially works as a 'graded' release. As long as they deliver what they said they would (like they did with Xen 1) then I'm happy! If the majority of us choose option 3 then I hope this will give the team some breathing space. But if they do things in a similar vein to what they did in Xen 1 then they will get to where they want to be eventually (in fact, the way Chris did it impressed me - he didn't just say "it's finished", drop it and move on). Remember also that from what I have seen, the early game looks pretty much finished. Not so sure about the late game, but for obvious reasons there is time to patch that (especially if most of us play on iron man mode and we get beat :-)). It looks like Chris is reasonably close to a release date, but what do YOU think is the best course of action?
  6. Heh - if you're going to bring politics into this then just for balance I'll say I loved trump and all that he did. The real bad guy is in office now (you will see in 4 years time as the Communists take over the US) - in short don't be lazy listen to the MSM, go search for the truth. The choice for the moderator is to either keep or delete both comments (free speech, fairness and all that). I'm happy either way. But there has to be a balance. As for the extended release date - as long as it doesn't go to next christmas I'm happy!
  7. The original Xenonauts was not released when it was ready. Rather it was released nearly ready, but that was good enough. Refinements were made after the official release which brought it up to scratch. It was released in a near-ready state, and was polished after release. That's the method I favour. I suppose it depends on the development path that's taken. For a game like this, you could release it in a 3/4 finished state if you go about it the right way (i.e. if the end-game isn't quite finished, it will take time for players to get there, so why not do so?). It's all immaterial now anyway, considering Chris is deciding to release around feb. Factoring in the plandemic the team have actually done rather well. I envisage tweaking right up until christmas 2021 if the original is anything to go by, and that's fine with me too. It worked for Xenonauts, so it's a proven method of doing things. Personally, I don't think Chris and the team will stop tweaking things until they are virtually perfect. Our Chris seems to be a bit of a perfectionist :-). You do make a good point about initial reviews though. Those of us that were here from the start of Xenonauts KNOW Chris and the team will make a good job of Xen2 by his track record. He delivered. For those that are thinking of buying for the first time, yep - game-breaking bugs look very bad. The only minor bug I have come across on playing was getting a jetpac man stuck behind a Carrier (he couldn't move out from the prongs) which was rectified using the game editor; that's pretty good seeing as I've played about 300 hours of Xenonauts!
  8. Ah it all looks good at the minute Chris. I remember that with xen 1 you actually listened to the fanbase and incorporated many of their ideas into the game (something the larger companies can't or just refuse to do). So I don't think anyone new to the way you do things at Goldhawk has anything to fear. Xen1 turned out to surpass UFO Enemy Unknown anyway, and that was some feat.
  9. That was a big problem in xen 1. They would hide on the bridge of the big ships and you'd never get near them. They could Psi you even if you weren't in an aliens field of vision. I always felt that was very unfair.
  10. See, I never think of a flying eye as a cliche! To me it represents reconnaissance/scouting (the mark 1 "eyeball" as pilots say). I suppose you could call the little disc in xen 1 a rece unit, but it also had a weapon.
  11. I suppose you could have random bonuses appear each turn for both sides such as "one particular unit gets a surge of adrenaline" which adds 20% to their action points etc. This sort of thing should be infrequent though. I'm all for randomness on certain occasions - so much so that I'm building a lot of it into my game. Randomness = surprise, and I have to say that I love the fact that Chris and the team have made the tactical map generator truly random (this should add a lot to the gameplay). Not sure about cool aliens though, more weird aliens would suit better (since we associate aliens with weirdness). What are you thinking about, aliens wearing shades?! Perhaps an alien with a built in weapon would offer something a little different (then you couldn't harvest that weapon for use). There isn't really an alien rece unit in x1, which is why I would go for a flying eye (with great speed but no weaponry). Like I said somewhere else, these would be the eyes of those psi aliens hidden in alien bridges, as I think it's unfair that they can mind control your troops even though they have no line of sight through a comrade.
  12. Sure does. Well, it looks like a post Christmas release date then. Considering all that's gone on in the world, that's a pretty good result. I somehow don't think people will be willing to wait for a Christmas 2021 release though (will there be anything left of the world by then?!).
  13. Yes. I don't know how many Chris has got from kickstarter, but I spread the word by mouth myself. That is actually probably the most effective (and cheapest!) way to advertise. There are, of course, all those fans of X1 that want more and have stayed.
  14. I think most us have factored in for the crisis we've been through and have added on 4 months development time grace . I'm sure it will be great when Chris says it's officially finished!
  15. I think that you should be able to stun the civs and put them to sleep so they can be carried out of harms way. In X1, firing gas at them seemed to count as killing them! It might be good to have them holed up somewhere like a classroom, which you will then have to defend to save them. You can stop them running away by placing a man at the door. Civs are a nuisance aren't they?! They seem to run around like crazed sheep. Perhaps if they headed for the transport if in their vision more could be saved. It would be the logical thing for them to do in such a situation (rather than running into the arms of an alien).
  16. Erh I have news for you. Things are not looking too good in the UK either, or the West as a whole really. But that's just my opinion. Stay put - you have more places to hide in the US :-)
  17. I, like many others, am grateful for the beta testers because I'm doing the same thing I did with X1, which was to expose myself to x2 as little as possible because I want to be surprised and not have any spoilers for when it finally comes out so I can really enjoy it. The problem with that though is that if everyone did that, x2 would probably be full of bugs etc. so it's really a big compromise for those that do it. That said, those that do so have a certain degree of input to what the final game is going to look and play like, and I bet that gives some satisfaction too. So thank you. Your efforts are appreciated!
  18. I did want to add some further options to this poll but it looks like I can't. The general consensus seems to by that everything major will be finished by around Christmas. I'm encouraged to see that everyone that has voted so far just seems to want GoldHawk to make a good job of it by giving them the time they need. There must be some of us that can't wait though!
  19. May I just add a flying "eye" type alien?! I know it's a cliche but they look weird. They can be enemy scouts that work with Psi aliens mainly that don't carry weapons but get 'in your face' so you are susceptible to psi attacks. I liked the weirdness of the original XCom: Enemy Unknown. What a great company Microprose were. There are lots of good ideas in this thread actually.
  20. Yes. Maybe a captured alien gets loose in your base and you have to hunt it down - something like that. It would certainly mean that base maps will be seen more, and it could add an alienesque feel to things. Of course if you had plenty of troopers in your base it would be a low risk scenario, but it may also give you more of an opportunity to use melee/stun weapons to put it back into isolation if you are studying it rather than having to kill it. Just food for thought though, as many may not find hunting down a single (unarmed) alien challenging enough. Though what if it was a Psi-ops alien or a tough Sebillian?
  21. Talking about things being a bit 'dark', what about a stage where any captured aliens that aren't useful for study being used instead for target practice for your squaddies?! You release them into the environment without any weapons and your squaddies get to hunt them down . It might be a fun thing to do if things are going south in the main game!
  22. Are you sure that wasn't just a programming error? Sure sounds like one! There was a bug where even if you started at superhuman level it actually started you at basic cadet level or something.
  23. I just think the gaining of special items that can't be got at by any other means is a nice idea (see Xeroxth's post at the top of the page). If you want them you have to go the extra mile for them and perhaps do missions that you don't really want to do because they are tougher. It's a risk/reward thing. Perhaps they could be in a store room in a UFO or an alien base so that if you do have to retreat then at least you do so by gaining something positive out of the mission that you wouldn't get out of a less dangerous one. With regard to 'for construction', well that's a nice idea too - but it's less clear-cut than the above.
  24. Would these be something like "special powers" that can't be got any other way? If so I think that would work very well. I like the idea of the mind-jogger. I remember that in Rebelstar on the ZX Spectrum (showing my age again here) if you took a coffee card to a machine and got a cup of coffee and used it it acted like a combat stimulant! In fact I can see good tactical uses for all those things you have mentioned. You've thought that through very well. I find jetpacks rather useless since you can't fire whilst hovering, so the Air Stabilizer is also a good idea.
  25. This is the kind of thing that makes perfect sense! I remember a while back we were talking about doing so well that base defence missions would become unnecessary (thus their maps are not seen much, resulting in reduced gameplay variety). I would always avoid attacking a landed UFO if I could, because I knew it would have its full complement of Aliens. The risk of gaining more intact items just wasn't worth it. In solvers comment you have the solution to this. To ensure that you want to play Base defence missions for instance, perhaps the aliens bring along something rare and valuable with them that you can't get any other way. If you win, you get it (perhaps a powerful tank that shuts down if all the aliens are killed, or a "ticking" megabomb tank that is designed to blow up the whole base if the aliens win, that you can use on a mission to blow up a landed ufo if you need to abort the mission so it can't carry out its mission). Sometimes talking about one thing brings possible solutions to others!