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  1. I see it like this: if you are a man and don't want any women in your squad then you should have that option. You are the commander in the game! If you are a woman and don't want any men in your squad then you should have that option. I don't go for all this political correctness nonsense that has been forced on people! It's up to you. You shouldn't be forced to conform. Men are better at some things, women others. And men in general happen to have the traits most suited to a soldier. Nothing wrong in that and in traditional roles is there? Men are men and women are women for a reason, and I think many in the modern world have lost sight of that. We ARE different !
  2. I've found that there are no "easy" missions (at least when playing at veteran level iron man mode)! I think you've hit the nail on the head about the auto-resolve algorithms though. Why waste time on making a system where you are auto-resolving what is basically the core of the game (which is why and what we have bought the game for). I'd much rather the time was spent on game content, more complex alien AI etc. When you think about it, no part of a game should get good enough to the point where it is a certainty that you will win. A game should always present a challenge, otherwise there is no point in playing it. I'll give you an analogy here. In War Thunder, there are people who have risen to the maximum level of rank 100, but they still use a mouse to fly. The mouse in this game basically lets you fly an aircraft like a UFO, but there is nothing much too it once you learn and have used a mouse for years - it becomes an on the rails shooter basically, with the nuances of different aircraft being sanitised. You cannot "feel" different fighters. Some may be faster than others and some may turn a little better, but you have no recoil in your weapons (even 50mm anti-tank guns) so you can always land shots with precision accuracy, partly thanks to your AI instructor flying the aircraft for you. Compare this with a joypad or joystick, which I use. Sure, you are made to look like a mug when you stall and they can't. But a Spitfire feels different to a Hurricane to fly (less stable, more slippy etc.). Yet people don't step up to this more qualitative experience. In Xenonauts, every mission I play is different and tense. I may get over-confident and get my best man killed in assaulting a small UFO simply because I want him to gain a bit more Reaction experience by standing him in front of a UFO entrance. Its a risk/reward thing. I'd never really see why you would want that to be taken away from you, otherwise what's the point in playing at all? How would you feel if you sent your best man on a mission only for the auto-resolve algorithm to proclaim that he died on that mission through no fault of your own?
  3. I don't know Juan. The tactical ground combat is the core element of the game! It wouldn't be much of a game without it.
  4. ooey

    Xenonauts-2 March Update

    On a lighter note: as long as General Burt Reynolds features somewhere in the game (like he did in Xen1) then I'll be happy! When are the personal characters some paid for going into the game and will you have to input some sort of code to include them in your squad?
  5. Of course, you could gas or stun the civies in xen1 and UFO: EU, but if I remember rightly it actually killed them ... lol
  6. It would be much appreciated if you could also delete custom made weapons loadouts (say if you made an "Elite" class with symbol and loadout). I haven't looked recently so maybe you can now do this, but this was one thing which annoyed me slightly with zen1. You had a whole list of loadout names you no longer needed or that had become irrelevant as you progressed. Just a small thing though. I suppose this could be negated if you chose your loadout names more wisely (i.e. Anti-Sibillian) and just updated the equipment as you progressed.
  7. I don't know. It made me feel like I was doing very well if I managed to prevent these from happening. I do recall, though, that xen agents would occasionally find an Alien base for you to raid that you hadn't detected.
  8. This is very true. But it's as much a part of the gameplay as anything else I suppose. There will be times when the Aliens are re-organising themselves and you don't hear from them for a while. It means projects may come to a halt through lack of finance, and is when you may need to decide if you sell that extra lab or lay off staff etc.
  9. Excellent - this means it's less likely to recruit Taliban RPG men into your squad then .
  10. Heh heh. Not sure if Chris is old enough to remember UFO and Space 1999, but he may have caught the re-runs. I, like you probably are, am a child of the 70's & 80's. Maybe Xen3 could be set in the Terror From the Deep world. I never really got a chance to play that when it first came out because I was an Amiga nut and didn't have a PC. It probably did come out on the Amiga, but I may have been too busy studying or something. Still, there are some interesting concepts explored in those series. Remember the UFO with the very expensive telescope... which was useless because it got damaged and they couldn't tell the scale of the UFO homeworld because of it? Science-fiction has, as we know, given us plenty of science-fact.
  11. So do I! Space 1999 was really the unofficial sequel to UFO. They don't make 'em like those anymore do they? 70s and 80s was a golden age for tv. They can still be found on forces TV here in the UK. What have the recent years given us? The destruction of Star Wars, Star Trek and many other franchises.
  12. Have you ever watched that 80's sci fi series called "V"? That has Lizards and a rebel element to it. And it's about aliens invading the earth too. Actually it was very good! Those were the days when they still made great TV rather than wall-to-wall propaganda, mind. Max touched on this a bit though. Look at the absolute panic that's going around at the minute (which mainly seems to be about acquiring toilet rolls for some reason). And this is only due to a virus, not an extraterrestrial invasion! If Douglas Adams were still alive I think he'd have a right laugh as it does seem to fit into the world of HHGTTG humour in some aspects.
  13. If I remember correctly you can deploy whatever vehicles you have available in your garage. If they are on your dropship they go back into the garage.
  14. Insulting the devs gets nobody anywhere I'm afraid. We are all lucky that Chris decided to start Goldhawk up. I bet it was a big risk for him at the time, and I hope it has paid off handsomely for him (it seems like he made enough right choices, since there's a sequel now, doesn't it)? Here's an idea. Instead of trying to destroy his work, why don't you learn to code and put your ideas for a sequel to UFO:Enemy Unknown into something tangible? Who knows, it might gain a cult following like Xenonauts, and we would all love to see a healthy rivalry when it comes to turn-based games. Chris - stiff British upper lip, keep calm and carry on!