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Sub-map Editor needs a fix for 768 widesceen users

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The sub-map editor layout needs a re-jig for us 1366-x768 widescreen users (which is the resolution for most laptops)as there are a few buttons that are not accessible due to being cut off. The grey box shows what is visible to us. Could GH or the community coder fix this?




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I want a better selction tool.

From my other post:

Is there any other method/software/tool to have a better overview and easier search-and-select of props, walls and so on. I fear I will get really annoyed with the current way to do that.

...like I said, I fear that I get annoyed and scared away because of this. If there was a better order of those; like vehicles, plants, walls (and I count the sandbags and barriers to this too) and so on.

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