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  1. Well, this is the end of my third game, unfortunately I got shot by some kind of blaster and game crashed, I guess I'll never know
  2. I noticed another thing, my grenadier doesn't have a weapon, well, he does, but the grenade launcher model doesn't show
  3. I did not crash this time, yet, but I noticed a strange thing, one of my soldier had 28 timeunits to fire an aimed shot, and 30 for a normal shot!
  4. This is my 3rd game and I noticed that one of my soldiers, Bulldog, has brown hair in the portrait and yellow hair for the model, I also noticed that all of the xenonauts are the same for every game I guess, because it's my 3rd time playing and they aren't changing, although they do spawn in different places. I also noticed that the riflemen have more timeunits and the shotgunners, with jackal armor I guess, have a lot more health but have their time units decreased. I still have to go into the base, because I couldn't the other times
  5. Also the crew members mostly remained the same in my 2nd game, I don't know if it's meant to be like this.
  6. I think I know why the game crashes, everytime one of my female soldiers gets shot (in particular the sniper), the game crashes, and it also emits a male grunt, not a female one, I guess we will need a patch
  7. I gotta say, while I appreciated this update, there is one strange thing, the soldiers are shooting me! I started, got my soldiers in position, I see a soldier and he shoots my soldier's leg, and I blow him the hell up after that, then, another soldier gets shot and game crashes.
  8. Well, this is just an idea, but you could open a kickstarter, just like with Xenonauts 1, so you could have a higher budget. It's just a suggestion tough, but I'm pretty sure people will donate.
  9. I said I would've left the post once and for all but I lied! Anyway, I gotta say, please, do not add character customization, or, add it, but restrict it to a certain point. You can't have your soldier suddently be black or Asian, that would be nuts!
  10. Oh and one last thing before I leave this page for good, please, make a soundtrack that has the original music in it and new music. I loved as hell Xenonauts 1 music, and it will be amazing to see the old music coming back. Ok, peace all.
  11. I would also consider adding models that match every aspect of the character portrait. Your PVT. Bob has a R.J. Macready beard in his portrait? Then during the battle his model should have a beard. Your CPL. Smith has blonde hair in his portrait? Then his model will have blonde hair. I pay a lot of attention to minor details, and adding this feature will make the game better... so you can distinguish who's who. Unless you have already added that.
  12. I thank Mr. Trueman for having my idea in his post, voices in xenonauts 1 were lacking, and I would like to have a bit more immersion into the game by adding voices for the civilians, local forces and soldiers, although that would actually require some scripting for it making sense, hear me out. Imagine your 50 year old soldier talking with a young voice, that would be nuts, and also it wouldn't make sense, the voices should need need to be classified just like in the newer Xcom games (Xcom Enemy Within and Xcom 2). This would apply on soldiers and every other human NPC in the game, for it to make sense. I suggest if you add this idea, make it so that NPCs have different voices from the ones of your soldiers. (One part of me thinks that this post isn't going to make sense, but whatever, I'll take the risk)
  13. I actually think that the Science idea for the SCIENTISTS is great, it makes it harder to research the laser weapons in the first 3 months. What I actually despise is that your SOLDIERS need Science to handle weapons, like you said. I don't think having SOLDIERS need Science to handle weapons is a good idea, in the end, so please, don't even think about putting it into the game. A P.S. Here's my little suggestion before leaving and waiting for your next response: Why don't you add voices for Soldiers, Civilians and Local Forces. Now you might think I've gone crazy or something, but hear: You could add voices for your soldiers, local forces and civilians when: They spot an enemy, when they go panicking, when they spot a dead squadmate or civilian, when they kill an alien, when they throw a grenade... Etc. It's my little idea and it will probably make the game feel more real. (As long as an Alien invasion simulator can be real) P.P.S Okay, this idea will never get put into the game, but hear me out. Why don't we put an action cue when there are more then 3 aliens? Obviously this action cue won't be Xcom level of action, but it would still be more fun to hear than the ambiance music you hear every damn time you are in a ground combat mission. Your new recruit to the forum, Fabevil
  14. I also would complain about the idea of soldiers needing more Science to handle higher tiers, infact, seeing the sprites of the laser weapons, they seem pretty easy to use, I don't understand why it should come as an idea. Also a suggestion would be having different tiers of ballistics weapons, passing from m16s to SCARs, and also having different weapons based upon the country you choose, like AK47s for Soviet Union, M4s and M16s for USA, and so on... The idea of scientists COMBAT stats would work if... you actually saw them during Base defends, seeing them handle various weapons based on their combat skill, would actually be pretty neat... If this idea was to be put in the game, I suggest you could equip them with various tiers of weapons... making it a little more strategic than the Base defense in Xenonauts 1, where you and the crew members were put in a bunker, and it was for the soldiers to guard them and save them, It would actually be neat having every crew member in the base, and making them die would suffer a loss in your crew. You didn't have much time to prepare when they attacked your base, did you?
  15. I mean, I gave this idea if you really wanted to, I don't want humans with aliens, XCOM Enemy Within's Exalt was a failure, I don't like the idea at all, Just, for me it doesn't fit XCOM.