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  1. With Xcom3 you could neutralise the threat (i.e. androids carrying the heavy weapons). With Xcom:EU you can (apparently, I can't bring myself to play it) neutralise the threat with Psionic class troopers. With Xcom1 you could, after a while, see the defense strength and so effectively neutralise the threat by sacking anyone with a low strength. Plus I found the soldiers to be more like cannon fodder than those in Xeno (probably something to do with 14 vs. 8 in the starting dropship). Anyway, the point of all that is that I didn't mind psionics in the other games, but I do in this one. Range mitigation helps a lot, but I think Caaygun & Gauddlike have the right idea with a single attack having multiple effects depending on how badly the target fails the roll. Ideally I'd like to see 2 attack types: a global one, like the current Dread, that has a chance of affecting everyone in the team and a targeted one that has that variable effect. The global one could be set off without LOS, the targeted one ideally only on soldiers that had been spotted (by any alien unit, whether now alive or dead) in the preceding turn. Of course, that might not be possible.
  2. Cheers Gauddlike! Do you know if it's fixed for release, or whether they're considering a more usual Xcom system (1 Sgt per 5 soldiers, etc.)?
  3. How do you get your whole squad up to Commander? Currently I only have 6 in Nov '79. Okay, I'm being flippant. I take it rank progression is currently (and will remain at release) something like a basic 10 "stars" = rank one, 25 stars = rank 2, 50 stars = ranks 3, etc. If so, I assume the only way to avoid having an entire squad of Commanders will be to massively increase the number of stars required?
  4. Ditto. Base missions are fine, terror missions are tactical-nuke-only. Has anyone tried to substitute terror maps from v.21?
  5. I've found someone's been pinching stuff from my stores. Sequence: 1. Hire 3 new soldiers 2. Unequip armour from my injured soldiers and kick them off the dropship ready for the new guys 3. At this time, there are 3 Jackal suits in store 4. Fast forward until 3 new guys arrive. Armour disappears after the popup tells me they've arrived. (The new recruits are not wearing armour - I checked ). The only kinky thing I've done is rename the Rifleman class as Recruit and set up a new Rifleman class. I had some laser weapons in store that didn't disappear. EDIT: It's related to the default equipment of the Recruit class (my renamed Rifleman class). I just edited the default equipment from Jackal and laser rifle to no armour & ballistic rifle. Guys arrive and the armour is still in my stores.
  6. Ha! Wish I'd gone for the free play, but didn't have time last weekend. Terrible game.
  7. I've avoided the new Xcom; aside from anything else, the way I am makes playing with a few soldiers that you absolutely cannot afford to be badly hurt Not Fun. Still, I'm a sucker for anything that's 75% off, which this is until the 7th. It's also free to play for that period. Just don't fall for the XCOM EW add-on (unless you want it), as that's only 10% off.
  8. @last two. Taking that position though, surely you should be advocating a move to 50%?
  9. No excuse - I wasn't even drunk!. Yep, I want aliens hidden unless they're in the sight range of one of my guys but want to see the whole map from the get-go.
  10. Tried searching "Fog of war", but the words are too short. SO apologies if this gets asked and answered all the time. Is there any way to disable to FoW? I've been playing with Lightgemini's sight mod and I really like being able to see most of the map. What I don't like is mowing down the poor aliens from a distance. I know I could mess with weapon ranges or accuracy, but what I'd probably want to do is change the drop-off after the optimum range is exceeded, and that's hardcoded. So turning sight ranges back and FoW off might be a compromise.
  11. Another way of doing it might be the other way around; to make the research topic available at a certain ticker level, or the ammo just becomes unlimited with a pop-up informing you that the funding nations are able to supply your needs.
  12. At something like $50-$200 per round, I don't think it really matters at this level how many RPG rounds your heavy guy spams. http://www.pmulcahy.com/rocket_launchers/russian_rocket_launchers.htm
  13. I was experiencing a fair number of ground combat crashes. Sometimes I'd make it all the way through with no problems, sometimes I wouldn't. The crashes would always occur during Hidden Movement, more often in terror missions than normal ones and I haven't managed to figure out what trips it; possibly something to do with Zombies and Reapers, but perhaps not. Anyway, since I installed the simple version of Lightgemini's Long Range Mod (i.e. just an increase to sight ranges), I've not had a single crash despite playing 2 terror missions and a bunch of scout/corvette missions. As bug tracking goes this is a little weak, but it all helps . Mod: http://www.goldhawkinteractive.com/forums/showthread.php/5082-Long-Range-Mod-%28another-sight-mod%29
  14. Yep. Reloaded from before that mission and all seems fine.
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