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An Alpha Reaper "Reaction Fired" on me?

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As the title says, I had a Alpha Reaper zombify one of my guys as he got into the tile adjacent to the reaper. Has this always been a feature of the alpha reapers? Or perhaps one of the Community Edition or one of the mods I have installed? I have X:CE .28, Expanded Lore, Aegis Armor, Armoured Assault, and FITH. Just curious if this was a feature or a bug. Thanks

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As a fan of genetic algorithms, I'd love to see an AI war room where they fight in order to arrive at better airprops variables through a genetic search. GJ? :)

(You're not chatting with me today, kabill)

The initial AI design was based around Monte Carlo Tree Search; however, all the logic in the game didn't lend itself for simulation environments. (Procluding GA's as well)

At some point I do want to make a model of the Xenonauts game mechanics; and work from there.

Once I get some downtime, I'll most definitely look into it again. :)

(Note though that once I go that route; I'll probably go with MCTS as the basis for the AI, instead of behavior trees. AIProps values will become less important then though.)

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