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  1. So while playing I found out that soldier management is not well optimized. For now best memorize all your soldier names, roles, and health status. Hoped it will get improved with new GUI but I have just found it will actually get worse: > Now we can see what is soldier health status only on BarracksTab in % (no time to full health available). In new GUI we will not see even these info. > Now on AircraftEquipTab we can see carried weapon on the bottom of soldier portrait. In new GUI this feature is missing. Besides this love the looks of new GUI. So no to the point. Here is list of things I would really appreciate during soldier management. - Health info on both BarracksTab and SoldierTab, preferably additional info on time for soldier to get full health on BarracksTab. - Besides standard characteristics STR,APS etc., total sum would be nice to compare overall soldier performance (BarracsTab including hiring new recruits). Now I have to use calculator or strain my brain. - Soldier role/loadout should be marked on AircraftEquipTab as well as on SoldierTab. This one is to allow placing different sorts of soldiers in correct positions without remembering their names. Now carried weapon on the bottom of soldier portrait is a bit useful but in my opinion active soldier should be marked better on set of portraits. An ideal solution in this case for me would be if on each green circle marking soldier position icon marking its loadout was visible. - double clicking on unassigned soldier in BarracksTab should go to this soldier inventory, not to other soldier who is assigned to the aircraft. - changing armour in BarracksTab could be possible but this one is of much less importance than previous four. Sorry for grammar, hope everybody will understand. P.S. Lately saw aliens using strafe, why my soldiers cannot do that? When my soldier was up against the wall I couldn't heal him. Medkit always tried to heal the wall. I guess aiming at aliens may be impossible as well.
  2. So this may be in progress or mentioned before but I did not find a post on it by searching so: I was playing a bit after buying the per-order and I realized all the buttons are pictures and I don't know what they do. So I though I would mouse over and it would tell me like most games... and I was wrong and still a bit lost. any chance that will be added later? ---Side notes I just downloaded from steam and played the first time yesterday so with fresh eyes and as someone with no prior play in the game I noticed some other things. - Changing the Equipment on ships is not very intuitive for a first time player, did not figure it out in the 10 mins I had to play - Ordering equipment is not very intuitive for a first time player, did not figure it out in the 10 mins I had to play - Ordering personnel is not very intuitive for a first time player, I did not realize at first that the number was the number I had and I was adding to it to order more. I did eventually order 5 more soldiers so I got there. - Building bases structures is not very intuitive for a first time player, I built a few buildings but 1 it did not high light the build square and the original X-com even did that, 2 the shapes of the buildings and locations of the starting base structures is annoying and hard to build from, 3 I was hovering over structures to see what they were and it was very glitch and showed some building and not others as well as I had to point one square high so it was really only 2 square vertical structures and square only structures that worked. If they were horizontal I could not see what they were. I know the original X-com kinda through you out there with no guidance and I figured it all out, however while I am not asking for a tutorial a little more intuitive menus would be better. In fact I found the original game fairly intutiace and did not have much issue ordering gear, order personnel, equipping craft or building bases. Your screens look great but the original UI layout and function may be a little better for beginning players, though I imagine it has more functionality for veteran players to Xenonauts who have had more time to figure it all out. Due to the long load time and well wife aggro, I did not get to actually play a combat mission I will post again if I see anything that strikes me on first play there when I get a chance. (I did see the message about final project having faster mission loads. So no complaint there I know your working on it.)
  3. I bought Xenonauts as an Early Access game. As such, it gives me an ability to affect the development of the game, which I am going to use. In this document I have tried to gather my feedback in a structured way hoping that some of the suggestions and feedback would make it into the final product. A) General I know there is a new UI in development that will hopefully fix a lot of the issues that I will mention below. Still, I will like to go through it in case there are some new ideas. Below are some general bugs/feedback/suggestions: A1. The tip of the mouse pointer is below the actual point that is picked when clicking the mouse buttons. Often you have to point on the line below to select the line you want to select. A2. The financial report that shows how much each region contributes cannot be accessed at will. It would be nice if it could. B) Geoscape I am happy with how the geoscape works, except one thing: The text sizes used are generally too small. The texts marked with red are hard to read and should be larger in my opinion. The texts marked with yellow are ok, but it wouldn't hurt if they were larger, too. C) Base Management The base management screen is generally fine, but I think it can be improved with the following changes/additions: C1. The text part of the window is a bit too wide in the sense that the dotted distance between the text and the corresponding number is too large. C2. Numbers alone is harder to read than numbers and bars in a combination. I suggest changing this information to something similarly to this: Each category gets a different color with a darker variant for ordered personnel that have yet to arrive. I think a bar like this is much easier to read than the current solution. C3. The construction part is missing a description of the module. The text size of the module names and the module information is too small. What about something like this: C4. Talking about storerooms, I have not been able to find the storage capacity of a storeroom, nor the amount of space my stuff takes up. Or has capacity been taken out of the game? That is, only one storeroom is needed in every base. If so this is an example of what can be put in the description of a base module.
  4. I was pleasantly surprised to find out about the new Combat Role feature in Xenonauts. It’s a handy tool which automates the item equipping process. However, I believe this feature can be improved by integrating it with other aspects of the game. BATTLESCAPE: The icon each Combat Role has is a visual bookmark that allows the player to know exactly whats in a specific unit’s inventory. In the battlescape, knowing exactly what role your units have and what items they have on them is critical for decision making. I have looked into several ways to integrate the combat role icons into the current UI. 1. Replace the unit numerals on the soldier buttons with the combat role icons. I don’t need to have the number of a troop shown to me; although the slight color change to signify which unit you’re controlling is important. If the soldier buttons were made slightly larger this could work, but at the moment they are too small for the icons. 2. Combat role icons placed on top of soldier buttons The extra space allows for more optimal icon size, but this looks extremely cluttered and would probably work better if made smaller and properly integrated with the button. 3. Large icon in the menu bar This option can be used in conjunction with the first two options and looks the nicest. The problem is that unlike the preceding options, you only see the combat role of the selected unit. It can additionally replace the inventory button. I think a combination of option 1+3 would be the optimal solution, option 1 takes up minimal space but allows you to see the roles of your entire squad while option 3 allows players to view more detailed icons modded and possibly provide additional functionality. GEOSCAPE: I believe there are additional ways to further integrate the combat roles in the geoscape, but they require a few additions. 1. Color/Icon Selection The bar above the combat roles is not just for show. Clicking on it allows you to change the background of the icon, giving the icons a bit more flexibility than they do right now. I would look into allowing players to modify the letter/icon in the center as well. 2. Combat Role shortened names You should be able to sort soldiers by role, but having the roles’ full names show up in the personnel list might take up too much space. If combat roles had a second 4-6 letter limited name, roles could fit nicely in the personnel list and be sortable.
  5. Because this is my first post I want to start with saying that you guys do an amazing job. I am an X-Com fan of the first hour. I played X-Com Enemy Unknown and liked if for its dense atmosphere, but it was tweaked to have too few strategic depth. Thank you for doing a remake with all of the traditional features like multiple bases and so on. Here are some usability suggestions, I stumbled on during my first games (unordered): * Base - Soldier Equipment: show carrying capacity in KG and not only a red bar, when its too much. I want to know how many KGs of equiment I need to remove. * Base - Soldier Equipment - Weapon Details: on 1920x1080 the font is too small .. make it bigger ... maybe double it. * Base - Stores: show sell value per unit without need to select one unit to sell to see its price. * Base - Navigation Button-Bar: seperate Geoscape button or make it distinguent from the other buttons. After all you navigate "up" to an overview of all bases. * Base - Build Structure: make structure rotatable. There is no sense in preventing to build a structure just because of its orientation. * Geoscape: show how much a new base will cost instead of just saying "insufficient funds". Maybe on the button itself. * Tactical: Make the maps rotatable. 90°-steps would be completely sufficient. * Geoscape: Make button for a screen with the last funding information available, so I dont have to wait till next month.
  6. I love that now the buildings or whatever that would be blocking the view of the soldiers now becomes transparant, but it leaves a problem still and it's movement. It would be great that if you now mouse-over something you get a see-through instead so that you can easily move your soldiers around. This would be really helpful.
  7. When research is completed you are returned to the research menu, however, when a build is completed you are taken to the menu for the item you built. I don't believe that is the right place. You should be taken back to the workshop to reassign your engineers to a new project. I think there are some other occasions where the return location isn't correct too. That's just one example.
  8. Hey, with the real beta coming closer and closer every day there are more people who start doing maps now. At the latest when Xenonauts is finished there will be a lot of maps from different people. I assume that most of you will do it like me: Download all the map packs and install them at once. How many maps will that be? Probably enough to make me not want to look at each to see if they are good/not bad. But if I encounter a map ingame, that is bugged or just no fun, because I don't like the style the creator has: How do I find out which XML to delete? I suggest an option or a parameter to the desktop shortcut, that displays the map-name unobtrusive somewhere on the loading screen right before and after a mission.
  9. I seem to forget to arm my troops a lot since I cycle them out usually because of injuries. At this moment I'm in a mission with my first encounter with Harridans and I've got one guy sitting in the dropship like a no friends loner because I forgot to arm him when I added him to the team. I've done it a few times and at the is point I can't reload a save where this ground mission is available waiting. What might be a bit helpful would be a confirmation dialogue that would pop up when you attempt to go on a mission with one or more unarmed soldiers. Something like, "One or more of your troops are unequipped. Continue?"
  10. Hi Chris, A long while ago I started a thread about having the ability to press shift and then left click so you could move and it would over-ride any TUs you had reserved for shooting without having to constantly fiddle with the slider. http://www.goldhawkinteractive.com/forums/showthread.php/1297-Shift-click-to-override-Reserved-APs You said it would be added to the list of stuff that would be in the beta, and I have been avidly waiting for it ever since but I can't see it anywhere in the beta candidate Is it still on the list of things to do, and, if so, do you have an ETA? Thanks.
  11. I didn't see a thread like this, so here goes. For me, I'd like to see 'right click to cancel' applied to shooting/throwing for ease of use.
  12. While I could rename all my soldiers (Carries Rockets etc), it would be nice to have the "Role" designation that I had given each soldier listed next to their name in the list at the bottom of the screen. Would make it a lot faster making sure I had 3 rifle, 3 sniper and 2 rocket launchers buttoned up and ready to go. Very small change, but any chance we can get the wording on the options when you right click on the red Role button changed? "Change Role" fine. maybe "Choose New Role" "Change Default Loadout" to "Set Current Gear to Role Default" "Equip Default Loadout" probably fine Or something along those lines.
  13. (Sorry for bad english) I have been watching for ...i don't remember...years?. Anyway, this looked like the definitive X-com game i wanted to play. Then XCOM:EU was released, played it once. Fine game. Yesterday, i bought Xenonauts and downloaded the game. Wow! 18gb took a lot of time on Desura. I started a new game and did my first mission this morning and here are my impressions/suggestions/comments. I did NOT search the forums extensively trying to know if X topic was already discussed blah blah deal with it. 1. This IS X-com, yay! 2. One mission done but it took a lot of turn to encounter Aliens but then, maybe it is because the ship was small. 3. I would like a button to cycle soldiers. 4. A cover system, awesome! 5. Let soldiers use the tank as cover. 6. Have a global TU reservation rule toggle button. 7. I could see mobs through doors? 8. A map please. All i can think of, thanks to everyone working on this game! I can't wait for the release!
  14. Hi. I don't know if this has been touched upon yet, but I would like to suggest a streamlining to UI that would allow for multiple items, or units to be moved or modified at one time, for instance, being able to select a group of soldiers to relocate instead of individually designating each unit to do so, or likewise being able to mass unequip or equip units for convenience. That would be great. Keep up the good work.
  15. It may be a bit late for suggestions, but this one is about UI. I've been thinking about how it could be streamlined in the good sense of the word. Pressing and holding a button on an alien, right now, does the same as just clicking. What about a mechanic where: Normal click - acts mostly .as now. Holding the button - Selects aimed shot. Fires on release. Alternatively, if you have snap shot selected, holding LMB can first select normal, then aimed. Right click while holding would still cycle modes. Scroll wheel can also do the same. Moving the mouse away while holding cancels the shot. It's very organic, like gradual aiming or using a set trigger, and provides a small degree of protection against accidental clicks for mice with light triggers. This also resembles common modern GUI mechanics.
  16. Hi people, this is my first post, I tried the alpha, liked it , and I have a few suggestions: -Research: when you finish a research and get the info page, it takes you to the geoscape. It would be nice if it took you to the research screen so you can choose the next research project. -Minimap: It would be good. Bonus points for a full screen map option, cold war style (if anyone played wargame: european scalation he´ll know what I mean, with the blurry satellite image) -Variety in starting "human" weapons and aircraft: Having NATO style and USSR stlye to choose would be nice. -More research options at game start, including some things you can investigate and produce before lasers and such, as the beginning seems a little empty now (didnt´get very far in the research tree). Medikits, tactical explosives, improved human weapons, armor and vehicles, even combat tactics after facing the first aliens. -Larger fonts please!!! Some text is almost unreadable. -Armor stats, unless I´m missing something there´s none. -Soldier nationality and automatic nicknames for agents when they get past rookie (yep, that´s from Firaxis´ x-com, but still) -More slots for later aircraft, like shields or advanced targeting devices (unless it´s already in, I just saw 2 fighters) In any case the game it´s looking great, the Firaxis game was enjoyable but... it´s not a really xcom game, and I don´t have much hope in UFO 2: ET, so you are our last hope!!
  17. Sorry if these have been covered already 1. When selling or transferring, have a scroll bar rather than just arrow buttons. It takes ages atm when there's several hundred alien alloy to sell. 2. Have builds such as alenium missile actually use alenium (or state how much is needed). At the moment, the only appear to cost money. 3. Have a menu in air combat, so you can get out quick rather than have to alt+f4 if it all goes scew (or loads double combat as it often does atm)
  18. you got the ability to reserve movement for shooting etc this is awesome in my oppinion. now i would love to see one to reserve for sitting, and an option to auto sit all soldiers at the end of the turn if they had enough movement for it. me
  19. The game is great, and I'm having to stop myself from playing the Alpha too much. Still, I saw that there were a few rough edges that I'd hope to see resolved in the release candidate. Combat: * I can't reserve TU's for kneeling. I know this was a common complaint. Maybe a quick fix would be to enable TU reservation by right-clicking on the kneel icon? * There is no "next unit" button or hotkey that you can use to cycle to the next unit with full TU's. You can use the mouse wheel to cycle through units, but that brings up units that have no free TU's. When I'm cycling through my units, it's usually because I'm at the end of my turn. I want to make sure everybody has moved. * There are no quick-save / quick-load buttons or hotkeys. I know many of you like to play iron man. I don't. I'm more of a deus-ex-machina type of player. I like to play on hard mode with save and reload in order to get that perfect game. (As a bonus, I'd like to see the quick-save generate a new save game each time.) * I can't overwrite an existing save. Clicking on a save greys out the save button. * Where is the option to use reserved TU's for shots? The tooltip for the "TU Reserve" UI mentions a setting in the game options, but the game options don't have that isn't there. * Hitting ESC brings up the save/load/options menu, but hitting ESC again doesn't close it. * I've seen multiple occasions where I'm given a shot at the enemy (% chance to hit), but the next shot has no chance to hit. Soldier Equipment Screen: * I can't delete/clear roles I created by accident. * When selecting armor, the "clickbox" is very small. I have to click BELOW the armor name. (Ex: The game interprets clicking on the "Jackal Armor" text as a "Basic Armor" selection.)
  20. In my latest playthrough of X-Com: UFO Defense, I've taken to dividing soldiers into fireteams. In X-Com, I changed their names to add a tag indicating what squad and fireteam the soldier was in, but that meant a lot of back-and-forth changing names and numbers as circumstances changed. With Xenonauts, the number hotkeys could make it easy to keep track of soldiers this way, but as far as I can tell, even though you can reposition soldiers in the dropship, there isn't actually an easy way to change what soldier is assigned to which hotkey. Am I missing something? If not, is this something that could be implemented?
  21. hey, maybe this has been discussed but reserved time should not be kept when player wants to shoot from gun. Most likely there is allien and thus it has no sense to reserve time wheb there is chabge of kill in own turn
  22. I think it would be great if there was an option to set your soldiers to kneel automatically at the end of their turn if they have the points for it and it doesnt affect reserved shots.
  23. If possible could an infinite quantity button appear in the workshop? This would be usefull for when we are producing missiles and ammo on the workshop, in the equip screen of the apropriate units (soldiers, vehicles and/or aircraft) we still have a finite number of ammo but the workshop keeps producing them.
  24. I can't find a way to do it. On night missions we start with the flare. On normal missions, if we have all three types of grenades, the flashbang occupies the belt quickslot. If I wanna use another type of grenade, I have to enter soldier's inventory and drag/drop, wich causes AP loss.
  25. Is such a feature planned or feasible? I've had a couple situations where splitting a squadron could have been useful. Something like grouping a Mig and a F-17 together to take out a close target, not expending the Mig's missiles and then detecting a far-off target while the squadron is still in the air. Meaning that the Mig still has the fuel to get that target, but the F-17 doesn't. Similarly, it could come in handy to be able to merge squadrons, for example if you launch several single interceptors to take care of a couple of scouts only to detect a fighter squadron or corvette or whatever once they're in the air. Or for attacking a single, very powerful craft with craft from two bases. Interface-wise, I could imagine it working as a menu similar to the interception launch one, with the planes that "stay in base" forming one squadron and the "launched" ones another. Opening that menu could be an option when a squadron reaches a waypoint (for splitting) and when you have one squadron "intercepting" another (for merging).
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