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    Classic Invasion mod - Development

    I haven't been working on it, but I don't consider it dead, it's just that I haven't been playing Xenonauts, so I will probably pick it up again some time. I remember I hit a design problem with the battle ship. In X-Com elevators worked like real elevators and you could move up and down freely, but in Xenonauts we have back-and-forth teleporters, so the central, wide elevator in that ship cannot be done in the same way, and I haven't decided what to do about it.
  2. SoulFilcher

    New Dropship

    These look good! Glad to see you building up this idea. You should find someone to make better textures for the models though.
  3. SoulFilcher

    Sprite Animation Viewer/Editor

    That's great! I'll be waiting to give it a try.
  4. You can't easily change that, they are ordered like they come from the XML files, so the weapons you add will be in the end of the list. If you want them in a certain order, remove the vanilla ones and create new entries for them in the order you want. By removing I mean, make them not appear in the list by editing their entries, then add copies.
  5. SoulFilcher

    New Dropship

    Is it in maptypes.xml with the chinook entry as the fallback? If the maps lack the entry for the new ship's submap I think the game crashes.
  6. SoulFilcher

    New Dropship

    Interesting, I haven't attempted it yet, but I'd say you need to change all the files you'd change for a new aircraft plus dropship submaps and maptypes.xml. We can't be sure without trying though.
  7. SoulFilcher


    I think it applies TU penalties for firing and reloading if used by Xenonaut soldiers.
  8. SoulFilcher

    AAAArrgh Blender Troubles again..

    Someone should start checking youtube Keep me posted, if you really get stuck after following tutorials I'll try to help.
  9. SoulFilcher

    Bombing UFO's creates GC but no crew.

    I never tried adding a crew to bombing missions or any mission that doesn't have a crew, so I can't tell if that's a bug. But I guess bombing is in the list of missions in ufocontent files isn't it?
  10. SoulFilcher

    Mod Help Pleaseeeeee

    I don't understand what you mean by "modmod".
  11. SoulFilcher

    Mod Help Pleaseeeeee

    So it doesn't have a modinfo.xml in it?
  12. SoulFilcher

    Mod Help Pleaseeeeee

    Hi, how are the folders organized? If you have a (mod name) folder inside another it won't be recognized. Inside the main folder you should find files like modinfo.xml and others.
  13. SoulFilcher

    Proximity Gernade

    Yes, it will stay there. And there isn't a mine code, as Max said, it is just a permanent gas particle. What I suggested for X:CE was the ability to define a maximum number of turns for particles, and a maximum number of units entering its tile to remove it. Any of these two would allow us to use particles for neat ideas. It already looks good in game and serves its purpose, but I'm a perfectionist so I'd like to have these two issues fixed.
  14. SoulFilcher

    Proximity Gernade

    It depends on what you call "working". I'd say it isn't because 1- you throw one mine and it spawns those 5 in a cross-shaped area and 2- there is no way to remove it once a unit steps on it, so it lays there for the whole mission. Ilunak made a comment about fixing number 1, and Kabill said the fix for number 2 was an interesting suggestion, so who knows, we may get it working in the future.
  15. SoulFilcher

    Proximity Gernade

    A screenshot to tease you guys.