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  1. Is the Steam build also crashing/hanging for you, or is the question on Steam simply where to see the version number of the game?
  2. Gijs-Jan

    Individual game settings

    While not something you can easily set in settings, it is something that should be straightforward to mod in! Because what would "more aliens" mean? In certain missions +4 might be ok, but in others that might overwhelm. It would require a rebalancing of the game that goes way beyond a simple setting you can adjust
  3. Hi, we weren't able to reproduce this locally - could you provide us with one of the saves where it happens?
  4. This is definitely not as intended - and we recently stumbled onto a bug with how items got assigned through the loadouts that touched on the MARS. That seemed to be related to soldiers coming back from missions being the cause somehow. It seems you've got a good understanding of when it happens - do you maybe have a set of steps to replicate it? If I simply boot up the game and add in limited items, the loadouts work as intended in that trying to apply a loadout that you don't have the items for will lead to soldiers without items.
  5. Thank you for the complete bug report, this report finally gives me some good insight in what's going on and should allow me to attempt a possible fix!
  6. Gijs-Jan

    [v 22.2] freeze after killing last alien

    It'll be quite the thing to debug, but could you give me the info on what failed and what stopcode was given the next time it occurs? See the red outlined parts.
  7. Gijs-Jan

    [v 22.2] freeze after killing last alien

    Hi, given that this is the second report in which you mention running into a bluescreen, could you post the information that was presented by it? Do you experience the hang still if you load the turn_5-end-80 save? We locally already fixed several end-of-turn hangs, so I suspect this one's fixed in the upcoming hotfix.
  8. Gijs-Jan

    V21.1 - Combat screen ctd

    Would you be able to upload any logs or saves?
  9. Probably best as that can be a lengthy discussion
  10. If you come across this issue again, can you upload the GC auto save & the save on strategy that was made prior to going to the crash site?
  11. Literally got annoyed by this bug this morning - saw the forum post just now and fixed it
  12. Hi, We haven't looked at the visuals of shooting in GC for quite a bit and because a lot of new assets got introduced need to give it another pass - so likely this is a temporary change. Having said that, it would really help us fix the issue if you could provide some details on the specific issues you have with it. Is it mechanical (Do you feel they miss more, hit more, etc) or visual (it looks bad)? What specifically felt or looked bad and do you maybe have screenshots or recordings of it? (or maybe a save game?) What was the last version you played prior to this version?
  13. Most of us work remotely at the moment. I myself working from the southern part of the Netherlands. So, excluding anything unforeseen such as actually getting ill, it'll affect us less than some other companies.
  14. Yeah, and given the file-size problem we have already (until I get to the optimization), you can understand why I really didn't want to have it pretty-print by default! :')
  15. It's simply a matter of time and manpower but definitely planned - it's just not a priority at the moment. You are right in the quick win w.r.t. compression, although we need to do that on part of the file so we can support the Save/Load elements' partial loading. There's a bunch of other optimizations planned as well to do with aliasing the common patterns, etc. I assumed Windows because I didn't think that on Linux you would have issue pretty-print formatting it efficiently. It might be that the Save/Load Element will give issue as it's only partially loading files and scanning for (extremely simple) terminator patterns, but the underlying load system has no issue with formatted JSON.