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Found 17 results

  1. Hi guys, I'm trying to modify the game files to increase the ammunition available for vehicles so that it has more than 12 shots with the Laser Cannon/Plasma Cannon/Mag Cannon. I tried changing "clipSize" in "vehicleweapons_gc", but that does not increase the number of shots my vehicle has, only its ability to carry more ammo. If anyone is familiar with this issue, please help. It would be nice to have a tank with 35-40 shots, which is like a real tank.
  2. Since in the original X-Com we didn t had infinite ammo, and even more, we didn t have infinite ammo of alien kind, like the alenium missiles in xenonauts, that are infinite, I would like just to understand why this option of infinite ammo? Since managing resources was one more challenge of the older X-COM. Not related to the question, but since the game is made to make the player lose if he isn t fast enough, why the countrys incomes are so low in the start of the game? Good bye Dfcrcesar
  3. I used to play for several month to xenonauts ( cool game by the way) But the lack on ammo on advanced weapon give limited strategy , It may be cool to have more ammunition on laser/plasma and others guns .
  4. Not a huge deal or even all that important, but I enjoy the little things. I would like (maybe only in the harder settings) for (human) basic guns and ammo to cost money. The whole infinite thing, is useful and I'm sure not even a few people want to pay attention to their ammo stores (especially with basic human guns) but I enjoyed that little detail from xcom.
  5. Hello everyone, Walrus here, making his big modding related feature request. A small number of you may know me as the small time weapon-modder with a tremendous ego, and apatite, who has hit an impasse due to lack of features (As many in the future may hit as well.) Standard pattern weapons have fairly basic features to them. -They can support multiple ammo types, but the GUI will not display this, and there is no clean way to smuggle more ammo in. (Despite the fact that alternate ammo's can be dragged into the gun, however, reaching through the receiver to do so is inadvisable, and I am not responsible for any loss of limb doing so, or attempting to do so.) - Most of the traits are the guns traits, meaning that having multiple ammo's is fairly limited in its usefulness for standard weaponry. I am here to ask for what little I would like to see regarding this, as I see a lot of potential here, and I hope many of you guys do to. (This may seem like a compilation of a few other requests, but I am also trying to trim ideas down to keep it (Hopefully) manageable level.) 1. Give the ammo button in ground combat, and the barracks a right click to open (Like the grenades have,) to display additional ammo types, as well as reflecting changes to Weapons.xml to support having several ammunition types on a single weapon (With the same ammo button functionality as ground combat.) 2. Move clip-size to the magazine in Weapons_GC.xml. Every other trait can stay on the weapon (Range would be nice to have on ammo, but it isn't necessary... Pellet count would make many fans gasp in glee, but once again, this isn't totally necessary.) The only reason needed is that it would allow for much greater diversity with weapons, loadouts, and logistics in mods. Now. On the timeframe I would like this request to be considered. As soon as you are comfortable working on this, but hopefully before the last patch. I would love to have this by the full release, as the wave of modders that would come around that time would likely love to have this as well. However long it takes, I understand. This is what I would like to see, so I can make the best content for your game that I possibly can, and I am aware that my interests may conflict with yours: Finishing the game. All I ask is you remember this, this lone, puppy eyed modder, staring at you to do the features that he needs to survive in the jungle he unwittedly jumped into before he, or the jungle, were ready for what was about to transpire. Him getting mauled, and savagely, screaming "If only I had more then one ammo! I would be the eater!" but never dieing, waiting for the day that he too, can be the eater. He who cheers for you, and hopes that you cheer for him as well. Edit: Recoil being a function of ammo would be GREAT as well. Range, Recoil, and clipsize. Oh man would that be glorious.
  6. My laser rifles say they should hold 12 shots but they only hold 9, my precision lasers say they should hold 6 shots but only hold 4. What gives and is that wad or a misentered value somewhere? The lower value is inadequate.
  7. So, basically, you know how the grenade quick-slot works? You right click it, and you can select which grenade to use. Well, how about we extend that to ammo types as well? Obviously, we can do that with the quick reload slot (for rockets, at least, right?) (If we can't, we should be able to. I simply can't remember at the moment. ) So, we have (or can have) the grenade quick-slot functionality in the ground combat GUI, simple right click popup box. But then, what do we do for the main issue, equipping our troops with them in the soldier load out screen? Simple, we do the same thing! Simply right click on the ammo in the equip screen, and you can select a new one that will then take the old one's place, until you right click it again and swap it for yet another one. One idea, we should have the weapons in the load out screens be equipped empty as default (with a big red EMPTY sign over the gun icon so we don't forget to load it). This would allow us to load rocket launchers with whatever rockets we want initially, and if we have multiple ammo types we can select whatever ammo type we want to be loaded into the gun. Plus, this makes sense from an in-universe point of view, doesn't it? I mean, we don't store weapons in an armory with the magazines loaded in them.
  8. Amazing game; two suggestions: 1. I love the addition of soldiers being awarded medals that give stat bonuses in certain circumstances. I'd really like to be able to check out my soldiers' profiles and the medals they've been awarded (soz if this already exists, I haven't been able to find it) 2. I understand the rationale behind limiting the buying/selling aspect of the game, but I do feel like it would be cooler to be in control of limited base ammo stocks that need to be refilled, making choices in ammo/grenade types to buy, etc, as well as not having unlimited chem lights during missions (so the choice has to be made to buy them, supply soldiers with a certain number of them). A game mode option to toggle this kind of stuff would be awesome. Allows the game as intended by the designers, but gives the option to those who like to micromanage this kind of stuff. - note: not suggesting buying/selling to make huge profits. Churz.
  9. (Steam release) When you start a ground mission for whatever reason not all your units start with a full clip. No soldier in their right mind would go into battle with half a mag, especially going up against alien
  10. For the ammo used by higher-tech weapons (lasers and plasma - I'm assuming that's all there is, don't correct me if I'm wrong. ) - does ammo use up alenium? In the deployment screen there's infinite ammo, but some of the xenopedia entries hint that they do. The alenium research talks about managing it carefully, and I believe the laser weaponry research says something about recharging it at the base with alenium. With the lack of tooltips anywhere (especially with production costs) it's hard to tell where all of my stocks are going. I really don't like the idea of needing to worry about running out of alenium just because I want to shoot my weapons.
  11. I think this is throwing the game balance off. I've had DOZENS of rounds of auto plasma fire/cannon fire directed at my troops from FOW by a single alien. If you don't have ammo limits for the aliens you've got to lower their accuracy/weapon damge OR make the aliens easier to find. Will this be put back in? For some perspective, imagine a soldier with unlimited rockets because an alien with unlimited plasma cannon ammo is nearly the same thing. If I had a rocketman with unlimited ammo I could effectively flatten the entire map and call it good.
  12. I researched Laser Weaponry and finished my first load of Laser Rifles. When I tried to equip the weapons to my units I saw that I'm missing the ammunition required. I checked the manufacturing screen but didn't find any laser cells. I then parsed around the XMLs to find that the Laser Weaponry should "UnlockItem" Lasercells. It doesn't say "UnlockManufacture" though... So how do I get them? Are they loot from aliens which should drop now, since it's UnlockItemed?
  13. Quite surprised I haven't asked about this before, but could you add an ammo counter onto the vehicles? I keep forgetting how many rockets I've fired into the civi-er...Xenos masses and always end up with 1-2 rounds short...
  14. My laser batteries are super fertile. Upon returning from a mission they seem to increase at about 1 per laserweapon used in that mission. Example: I have 3 laserweapons on a mission and a total of 3 Batteries (which are naturally all inside said weapons). I fire a few shots with on of those laserweapons. When I get back from the mission I have a total of 4 batteries available.
  15. In ground combat UI you can't see amount of total/left rockets in your Hunter vehicle.
  16. So i know this is more of a balance issue, but this one was bugging me while replaying ufo again. While you could produce your own plasma ammo in ufo, it was more of a last resort, since it used really much elerium and you need really much ammo. You mostly used the ammo you found on dead aliens. Now i really really like the idea that you are not simply using alien technology, but are advancing your own technology based on the alien technology you find. But what i wanted to ask is: Will producing Laser clips use Alenium, too? I know it would be reasenable, but considering how hard it is to find these rare meterials, and considering how much ammo you need, it basically would push you into not using new technology, but to hold on to your normal weapons as long as possible.
  17. If you replace a weapon so it pops into your backpack, it gets refilled. I know this used to happen in other ways too, just putting it down and picking it up, but now I think it only does it when swapping out.
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