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Just thinking about the top ten things I'd like to see off the top of my head. SOme may be on their way, but I thought I'd throw it out there anyway...

Increased Map variations – Arctic, desert etc. up to the number of XCom ones

Enhanced Geoscape events, in parallel with UFO activity, showing the panic, or cooperation, within the funding nations as the invasion progresses.

Training to be enhanced to ensure that you don’t spend the last third of the game with cookie cutter soldiers.

Variation between funding nations – with geography, expertise and cold war influence affecting various facilities, buying & selling

A more detailed Geoscape with more cities on it.

Female soldiers, if only in the base pictures – coming with $200 000 I see

Enhanced solder screen enabling room for call signs, character roles, and possibly player notes.

Enhanced alien artefacts – more to their culture/goodies than just power sources and alloys. Can be looped into research

Being able to track alien influence on funding nations – colours on Geoscape or enhanced funding nation info

Remove soldier from selection and force onto next soldier when going through soldiers on Battlescape

Oh, and to help for post release...

Mod – Ticker & events to be moddable

Mod – Psionics to be moddable preferably with a graphic of a Psi Amp & Psi Lab to be handy

Mod – weapon effects to be added beyond what is there – electrical arcing for example?

Alas tech, pilot and engineering skills are probably huge, but enhanced training would almost be the same as Soldier skills.

What would make everyone else's list?

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Actually you have tundra instead of artic. Desert is in Xenonauts as old X-com. The ones missing are, mountain, jungle, artic and forest.

I could do without Jungle and mountain actually, it would be nice. But i asked Chris and he stated that making biological stuff like trees and such looking good with this tileset system wasnt easy. And mountain i just found quite boring in X-com.

But this was before the kickstarter. I hope that he make a change of mind now. I for one would really like forest (wilderness) and artic atleast. Since these ones cover large portions of the earth.

And yes pilots and crews with stats for vehicles i would really want also. Would be awesome. Although i don't know how it would be made in a good way for fighter pilots.


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Don't forget the beach - Miami Beach, Bondi Beach just to mention a couple of famous places.

A beach would make sense though as you often let your interceptors follow a UFO until they can engage over land, this would highly increase the chance of a UFO crashing near a beach.

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I would love a way to transfer soldiers from one base to another. I looked for a way to do that on the demo but couldn't find the option...

Yeh, to do this go into the personnel screen and there should be an option to transfer them in the top right somewhere.

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@ Flashman

A list of possible mission types - http://www.goldhawkinteractive.com/forums/showthread.php/1884-Stretch-Goal-Poll-Options/page4?highlight=statistics

Or as a list:-

Mission Types

Some could use existing graphics and with others you get a new map option that could be used elsewhere. Any others to add to the list?

Military Base - losing will reduce funding and local force support

Port attack – protect shipping of funding nation

Island attack – more a map than a mission

Alien Base – specialised alien bases for different purposes – weird gas into the atmosphere etc. Could use nearly all existing graphics.

Airfield – allows local forces to intercept later in game more effectively

Alien artefact site - what are they really up to? from TFTD

Building search/ raid - to prevent alien infiltration

Cruise Ship - protect um tourism.

Oil Rig - claustrophobic and protects funding nations energy reserves

Defend research station– use base graphics?

Defend radar station of funding nation – use base graphics?

Subdue hostile local forces – use existing graphics

Assassinate hostile government representative/ mind controlled dupe – defended by existing local forces

Defend crashed Chinook - using any of the existing maps

Area denial – plant explosive as carpet bombing from above is harsh.

Hold off attack on power station/ reactor/ hospital etc

Rescue key research scientist – bonus for a particular line of research or an unlock to research.

Rescue hostages

Escort diplomat safely – either an interceptor mission (imagine that) or across a battlescape (as long as they can dodge)

Protect mines – some sort of manufacturing bonus? And you get a new map.

Hold off alien attack of town for X turns– terror attack with different and increased spawning – huge propaganda benefits.

Alien hunt – an overly aggressive alien is contained in a busy building – hunt it down

standard missions

UFO Recovery of landed craft

UFO Crash Retrieval

Alien Base

Alien Terror Site

Base Defence

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Soviet types of:

helicopters (Mi-6 or Mi-10)

interceptors (Mig-25(cannon, 4 missiles), Mig-31 (cannon, 6 missiles)

vehicles (BTR, BMP)

weapons (AK-47, AK-74, SVD)

Logic to civilians to run away from aliens to player forces (helicopter) to take cover there, not to run like idiots between the aliens and soldiers.

Either greater budget(will be able to build more bases to provide necessary protection) or less events that lowers income which happens outside of new players zone of control.

Each country has their own SAM forces, let them use it to help player. If they will shoot down UFO themselves, player may send mission to that place. Chance may be in % and depend on country tech and development stat. With player tech development, chance will go up. Like if I will develop laser SAM def, I will share it with the world, considering we all fighting alien invasion.

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The Fog of War need to be made to fade in and out, and generally capture the EU / TFTD feel as that added a lot of atmosphere and creepiness.

Similar to this: http://www.goldhawkinteractive.com/forums/showthread.php/1243-V9.1-Ground-Combat-Fog-of-War?p=15507&viewfull=1#post15507

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My list (ranked in descending order of preference)

1) Having the ability to move while crouched (duckwalking or crawling on all fours) will be really nice, to avoid getting shot through windows/waist-high barriers.

2) A more uncertain, scarier atmosphere. Having better fog of war on explored terrain helps, as does music. The music itself is pretty good actually, but I think what will really give this a boost is the fog of war. Night combat is pretty scary, but daytime combat, while a lot of fun, feels like there's not much to fear.

3) Make air combat more interesting/less drawn out. Good tactical potential, but it's a bit bland right now, because it lasts too long.

4) Shorter HMS times, or the ability to speed them up. I've never encountered super long HM times before, but my brother reported one mission where it lasted for about a minute.

5) More variety in design, and more object placements. In X-COM's terror missions, gas stations, warehouses, shops, houses etc have all sorts of obstacles and objects placed within them; and hten there are orchards with hedges and trees. Basically they populate empty spaces and help to make the world more believable, as well as more intense (when your LOS is blocked by a pillar).

6) Chryssalid-equivalent aliens ;)

7) More aggressive aliens. Right now aliens spend a lot of turns on opportunity fire. It doesn't make the game a lot harder if you know what you're doing, but it makes the tactics quite routine, with a lot of explosives involved.

8) Speaking of grenades, how about the ability to prime grenades? Kamikaze Rookies and grenade accidents (prime grenade in Skyranger, set timer to 0 -> walk to loading platform -> 'OH CRAP MY GUY JUST GOT SHOT!') in X-COM are all too memorable. :D

9) Keyboard hotkeys to select which reaction fire type you want.

10) Allow for the option to speed up time by 1 day on the Geoscape.

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I'd like to see animals in the farm sets, you could even put in an Easter Egg where you've got several aliens huddled round a cow and one with a bovine probe or something :D


When I was reading your sentence I thought that it would finish like "several aliens huddled around a dead cow making barbecue..." :cool:

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