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Found 21 results

  1. I'm starting my second Let's Play of Xenonauts and I need your names for my Soldiers. Please Post the Name you want a Soldier to named with a prefered gender, class and/or weapon. Be sure to subscribe so you can follow the let's play when it comes out and follow your soldier in the extraterrestrial invasion. Here is an video from my latest Let's Play [video=youtube;K6-6Nx3vyC8] Channel Link Here I'd also like to know what you guys think and please tell me If I'm doing something wrong
  2. Hey, everyone! Having Let's Played pretty much all the squad-based X-Coms, including the horrendous TFTD, it's now finally time for me to delve into the world of Xenonauts! My original intention was to wait for the release, but since this was pushed back, I'm simply too impatient not to get my turn-based fix. I've been following the progress of this game since... forever. And I've kept my mittens off it for too long now! And how better to celebrate my inability to keep away than with my viewers having soldiers named after them, rooting for them and feeling sad when those soldiers die? You've guessed it, there's no better way! Except, perhaps, explosions. And lots of them. But I digress... Anyone who's interested to see someone play through the game blind and wants a soldier there can go riiiiiiiiiight . There's a lot of applicants already but don't worry; I pick names randomly from the list, so everyone has the same chance to get an agent.Hopefully this wasn't too much of a cocky post, seeing as it's my first, but it's all in good fun. See you on the battlefield!
  3. Betuor

    Ew lp

    I will soon be doing an XCOM EW LP if anyone would like to be in it. My only thing is I'll assign you to a rookie so your class will be kindof random, but you can chose your gear and whether mec or genemods. I'll let you decide. Just leave a reply if you want to join. Playlist:
  4. Like the title sez. Already got 11 people who singned up (from that forum) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AnzHsP5l72Q&feature=youtu.be
  5. Hi, as I am often in these forums I just wanted to post this X-Com kinda game as well - there are still soldiers who can receive viewers names ;-) X-Com Enemy Within English HD Playlist http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nth7CoovDUE&list=PL_A9XJj-KMVxKrEcbL_qM7fbK0FTd8wFc X-Com Enemy Within German HD Playlist http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v9jdSwa_7nA&list=PL_A9XJj-KMVz_GqUvr-14xmvU0FPii8ZJ The Bureau X-Com Declassified English HD Playlist http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fLgi4Hj8X9U&list=PL_A9XJj-KMVxmhL8ilVC8hisp__8PyisF The Bureau X-Com Declassified German HD Playlist http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0YzfLR74xWw&list=PL_A9XJj-KMVxpoUL-3pBywEs356xldT45 Updates will be regularly posted - enjoy and thanks for this great forum ;-)
  6. Hi, I did two hours in German and two hours in English - you can post them everywhere where you want to advertise Xenonauts... Here are the playlists: German http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mpY20jQdO5c&list=PL_A9XJj-KMVwCfoIPcw-dDIc_k-nPlmCE English http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xn0BvAhJriQ&list=PL_A9XJj-KMVwG6-wyXr8oC46B4Ee0JEPW
  7. It didn't go so well that first time, so I started over in a slightly better starting position. Same stipulations: Veteran difficulty. Ironman (no reloads). Blaster Bombs are reserved for emergencies. Flying is reserved for an otherwise impossible to reach alien. Aliens can mind control; I can only use derived defensive tech. Also, best title card ever? [video=youtube;nZmldppAiOw]
  8. Boys & Girls! Let's take, play, throw Xenonauts with Chaotic Parasite. Relax and enjoy a noobish review of the game. I hope some people will see this video and will fall in love with the game. I am open to any suggestions you might have. While also if you will like me to make a let's play of this please let me know Hope you like the vid. Alex aka ChaoticParasite
  9. Surely some of you are curious! Any fan of XCOM should be. This playlist is COMPLETED! It took forever, but it's over now. For the sake of keeping it interesting, it was played on the hardest difficulty. The game took a good while to get going, but once it did it was... still pretty bad and lacking in most every aspect. The plot was poorly written, the voice acting was too much, the level design eventually became alright but it all felt repetitive after the umpteenth time. The battle were predictable and character development isn't even on the list. From what I understand the game was tossed from development group to development group so I can't really fault anyone for the game being mediocre. Overall, if you look past the "XCOM" in the title and look at it as a sci-fi action strategy, it's tolerable as long as you get it on sale. (YouTube)
  10. I've started back up my UFO playthrough that I last updated back in April or so, and I hope it's a little more interesting now. Enjoy. [video=youtube;JZFQRxQQuLs] Applications will need to be re-submitted if you were one of the few who applied last time.
  11. http://www.twitch.tv/russischerzar As far as I get! You're welcome to watch
  12. Where Yeti has a new LP going about... [video=youtube;xOjDzIY3Yrs]
  13. This is for anyone than has seen Kikoskia's let's play videos. if not, then look him up Thanks
  14. Hope you like to see me mess op good in this serie, because i do. Feel free to give me good advice also i think i need it Part 1: Playlist: SnowiiFrog out
  15. Hey everyone! I haven't been around here for quite a while, but my name is Dan Long and I was an animator that worked on Xenonauts. If you see any soldiers or aliens running, jumping, shooting, or dying, chances are that I had my hand in it! I would really like to thank Chris for letting me post here and talking about my new venture. I am live streaming indie games 4 times a week. Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday at 6PM PST. Besides having lots of fun playing and interacting with everyone during my broadcast, I also have Steam and Desura giveaways. Stop by, give me a follow and tell all your friends. http://www.twitch.tv/indieanimationstudios/new Thanks and I hope to see you there!
  16. E'rybody likes a good LP, right? Well, here's a good X-COM one. I didn't make it, I don't know the dude who did, I didn't even participate in the original thread. But it's actually fantastic so give it a read! http://lparchive.org/X-COM-UFO-Defense/
  17. Just wanted to let you guys know that I am starting a Lets Play feature of Xenonauts. If you actually know what you are doing you might not actually want to watch it, cuz I have a terrible mic voice. The purpose of it is to grant a tutorial to newer players. However, it's my hope that with my addition to the other Lets Plays I can contribute to development by promoting Xenonauts. Thanks:cool: You can definitely tell that its my first uploaded video lol
  18. Hey everyone! I've been somewhat less active here, mostly because of business, and working on a different computer since my main one's display is screwed up But in the meantime, I've been inspired to LP! And seeing Xenonauts and other games, I felt the the urge to play, and why not get out my recorder? So here it is- Let's Play: X-COM UFO Defense (UFO: Enemy Unknown). If you'd like to keep with the videos more easily, you can (1.) Subscribe Here: http://www.youtube.com/user/BlockHappy?feature=mhee (Not asking for subscribers, just an easy way to keep with the new videos ) (2.) Keep an eye here for the latest video (Below. This won't be updated with the latest video immediately, though I will try Hopefully, Latest Video: [video=youtube;Ir2ULfJqQS4]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ir2ULfJqQS4 Sorry if anyone is bugged by this post! The main reason for it is so I can name people that wish to be named, which seems to be a trait in X-COM Let's Plays. So if you want to, say so in the comments and I will (Anyone that wishes to be named will be named in Episode 3 +) - Wolfy :3
  19. Ok. I finally broke down and started it last night. I will be beating this infernal (and mean) game before October 9th. At which point I'll stream some of the new Firaxis XCOM <cough> Anyway figured I would post the link here. My stream is found at www.twitch.tv/hillhome The first day can be found here: http://www.twitch.tv/hillhome/b/320311072 Will update with future videos as they happen. You may now return to your regularly scheduled forum browsing.
  20. Let's Play Ch.1 The Adventures of Captain Buttbutt!: Ch.2 The Reincarnation of the Mighty German Lich!: I'm starting a Let's play on my channel and if there is support I would love to continue it through the games future updates! Tell me what you think! Also, you can check out my early preview of the game here:
  21. Hey everyone i just thought i'd drop by and tell you all about my Let's Play videos featuring Xenonauts! I hope to catch everyone there! You can find me at this link! www.youtube.com/xpdxtv Remember to check out the Xenonauts Playlist for the videos. If you like the videos please give them a thumbs up and subscribe. Every viewer, comment and subscription is important to me and it's all absolutely free! It only takes a couple of seconds so come check it out!
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