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  1. I hope you picked somewhere nice away from London to take your new mrs too. London is such a stressful place to live in these days. Enjoy yourself matey - you've earned it.
  2. There is no other file beside the exe...
  3. Thanks! I'll look into that. Edit: there isn't another file beside the normal exe (I got the game from steam) and yes, I have made hidden folders visible.
  4. I've got a man with a jetpack stuck behind the ufo with the pointy bits (a Carrier, the massive one). He will simply not move and is stuck there. Has this bug been reported? He's my last man on iron man and if i abort the mission i lose everything. But if I can somehow get him unstuck...
  5. I guess I'm just an old stick-in-the-mud, but I used to love waiting for Crash or Zapp64 to see what finished games were like and buy them based on that. Based on Xenonauts though, there's no doubt you'll make a good job of Xen2, and I will certainly be buying it for sure (as long as it remains turn-based - there are already variations of Xcom out there that are more 'arcadey', and I'm old now (40s) and not really able to react fast enough to play games like Command & Conquer - RTS). Leaders don't have seconds to react to changing events anyway - at least strategic leaders don't ;-).
  6. Well... you've gotta keep the turn-based theme Chris! That's really what x-com is all about. You're right - it isn't true of Goldhawk (something that's very positive). Give them what they want and they will buy it. Sadly though, I take the view that I don't want anything to do with the actual game until it's released. That way it's a nice surprise just like Xenonauts was. I'm still playing it and it's one of my all-time favourite games. Sure, it could have more and more varied maps etc. as standard, but the core game is very challenging if played on veteran & Iron man mode.
  7. Vulcan/Desert Rats/Rebelstar/Lazer Squad - zx spectrum 48k ACE (Air Combat Emulator) - Commodore 64 UFO:Enemy Unknown/Sensible Soccer - Amiga Modern Warfare 2 - Xbox 360 Panzer General III/War Thunder and of course Xenonauts - PC These games have stood the test of time.
  8. Yep - will be buying this too when it comes out. Chris & co. I hope you have made millions out of Xenonauts. The way you keep your fan-base informed is exemplary (Giajin could learn an awful lot from you).
  9. Isn't it wonderful that Chris is STILL updating the Vanilla Xenonauts?! The games that have given me most value for money have been Modern Warfare 2, War Thunder, the original UFO: Enemy Unknown - and, of course Xenonauts. I did also play Goldeneye to the finish - probably the most atmospheric game ever.
  10. ooey

    Xenonauts 2 - Update

    True random maps would be a very nice thing if you could do it. That's really the main thing I can think of that would make the original better. Also perhaps randomising the alien weapons so that during one play through a particular weapon represents the most powerful alien weapon whereas in the next play-trough it might represent the weakest (i.e. research pot luck, so that you don't just research the most powerful weapon all the time and leave the others). Whatever you do, please do not make it an RTS!!!!
  11. One would have thought though (maybe as a nod to Rebelstar) that an Alien Fortress would have an Armoury. Perhaps they do, and I just missed it. I ran out of equipment assaulting my first one (despite taking a lot of grenades) and just blew the reactor up. That would be something nice to add.
  12. I don't know how much more Chris could add to make a xen 2. The 1st one is pretty much perfect. The only things he could really add are in the details: for instance, I got to a dropship with a full squad of 8 + tank. The 3 sibilians in the control room killed all 8 of my troops (despite being clobbered by endless gas grenades/alenium grenades etc)! I would have loved the option to have the two men in the tank to jump out (gunner and/or driver) to carry on the fight, risking the loss of the Shrike and the tank. This is what would push xen above the 90% mark towards the perfect example of its genre. I am still thoroughly enjoying it on Veteran Iron man mode (you can make mistakes, but not too many).
  13. Yes they would, but the game rules are that the chopper comes back into your inventory after 72 hours(?). So you don't have the use of it for 3 days (which can be critical on the higher levels). The premise is that if you KNOW you are being followed, you'd ditch the chopper and the troops would be rescued later with its remains. However, it seems that if you equip your troops with Wolf armour (and the like) they are more likely to survive, which helps. Being a helicopter though, means it can land anywhere except water, so why not make this feature available? I have seen people saying that the aliens are not aggressive enough (!). I'm not sure what level those that are saying that are playing on. I'm a veteran of these sorts of games, and all I can say is there is little room for error when playing Veteran Ironman mode. Chris and the team have got the balance almost perfect.
  14. What do you mean? Is the actual game not going to be touched anymore (just the CE)? Thanks for moving this anyway. It just seems a lot to loose the chopper for 3 days AND your best troops. If you can see incoming fighters via the radar (and they are heading straight for your chopper) then it makes sense to land and disembark.
  15. It's a lottery as to who survives when one gets shot down (your best troops could be on board) and at Veteran or above it really cripples you if you loose them, so I propose a button to land and abort the mission if you think your Charlie is the target. The result? You loose the Charlie as you would if it was shot down (the UFOs kill it) the mission is aborted so you get no financial/skill gain, but all your troops turn up 72 hours later with the recovered chopper. I don't think it would be too difficult to code this in, and it would be a logical addition (in the same way that Inteceptors make it back to base if they disengage due to lack of fuel - they stop off to refuel etc.). If you knew this is what would happen in real life you would do it!