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  1. Most of us work remotely at the moment. I myself working from the southern part of the Netherlands. So, excluding anything unforeseen such as actually getting ill, it'll affect us less than some other companies.
  2. Yeah, and given the file-size problem we have already (until I get to the optimization), you can understand why I really didn't want to have it pretty-print by default! :')
  3. It's simply a matter of time and manpower but definitely planned - it's just not a priority at the moment. You are right in the quick win w.r.t. compression, although we need to do that on part of the file so we can support the Save/Load elements' partial loading. There's a bunch of other optimizations planned as well to do with aliasing the common patterns, etc. I assumed Windows because I didn't think that on Linux you would have issue pretty-print formatting it efficiently. It might be that the Save/Load Element will give issue as it's only partially loading files and scanning for (extremely simple) terminator patterns, but the underlying load system has no issue with formatted JSON.
  4. The problem is that the file is already gigantic (relatively speaking) and pretty printing increases the size even more given how / what we serialize. (The pretty print doesn't really concern itself with speed either. For the size we've got an optimization pass planned) If you're Windows based I suggest taking a look at Notepad++ with a JSON formatting plugin which works well even with very large files. (https://github.com/sunjw/jstoolnpp, https://sourceforge.net/projects/jsminnpp/ or https://sourceforge.net/projects/nppjsonviewer/)
  5. Gijs-Jan

    CPU usage -- too high!

    Most of the current high-CPU usage (when everything is "idling") is coming from the dynamic batching that Unity is doing as most meshes haven't been statically batched. Given that we're in a destructible environment that's rather hard to do and we want to wait until late in development where we better know which usecases we can easily batch, and which ones we cannot. Having said that - High CPU temperature is mostly because the machine is simply using what's asked from it. I can "optimize" the game (to give more FPS), but I'll always ask the hardware to give it's fullest potential. In a game you tend not to want to leave performance on the table... A framelimiter does mitigate this if FPS is high enough for you and I'll add it as a task for the settings screen for Chris to review.
  6. Gijs-Jan

    Oddly Specific Request

    Can you maybe provide a screenshot of what you mean? I'm having a bit of a hard time following what you mean by "go run back out of cover to get around them the long way".
  7. While I appreciate trying to help in the issue, the problem is most definitely in the code and is an issue we should fix. To be clear, doing the above will not fix the issue and I do not recommend it for this issue. :-)
  8. The error is popping up in the interaction between logic and animation - a pretty notorious (in it's instability) section of Unity's API. That specific code is not multi-threaded (90% of our core logic is single-threaded, only the FOW calculations run off-thread and they are isolated). We have been able to replicate the issue once or twice (in the past two years) on build, every time adding new logging and getting a new piece of the puzzle. If there is anything unique about your setup I suspect it might be in how you issue orders.
  9. You seem to have a knack for finding this specific bug somehow, as it's not popping up from anyone else. And to top it all off, I need to add in specific logging because the crash itself doesn't make much sense! Having said all that, keep the Q/A coming, and thanks for all your hard work!
  10. Thank you for the detailed write up, I managed to perfectly replicate it and find the issue. It should get in in the next patch.
  11. Yeah, he's away on a short holiday (he needs one!). I've added it to the morning review on Monday so it won't get forgotten.
  12. Thanks for trying out the build on Linux! I suspect issues, if any, are mostly in Ground Combat with regards to shaders. Feel free to report any issues in either this thread, so we can collate them, or through the F12 bug report but make sure to mention you run on Linux for custom bug reports. Having said that officially we won't support a Linux build at this moment. Unofficially I'll keep an eye on this thread and those reports.
  13. Got it in the issue tracker as well, looks to be a bug in the auto-dropping of items to the floor.
  14. Aw man, I already lost so much sleep the past few weeks :'-( Kidding, we're glued to the issue tracker at the moment and patching what we can!
  15. Gijs-Jan

    Hidden movement?

    Out of curiosity, how does it slow things down?