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  1. I'd also recommend you install The Expanded Lore mod http://www.goldhawkinteractive.com/forums/showthread.php/9159-The-Lore-project It will give you more detail about UFO's, alien missions, and aliens alike
  2. You don't need an Alien Base to appear to find an alien leader. All of the aliens you need to complete the story line will appear on UFO's that you can shoot down. Alien leaders should appear on Corvettes (sometimes they die in the crash landing, though)
  3. You could have the Defib chance based on a soldiers reflexes, possibly. Higher reflexes=higher chance of stabilizing. Reflexes equating to how quickly the medic can work under pressure to stabilize the soldier. Also, it'd be dependent on one of the harder stats to raise
  4. That's one helluva soldier. "You just have to WILL the pulpy pile of your corpse back together, soldier!"
  5. Heh, I would not have even asked if I had not seen that thread you made, as I would have assumed it a feature But, he definitely had TU's enough for it cause he was camped out on the second floor of a dropship
  6. As the title says, I had a Alpha Reaper zombify one of my guys as he got into the tile adjacent to the reaper. Has this always been a feature of the alpha reapers? Or perhaps one of the Community Edition or one of the mods I have installed? I have X:CE .28, Expanded Lore, Aegis Armor, Armoured Assault, and FITH. Just curious if this was a feature or a bug. Thanks
  7. I'd recommend modding in more UFO's or some such to put that many squads to decent use and be able to support them. Edit: My B-squad were taking on Dropships with ballistics and jackal armor (Well, one point man had a laser carbine and wolf armour, but that was it) And I have only just now outfitted everybody with at least a laser (some plasma) and wolf/buzzard armour. And this is only 25 troops or so, I think
  8. I mean, I understand where you're coming from, OP. It feels awesome to have a whole bunch of troops and a bunch of bases at your disposal, but in the vanilla game. It is only practical to, probably at most, have three squads for maybe a total of 30-40 soldiers. And that's being liberal. I am sure more is possible but definitely not until late game when you've maxed out all countries and are bringing in 150,000 to 200,000 per ground mission Edit: Each squad you have should, in theory, be able to pay for itself in time, but there is a limit to that based on how many UFO's there are
  9. Don't mod in 10 million dollars starting cash and maybe the game might seem a bit more "drawn out" ? I mean. You're commenting on the pacing of the game when you have given yourself a years worth of funding at the beginning...
  10. Oh snap. Well, I figured out what was wrong with mysself trying to navigate the Betas menu. The Xenonauts launcher was open which prohibited me from changing which version of the game I had through Steam. Was your Xenonauts launcher open when you were trying to change the beta tab, Ender?
  11. Hmm, currently I cannot Opt "out" of XCE through the Steam Beta Tab. The tab says community- Xenonauts: Community Edition Branch. But when I click it, no scroll down menu appears. I can get the menu to appear with other games I have on Steam. So perhaps there is some trouble with the Xenonauts Betas?
  12. So, with Community Edition .27 I should be able to re-install Fire in the Hole and not be walking into a meat grinder where the aliens have two way mirrors that they can shoot through when I breach a landing ship?
  13. If the funding you are getting from North America is high enough, you may not lose the region and can potentially recover
  14. I use C4 all the time! Why bother going into breech and clear a house with that one pesky redshirt with a plasma pistol that's gonna reaction shot all over your face when you can turn it into a makeshift shooting gallery with your shield guy's best friend, C4!
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