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  1. It was set at a random range around the point of impact, and we're changing it up to be based on the distance of the throw.
  2. We've patched quite some issues today and yesterday, I suspect Chris will put out a hotfix build before the next full release. :-) Thanks for all the bug reports!
  3. Sorry, I meant crash reporting! (But the log does help).
  4. Yeah, the development build is bound to run a lot slower sadly. However, there are some performance fixes we can still do; I'll look into it. > I tried to aim the grenade, then I switched to other solders. When I switch back he's still in grenade mode and clicking on rifle does not switch it back. Switching weapon, however, can switch him back to pistol and rifle, so it's a workaround. Noted and fixed! > I haven't tried to reload but I don't see any clip in the reload panel. Noted and we'll look into it. > Crashed in second turn on enemy overwatch, so haven't got much else to report for now. We're having a hard time reproducing this one. Is logging enabled for you?
  5. *gulp*
  6. Quite a bit slipped through in this release. But luckily most bugs reported were easily fixed: @Sheepy Hit chance is weird. I can make 2% burst that all hits. Actual hit rate feel like 95%. Some bullets hit obstacles but still damage the target. Fixed! Small SNAFU where the target getting damage was always the original target. Because it is too fast, I am not sure but I think the first five bullets deal 8 damage and the last five deal 11. Same with two shotgun shots, all hits in first volley deal one damage and second volley another. How is armor degradation applied? Degradation is applied per bullet. Sniper rifle reload cost 1 TU. Fixed! Haven't accidentally destroyed any cover or UFO object even when I expect to. May be related with all hits. Fixed, see the first fix! :-) I get no overwatch after enemy movements and reaper attack, and the aliens didn't make any overwatch either (auto-resolve off). Fixed! I can't find the gameplay log. Has it been moved? It should be in "My Documents\My Games\Xenonauts 2\Logs" Edit: almost forget the usual feature requests! Free camera? This is an option settable in Options in the next build. Jackal armour can be hard to spot when next to some rocks, may be a standby animation will help. Up and coming in a future release Can we show enemy facing in their ground indicator? I find myself reading a drone for a few cycles to make sure where he is facing. Noted down, and personally I agree! @Pave This is probably tied with the fact that the original target would always get damage, so it should be fixed. @Larry Burstyn Yes, the resisted message is for the damage not applying any damage. It's a bit confusing as the Stun Baton never deals direct damage, so I'm removing the popup for that case! Fixed in hotfix build!
  7. This should be fixed in 0.6.0 (the build released today). As for the crashes, would you mind sharing which CPU & GPU you've got? We don't get any identifiable information in the bug reports, but I would be able to narrow it down a bit. Most crash reports we get, do get fixed in the build following them. (So within 2-4 weeks tops)
  8. Yeah, I was a fan of this approach as well. If not for the fact that the implementation of it is also far easier to get right!
  9. We'll probably address this in the near future, as internally keeping track on the various debug commands is becoming a bit of a bother as well.
  10. Given that X2 is reimplementing the game mechanics of X1 currently; I would suggest waiting until we expose the codebase to the community coders again. We're tagging the code in the repo appropriately so you should be able to get the codebase into the state where it implements X1 when we do start diverging, but with the added benefit of a modern working environment.
  11. I agree, it shouldn't be too much work to create an ingame log. As an aside; if you submit a bug report it will contain a recording of the orders given to soldiers and aliens. That way we can inspect if its an actual bug or not. You can also attach the recording to your forum post, it resides in: "My Documents\My Games\Xenonauts 2\Logs" No need to worry as the recording only contains the orders given to soldiers/aliens and no identifiable information. :-) (For those curious, it's a zipped JSON-encoded serialization of the Actions.)
  12. @Max_Caine Could you elaborate on the "greater degree of separation"? Also, this still is an extremely early build. The combat setup JSON is a temporary placeholder at best.
  13. @Moonshine Fox @Dead Dread The End Turn delay is fixed in the next build; as well as a general AI speed increase. @Sheepy The visibility issues of models popping in and out should be fixed as well.
  14. Hmm, yeah that would explain it. I'll check if I can jury-rig something that'll make sure that you can get to the basic elements at that resolution.
  15. The (Unity) Quality settings at the start mostly affect the Texture quality and Shadowing at the moment. (It reduces texture sizes, anisotropic texts, etc; it also affects the number of applicable lights, but with this scene that wouldn't affect things as much.) The smoothness is probably the result of the VSync being turned on at the higher qualities. (Although we do force it at start through code at the moment; it could be overridden by the Quality Settings) We haven't adjusted the Quality settings yet for the scene or game. They'll need to be to properly take advantage of the camera distance and other things. Some of the bigger performance hits (post-processing) aren't controlled by those settings, but changing the Quality Settings will certainly have effect.