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  1. Excited for that sweet Xenonauts 2 in 2022
  2. Looking good. Enjoy your break, any idea when/what version is going to get us to EA so more of us can play?
  3. Hope we get some EA news in the May update.
  4. Do we have an idea when this will enter EA? When V11 is stable? V12?
  5. Sorry for bump, I was leaning towards a minimap to give you an idea of the area but I like this a lot better. I hate not knowing where the edge of the map is and wasting movement points running soldiers into the edge of the map just to go the other direction.
  6. I'm all for it, was a little disapointed when I couldnt find something of the sort in-game.
  7. I'm somewhat surprised no one has brought it up, hope I'm not the only gun enthusiast on here... Excellent.
  8. If the game takes place around late 70's - early 80's this (g36) should not be in storage area since it wasn't created until about 1990. It bugs me everytime I see it lol
  9. (Steam release) When you start a ground mission for whatever reason not all your units start with a full clip. No soldier in their right mind would go into battle with half a mag, especially going up against alien
  10. Good to hear. I searched but didn't really see any threads about it. Must be within other topics. Thanks for replys.
  11. Currently as far as I have been able to tell you are unable to throw grenades over ANYTHING you are up against... anyone would be able to do that, ESPECIALLY a trained soldier. Now for an object that is mid arc in the throw I would understand if it hit that and fell there, but for you to everytime throw the grenade right at yourself it's awful. Please make it so your soldiers can throw from behind rocks, etc. Also when you want to throw a grenade over a fence or something you are against would be great.
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