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  1. 1. Great idea. It adds feeling player is sort off underground revolutionary defence force. Scraping resources various way. 2. Current version is a bit slaughter. Tactical spice or some development progress is missing. 3. advices for gradation a) limit deploy area, lets say half map closer to barricade b) split opponents to 2 groups.then make them spawn in 2 phases. Warriors (Cleaners with rebreather and auto-weapon and grenades on bikes) ,Support ( drivers in white collar and pistol, assistent-driver in work-clothes and a knife). Bikers are official defence force so they are there in the deploy phase. On the end of first turn, drivers with assistants spawns next to each door of the truck.
  2. Current mission "Pickup 3 soldiers" offers default victory condition : Eliminate all hostile units Add another optional victory condition - Take all soldiers on board. BTW >There is still the old version of mission briefing which suggests to left 3 positions open, even there is another mechanic implemented.
  3. In Xenonauts 1, I miss to recover objects in missions (Crashed UFO or Terror City), to use or sell objects taken in battlefield (like weapons, ufo entertainment, ufo power, grenades, recharge clips, etc). You are able to use it in the mission, but when you return to the base, you will loss it. Why you loss it? Will you be able to recover objects in Xenonauts 2? The game is very nice. Thank you.
  4. Victory condition state "Kill all aliens or secure and hold UFO for 5 rounds." Apparently, clearing the UFO + its surrounding + having soldiers inside doesn't work so, is this feature implemented and if so, what is considered "secured"?
  5. This happened today...So, all my soldiers are dead, but my scout car is still alive, but out of ammo. There is only one alien left and I can play hide and seek with him forever since the scout car is faster than he is and he doesn't know where I am currently. This is stalemate. What's the answer? Some ideas. My guess is that this could also happen with one of your soldiers being left too. #1 - IMO, at a certain point (30 turns??), if you've held the aliens at bay, local forces should start coming in to help you. The aliens certainly aren't going to get reinforcements. They should start appearing at some at some spawn point and just keep coming in every turn until the aliens are dead. #2 - Declare the mission a tie somehow? #3 - Reload the ammo in the vehicle somehow? #4 - The mission simply ends after a certain number of turns and some type of score is calculated? #5 - All vehicles should probably have an unlimited secondary method of killing aliens. IMO, none of them should ever run out of MG ammo. They should be able to carry HUNDREDS of round of MG ammo specially the Hunter since that's it's main weapon. Just pointing out a flaw in the game logic.
  6. This post was originally a complaint post about how missions will sometimes autofail if you order the dropship away from the mission, but I had an epiphany about the smart way to code things. So I tested it. And my hypothesis was correct. Also, I found an exploit. Basically, there's a hidden timer for each mission that controls how long you have to run it. Crashes disappear, terror sites get tac-nuked. However, that timer will not cause a mission to fail if there's a dropship en route. If the timer has run out, and a dropship is en route and then you order the dropship away, the mission will instantly fail. That was what was frustrating me, because my terror missions are currently bugged and crash whenever I start them. So I couldn't do the terror mission itself because of crashes, and I couldn't reroute to the UFO because if I ordered my dropship to go anywhere else the mission would fail and the UFO would escape. Until I realized I had a second dropship, and a bunch of fresh-off-the-boat noobie privates. I ordered a couple of them to board the dropship, and ordered that dropship to go to the terror site, never intending for it to reach it's destination. And it worked. I could order my primary dropship away from the terror site without the mission failing, because there was still a dropship en route. So, in theory, one could make missions exist in perpetuity with enough dropships (I don't know how many you'd need. Two or three, probably), by ensuring that there's someone ALWAYS heading there. I'll be using this to buy time on terror missions, you can count on that.
  7. Completed missions end up very abrupt. There should be some announcement ("Mission complete....").
  8. so first of all, loving this game. i didnt play the original, but loved ja2, incubation and generally all tbs games, so i guess its only natural. i've not played much yet, but i have two "issues": 1) the only combat missions are ufo's i've shot down. is there more in store? is other stuff being developed? i would really love to liberate maps (cities/army bases/hospitals/etc) or defend strategically important places. as it is, i dont feel like i really am accomplishing anything. dont get me wrong, i find it very engaging to be so hopelessly outgunned and outmanned against an overwhelming opponent, but it would be great if i could slowly "retake" the world, one city(block) at a time. 2) sight radius is very low. while that adds to the tension, maybe it would be good to be able to equip a sniper with binoculars or something, to enable him to act like a scout at the expense of movement points of course. being shot at from the dark because distances between cover are too large to make in one turn is just plain frustrating. again, ive put in maybe two hours, so there is a good chance both issues will dissolve soon. ps.: a minor issue just came to mind: why is it that with two soldiers standing in a row, the front one in a ducked position, the rear one cant shoot over him? thats silly!
  9. UPDATE Played loads of L. Scout and Scout missions, and with the below they all came in at 100-135. Couple of Corvettes which came in at 120 & 135. Played 3 terror missions that came in at 380, 320 & 305. Those were played with the Xeno casualty penalty set to -5. I've increased that to -10 and added the escape alien penalty to failed missions to avoid positive terror scores when you lose. Changes from original suggestion in italics: 50 UFO 100 base attack/defence 150 terror site 10 Aliens killed 15 Aliens captured 5 Local Forces surviving 15 Civilians surviving -10 Xenonauts killed -20 Vehicles lost -5 Local forces killed -10 Local forces killed by Xenonauts -5 Civilians killed -20 Civilians killed by Xenonauts -10 Aliens escaped ------------------------ ORIGINAL POST Had a look, but couldn't see a discussion on score. At the moment, it's all very samey. There's also no reason to place your chaps in danger in order to save civilians (civilian dies, you lose a couple of points) and little penalty for going Rambo with the rocket launcher in a school. At the end, your score will be 11X. The UFO recovery is important, but there should be some recognition that killing 9 aliens is a little tougher than 3. 50 UFO 15 Aliens killed 25 Aliens captured 5 Local Forces surviving 20 Civilians surviving -5 Xenonauts killed -20 Vehicles lost -5 Local forces killed -10 Local forces killed by Xenonauts -5 Civilians killed -20 Civilians killed by Xenonauts -?? Aliens escaped Take a typical small scout mission with 3 aliens, 1 LF & 1 civ, aliens all killed and everyone else surviving. Current score 111, score using above 120 (50+45+5+20). So higher than the current level, but with a greatly increased downside. Each Xenonaut killed costs you 5; each civilian killed 25; each local force killed 10. The cost of losing your guys is relatively low because you're already taking a massive hit when you lose one (all that experience and £10k to hire a replacement). If a civilian at risk of imminent death next turn, at 25 points you might risk your fellows to save them. If there's nothing you can do to save them though, you'll have an incentive not to mow them down yourself as that'll increase the points loss by another 15. I've never seen an alien escape, so I don't know how that should be scored. I'll revisit this once I've played a terror mission to see is it massively unbalances the score there.
  10. So, if I want to (say) make 8 aliens spawn on a light scout mission, how would I do that? I feel really dumb for having to ask - I feel like the answer is right under my nose, but I can't seem to find it in the .xmls in the assets folder. I did check the mods sticky thread at the top, but zzz1010's "double crew" mod doesn't seem to be hosted anymore, so I can't peek at what he changed.
  11. I'm a huge fan of both the new and old X-Com games and I had some questions about Xenonauts, it's beginning to pique my interest. However, I must admit I'm actually a fan of the much-maligned strategy layer of the NG, since I felt it solved a fairly pernicious problem of the OG Geoscape. Here's the probem as I see it: I was wondering if Xenonauts addressed this problem and how. Will I be running a mission on UFO-123 in Xenonauts with the OG-style Geoscape?
  12. Ive been playing a bit of Xenonauts and im wondering if there gonna be more types of missions in the game other then these below: Crashed UFO Site: secure crashed UFO UFO Landing Site: secure landed UFO Attack Alien Base: Secure/Destroy Base Defend Own Base: Kill invading enemies/prevent destruction of own base Terror Missions: Kill all aliens, prevent human casaulties I havent played the original X-COM but did play the new 2012 X-COM and some of those missions were great: Abductions sites: Kill all aliens Escort/Retreive: Get to VIP and escort him to exit point Bomb disfusal: Get to bomb in time (number of turns) to disfuse it Will there be more missions types other then those mentioned above?
  13. A tought that came to my head was that it could be fun to have defense/rescue missions after a chinook has been shot down. Such a mission should occur when your escort does fail to kill the attacking alien fighters, but distracted them long enough to get the chinook some time to emergency land/crash. You then have to defend the aliens which will come to finish the job. Another reason why i came to this idea is because at the moment an escort can be easily outgunned by alien attackers and loosing all your men is quite hard. Perhaps i just don't have the right strategy. Also i think it should be possible to send an escort with the C-17 transport machine. In later game stages alien ships pop up about every 2 hours and the transport of equipment to another base takes ages.
  14. Small simple mod which only doubles alien crew of ufo and nothing more. It's just numbers in ufo content and you can change it to anything by yourself, but this is doubles them. If you interested : http://rghost.ru/41623581 Consider it as playtesting some ideas of "ground combat too easy" topic
  15. I was wondering, would it be possible to send two chinooks as part of the same flight squadron to the same mission allowing us the choice of doubling the amount of soldiers for a single mission? If not, how hard would it be to mod this into the game ?
  16. Something I'd like to see in the game is mission assignments. In addition to the normal encounters in the game, you'd occasionally recieve an assignment from a country that's still providing funding. Investigate area X (a research station in Antartica suddenly went off the grid), Recue person Y (a politician, scientist, or something like that gets kidnapped or trapped in a building during an alien attack) Recover/destroy Object Z ( aliens are using humans to construct a device that will poison the water supply to New York City) Defend an area from alien attack (the primary pumping station of the trans Alaska pipeline is invaded by waves of aliens, your squad has to defend a generator, pump, and the civilians working at the facility). Bah, I didn't see the multipage thread on this. Apologies.
  17. Hey guys, Been playing the alpha and lurking on the forums and thought I would post an idea. Apologies if its been floated before. One thing that occurred to me playing the alpha was the lack of diversity and mission goals. I know we are likely to see improvements in Terror missions and base assaults, but was thinking that maybe a few other kinds of mission might add to the game. My suggestion is that in missions where alien craft have sustained catastrophic damage in the crash there is now a potential for these missions to become power core diffusal missions. Xenonauts are briefed on arrival that the power core in the craft is in danger of going critical, and that they have say, 15 turns to diffuse it before it blows. This would create a rush to secure the craft asap, and encourage more risky behaviour as players are forced to weigh the danger of waiting to kill nearby aliens with the need to breach the craft with a small team. TENSION! This would be easy to explain narratively as well, as either a damaged core going critical, or maybe as a self destruct option initiated to avoid capture. IF players fail to disarm the device, there could be a large explosion on the map itself, a failure of the mission as the area is destroyed, or a 'evacuate NOW' order (say 8-10 turns) after the point of no return has been passed and xenonauts flee to the dropship to escape the explosion, with an associated penalty to nation score for failure. Success in the mission would lead to a repaired power generator that would otherwise not have been salvageable. Potential items added could involve a diffusal kit and possibly a fire extinguisher to allow quick entry to ships that are blocked by fire. This could be a later game mission for the larger craft, or something the ai throws your way if you look like you are coasting. Apologies if the idea has been floated before, had a look but couldn't see anything on it. Do post any ideas for other mission types.
  18. Hi all, I’ve started this thread to flag up something I feel is being overlooked in current discussions about improvements to the game. More Mission Types and Secondary Objectives have been mentioned before but don’t seem to be getting the attention they deserve. More Mission Types and Secondary Objectives seem to me to be a (relatively!) simple way of adding a huge amount of variety to the game – far moreso than new tilesets, which Chris has explained are “EXTREMELY time consuming and expensive to make – they’re the most expensive component of the game by some distance.” Here are some ideas for what could be new Missions or Secondary Objectives. These have been taken from other threads and aren’t all my own ideas – I’m not trying to plagiarise Defend a landmark. Capture alien leader. Assassinate alien leader. Escort VIP (e.g. politician, scientist) to exfiltration area. Destroy alien transmission beacon. Rescue downed pilot (not necessarily your own). Free prisoners. Rescue local soldiers under attack by aliens. Defend supplies. Clear command post of all aliens. Activate Surface to Air missile site via panel in control room. Rescue hostage. Carry wounded civilian back to your chopper. Retrieve information local agents have compiled about aliens. Destroy alien mind-control device causing humans to fight you (once destroyed, the humans could turn into allies). Eliminate cultists (humans working for the aliens). The rewards for these could be as varied as deemed appropriate. Examples include: Improving end of round score. Improving relations with a particular country. Cash bonus. Stash of equipment (e.g. 10 packs of C4 or equivalent). New Xenonaut. Unique weapon (maybe just an existing one but with slightly improved stats to avoid new artwork). Revealing location of alien base. Research boost. Temporary manufacturing time reduction. I freely admit that I don’t know much about programming or the ways in which games like Xenonauts are made, but here are some justifications I believe to be accurate: Most of these would need little if any new graphics, which seem to be the most expensive aspect of production. I could well be wrong about that, of course! They’d add a significant amount of replayability to the game, and make each mission far more interesting. Especially if some Secondary Objectives are revealed mid-mission as you stumble across them. It’s genuine variety in gameplay and not just largely superficial changes, as tilesets essentially are. They could add to the whole feeling of immersion in the Xenonauts world; making small-scale battlefield decisions that impact the global war. More decision-making would be required by the player: do you order one of your valuable troops to take an injured civilian back to the chopper, thereby increasing your reputation with that country, but losing him for the next few turns when the aliens are about to counter-attack and he’s needed on the frontline? They seem like such brilliant things to include, it’s puzzling why they’re not high on the wish-list. It’s likely that I’m missing something, like the actual scale of the task from a programming perspective, but aren’t things like Kickstarter designed to raise funds to make these sorts of things a reality? All thoughts on this matter are much appreciated!
  19. I know its most likely never gonna happen but I figured I'd still throw the idea around anyways as I know that's an addition I'd enjoy. I was thinking of a feature to give us the ability, or rather the need to send scientist/technicians crews after a successful mission to harness/study some of the biggest alien stuff. Just like you send soldiers to missions only the space on the dropship would be divided between either scientists/technicians and soldiers for their protections. There isn't really a harnessing/studying mission so to speak, just a geomap marker and countdown that starts when the team arrives and start working. You do use real crews and a dropship though like for a regular mission. The more scientists/technicians on site the quicker Harnessing/Studying would go while the more soldiers are affected to the mission the less chances of Aliens to try and secure back what is theirs. So you got to make choices. Required time on site would of course vary, just like risks. If the team is successful then either you just discovered something (research is over) or they bring back whatever the harnessed for further study (new research unlock). If despite the soldiers the aliens attacks (could be a % chance every hour for example) an event windows popup offering the player with various choices which could be: 1-Fight the aliens, in which case the map loads and everything goes on kinda like a normal mission, win by killing all aliens (and keep on working afterwards) or loose if all soldiers drop dead, in which case you also loose the whole crew, the dropship and the chance to study/harness in that particular site. 2-Retreat, you'd just retreat all your crew thinking it's not worth the risk and come home empty handed and with a slim chance for crew casualties. The site then disappear and can't be studied/harnessed again.
  20. here is a (*terrorsite?) or landing i would like to see in the game. have a setting where the alien ship has landed on the roof of a low level building/or unacessable landing site(from the ground) and you have to clear out the building next to it to get to an exterior stairwell that accesses to the ufo an example (ufo landed on a building colapsing it making it unable to access ufo from ground but right next to it is a 3 story building that you can shoot out some walls on lvl 3 to access the ufo.) another is ufo is on top of a ridge with building next to it. on the roof of building is walkway to ufo ship landing area. my idea behind this is to make the game more in depth rather than just everything on lvl1 with the occasional building to clear.
  21. I was reading the project status and noticed that in the list there was a mention of adding secondary mission objectives. What are these going to be? Is this essentially getting a new objective during a battle such as rescuing a hostage or something? It sounds interesting whatever it might be.
  22. Is this already in effect, are the devs thinking about it? Or does it just sound stupid? To explain (if my topic didn't make it clear), would there be any consequences for holding back on attacking downed (or landed) UFOs with your troops? For example, if you attack it with your troops right after it lands, all of the aliens would pretty much guaranteed be in the UFO. But if you wait several in-game hours or days before doing anything about it, maybe a lot of the aliens would have gotten a chance to get farther out into the map, forcing you to spread your troops more. The same with terror missions. Say that you wait half a day before you go to it. Maybe most of the civilians will already be dead by the time you get there. I think this would help out a little with the planning. There would still be a bit of randomness to it (especially if you choose to wait), but I think it rewards those who are quick to eliminate the threats as they show up in the world map, rather than waiting. It just adds a little more variety, but also some predictability (in a good way). So, is this just a terrible idea, or does anyone else think it would be nice? Or maybe it's already a plan?
  23. In the description of the Chinook it says that if it is shot down all aboard are lost. Why? When I shoot down a UFO that's not the case. There's wreckage and survivors and gear leftover. What if the same happened when MY transport got shot down? Okay, so I send out my Chinook full of my best commandos and gear. Blam. It goes down. Now I have the option of sending a second team in. When I make my landing I get a message telling me how bad the crash is and the likelihood of there being survivors. Somewhere on the map is the shattered remains of my Chinook, along with scattered corpses, gear, incapacitated xenonauts, and perhaps even a few particularly resilient, albeit injured and outnumbered, xenonauts. The alien craft that shot them down or perhaps a separate transport is there to finish off my xenonauts. I have to fight my way to them. I win if I retrieve all survivors, including unconscious xenonauts, and return them to my Chinook, or if I defeat all aliens. Alternatively the Chinook is shot down and gone. There is a random chance that within the next few days a garbled message will be received from survivors of the lost team. This opens a rescue mission somewhere near the crash site. Wounded survivors are holed up somewhere and dangerously low on ammo, desperately fighting to hold off the alien onslaught. I think it would be an interesting change up and I might be less inclined to immediately reload a saved game upon losing my Chinook. A mission like that would be too damn fun to miss out on.
  24. I know a lot of people do not like this idea, but then again a lot also do a little background for non-X-COM nuts, So if you have played TFTD (my personal favorite) when you did Base Assault Mission or Artifact Missions (EDIT) "also the ship mission i think), there were two phases to the mission. The first phase consisted of clearing the entrance to the base, by either killing all enemy units or getting you all your units to the entrance of the base ( i always used the former it seemed less dangerous ) Once you have gotten there you will access the base, the system gives you a chance to re-organize your units and armament, no you do not get to add ammo or anything that wasn't brought to the mission, your units are not healed this is just a breather for you to regroups and prepare for the next phase. The next phase was simple, kill all enemy units or the command center and get out of there alive. I did get lucky a couple of times and was able to take out the command center very early and the high-tailed to the exit, but most of the time (99.8%) i had to kill all enemy units. So my request is can we please get those type of missions!!!!!
  25. Hey, So I was playing the beta abit, and had the following thought: Some special pre-built scenarios would actually be pretty cool. It seems like it would be pretty cool to have this to set up special circumstances to bring across some of the more unique issues you can face in the game, or even get the world fleshed out some more. It could even open up the opportunity for some community made maps. Against that: It is a departure from how these games function, to the best of my (admittedly not exhaustive) knowledge, none of the x-com games or their spiritual successors have had pre-set scenarios. And, the most stumbly of stumlbing blocks, dev Resources. I'll admit, I have no idea how the engine works and neither can I claim to be a master coder or mapper, but im sure that developing these would take resources that the team more than likely doesnt have (at the moment at least) - even making the tools available for release would be the same. In any case, I heartily endorse the endeavours of the dev team
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