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[V1.09]Skitso's Ultimate Megamix Map Pack 2000


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Over 5000 downloads already! :o

"These are wonderful maps Skitso and solve the only real problem I had with this excellent game." - Mustang Shooting Stars

"They are so nice-looking!" -Podbelski

"This map pack is absolutely amazing and is exactly what this game needed." - Junker154

"Thank you sir Skitso! - sectoid

"Man I love your maps!" -Thixotrop

"This map pack gives the game a new lease on life. Great work!" -Steelpoint

"This map pack is amazing!! Really improves my experience." -b0lib0jang

"Terrific, grab the maps people, real deal" -gdlat

"Great work and an impressive high quality, as always!" -Giovanni

"Skitso u are genius. Cant wait until update" -radek

"I think ur nick or name should be mentioned in the credites somehow for the effort u made for this game." -radek

"An impressive piece of work." -Chris

"That flea market looks really good." -Ol'Stinky

"They look awesome!" -kabill

"Your the best one making maps o.o" -Tactical Dragon

"Thanks for the maps, dude. Their presence in the game makes it much funnier." -Zolden

"That's effort beyond comprehension, mate." -KevinHann

"Great work!" -Khall

"Damn, this is very awesome! Great work!" -Anderty

"Loving this so far! +1 to you mate!" -FranTorres

"You should add a plaque - "Beware, Genius at work"" -Silencer

"Good stuff!!" -frank_walls

"I use this map since quite some time and its GREEEEEEAT" - Ragnarok

Thanks for all the praise and feedback. I truly appreciate it!


The pack contains more than 70 new high quality maps for desert, industrial, farm and middle east tilesets. In addition to these new maps, I've completely remade tons of vanilla maps and also made some smaller modifications to some of their ufo division to minimize the chance of dublicate maps on course of a single playthrough. All lightscout maps are now unique instead of just smaller versions of scout/corvette maps.

All vanilla farm maps have also been more or less redone as I have always thought they are not quite up to standard and they also now contain forests to some degree. I've also included my improved tree stumps in this map pack as the vanilla versions are kinda ugly.

The maps include lots of custom buildings and other props, random elements and multiple spawn point variations for both ufos and dropships. I've also added new forest tiles, (farm tileset), highway tiles (industrial), oasis tiles (desert) and walkable shipping container roofs with makeshift stairs to reach them (desert and industrial) and used them in several maps to give some additional variation in those tilesets.

This map pack has now also merged in the Xenonauts: Community Edition (X:CE) So if you are using it, there's no need to download this separately.


This pack is 100% compatible with practically any release of Xenonauts. Also compatible with FitH and other major mods and is designed in a way you can overwrite everything when installing. Some of these maps have already been approved by GoldHawk's project lead, Chris, and are added officially in the game, but this pack has the definitive versions of all of them, so you can safely overwrite everything when installing the pack.

These can be used mid campaign too with 100% save game compatibility.


Click the spoiler button below to see screenshots.



























V1.62 (Last updated 20.03.15 DDMMYY) >DOWNLOAD HERE<


  • Download the map pack
  • Head to your Xenonauts install directory
  • Backup everything in case something goes wrong. (Or for some bizarre reason would like to play the game without this pack :))
  • Copy the content of the zip into the /assets/ folder in the Xenonauts directory overwriting everything.
  • Install the stair patch (read this)
  • Play the game!


  • Special thanks go to Kabill and Khall for providing me several additional maps for industrial and middle east tilesets. These maps also gave me lots of inspiration and new ideas. Thanks guys!
  • Thanks to khall for the great inspiration to my new rural factory map. (winning idea in the "I'll realize your map idea" -thread)
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You're map pack is great but I'm running into issues with it on maps with forests where there are some clumps of what I'm assuming are trees, that are invisible.

Just wanted to mention that too, as yesterday, while assaulting carrier, forest in front of UFO was 'bit weird. Some places I couldn't pass by, even with Hyperion. Guess, Skitso fixed that now. )

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Hello Skitso,

thanks for the maps! I have found the following two bugs while enjoying them :-)

In the first one, the tank is blocked by a lamp post and cannot exit the Chinook.


Second one. My soldier meeds to do quite a diversion because he is blocked by some invisible trees?


Here are the save games in case that you need them: [ATTACH]4598[/ATTACH].

PS: I downloaded your maps a few hours ago.

PS2: Keep up the good work!







Edited by ntalas
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ntalas, the lamp post issue will be fixed in the next version update. The latter picture is fine. There's a hedgerow SE of your soldier blocking your way. It's just partially transparent as your unit is behind it. Thanks for reporting the lamp post issue though! :)

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Hi there,

The latter picture is fine. There's a hedgerow SE of your soldier blocking your way. It's just partially transparent as your unit is behind it.

R u sure? I uploaded the image on Stream for a higher resolution.


If this is not a bug, would you consider a making this a "Change Request"? It would be cool to be able to pass my soldier through there!

Thanks again!

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