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Found 20 results

  1. Hi, I have tried to find any existing mod which would give me alien base mission. I know that it would be sufficient to do not react to alien activity, but... it is weird, I do not like it:-( (moreover, my ecenomy is dependend on loot from shooted alien ships). Could you, please, guide me what should I edit/modified in order to e.g. set that every UFO will try to set a new base (I would turn that mod on for few UFOs and then turn it off again - and probable turn it on and off from time to time)? Or if you have any other idea how could I force a game to give me alien base mission? Thanks!
  2. I'm towards the end of the first month in a new game. So, the last days have been busy, multiple ufo sightings, some getting caught to my radar etc. So far, successfully intercepted the 4th in 2 days row. So the 5th appears within the same day. I send the condors to intercept it. just before I engage, it lands. It's close to my base, but it's night and I just successfully survived a night mission, I don't have the nerves for another one yet. So I decide to patrol around it with my squad until morning while they're doing their thing. Sun rises, so does the UFO. I barely get out of there with my squad. I send my partially refueled condors again. as soon as they take off, the UFO changes destination. the condors run out of fuel during the chase, return to base. And as if this little #!$#! is teasing me, it decides to change destination again, comes near my base and does whatever he's doing around there. So after a while I have a third run with condors. This time it's pretty close and condors are fully fueled. Yet again, right before I engage, the #!$#! lands. And it's night again... He left me no choice but a night attack.... He has played me for like this for more than 30 hours (ingame), 15 minutes (real life). It's hilarious, amazing, and amusingly frustrating ..
  3. is it currently possible to add in custom Alien Missions? what i'm looking to accomplish: i like the current Missions but they aren't customizable enough for my liking so i will be adding some in to make up for it. heavy Air Superiority [table=width: 500, class: grid, align: center] [tr] [td]Ticker [/td] [td]200[/td] [td]Begin in 2 months[/td] [/tr] [tr] [td]Chance[/td] [td]10[/td] [td]%[/td] [/tr] [tr] [td]Escort chance[/td] [td]1000[/td] [td]100%[/td] [/tr] [tr] [td]Once per wave[/td] [td]True[/td] [td][/td] [/tr] [tr] [td]m:airplane.alien.corvette[/td] [td]0[/td] [td]Main Default[/td] [/tr] [tr] [td]m:airplane.alien.cruiser[/td] [td]100[/td] [td]Main 1 month after[/td] [/tr] [tr] [td]m:airplane.alien.strikecruiser[/td] [td]250[/td] [td]Main 2.5 months after[/td] [/tr] [tr] [td]e:airplane.alien.scout[/td] [td]0[/td] [td]Default Escort[/td] [/tr] [tr] [td]e:airplane.alien.corvette[/td] [td]100[/td] [td]escort after month[/td] [/tr] [tr] [td]e:airplane.alien.cruiser[/td] [td]200[/td] [td]escort after 2 months[/td] [/tr] [tr] [td]e:airplane.alien.strikecruiser[/td] [td]400[/td] [td]escort after 4 months[/td] [/tr] [/table] are we able to just Add this kind of stuff in without changing Default ones?
  4. Hey guys, new Xenonaut here. Anyway, I'm currently at around September 22, and I'm up to crash site number 14 already (playing on normal I think). Since this is the early game, and I've been conditioned from X-COM TFTD, I go after every one of them. It's taking me quite awhile to get through the game at this pace. I understand this game isn't a clone of X-COM, but this seems like a lot of combat considering I only have 1 base to scan with and it's just the first month. Is this much combat normal? Should I be going after every single downed craft (even the light scouts) to improve troops and make money? Does the amount of missions increase as the game goes on?
  5. I like the alien activity notifications we get from all around the globe. I had not noticed it in previous releases(I bought the game when v19 first came out). Is there a log where we can review the reports and decide where to send crafts to patrol?
  6. Hi guys! im having a lot of fun in the third month though I noticed one thing. I finished 11 light scouts in the first month but in the second month, I encountered nothing but fighter squadrons or single fighters and one regular scout( a damaged one at that.) I know they probably don't need(the aliens) more research on earth but still. Now I'm at corvettes and terror missions in the third month and I have no alenium(but can still get lasers thankfully). this means I can't get wolf armor, alenium missiles, or(I assume) the x-37 fury. I recently did a raid(as in landing assault) on a corvette and I noticed no smoke but no power core either. I didn't complete it though do to a crash(I'm using experimental btw). so can anyone tell me if the corvette carries a power core because if not I'll just do the terror mission and not the corvete that's doing that mission.
  7. That was a reasonable question even in original XCOM games. Is it a random case in Xenonauts or not? If random thats a pity idea. I hoped finally aliens may have strategic plan how to win. Than taste of victory as Humans will be much higher. By the way I like that in the 17th of February Aliens begin THIRD attack on my 3rd base. I mean THIRD in February. I like the way they deliver experience to my another kill-them-all-ers team. But why they like 3rd base? The second hits UFOs more often and fly on missions too, but they attacked it only once and long time ago. The attack on primary base happens usually once a month. Not a trouble with plasma rifles. :-)
  8. Hello, guys! First of all thank you for making such a Great Game. I say Making, not remaking, that is clear for me. I'm a real X-COM Hard-core fan, having tatoo X-COM and known here in Russia by Novel written in 2002 '2085. Fifth Invasion Chronicles', and known in Cenega by short story 'The Old Friend' based on Ufo Aftershock matters. So I feel free give some ideas based on 3 day game experience. What I like. 1. Air combat. It is the best think of its sort I ever seen in such games. 2. Tactical combat uses landscape cover. Yes, now the cover is real, not as rude as was in XCOM 1-2, not as 'arcadish' as in 2012's game. 3. The faces and individuals. Not so faceless as were in X-COM 3. But the spirit of original biography inside very nice! 4. The spirit of original X-COM in details. 5. The graphics. They are similar to X-COM 3 and that is the best choice to my opinion. 6. Usage of flares and grenades in tactical combat. That is brilliant! 7. Control of research teams. 8. Local forces at the places of anti-xeno missions. What I'd like to change or add. 1. Automatic update of munition after Alenium research. That could be believable in future, but not in 1979. May be good idea to follow X-COM Interceptor scheme. The aircraft may be bought or crafted in several variants. Munitions can be crafted or... That is my idea. Workshop extension may be built. So you may buy conventional ammo and missiles and upgrade them for money and some time useage. The automatic upgrade of base defences are also seem to be not good. 2. Lack of info on Alien activity. I feel serious need in graphs so I can predict exactly where I'm needed. I dont want to loose countries without possibility to prevent it. In 2012's game were satellites. What's here? I propose some non-anti-xeno missions. They may be available any time, so operatives may support local forces in variety of situations. They may fight for technologies (not only alien, but side, random etc.) stuff or money. The idea of alternative human techs that may be recieved from countries may add new juice in the game. The similar freedom was in X-COM 3. I like it very much! If the country is in panic the mission reduces it. Otherwise the reward is small but still useful. 3. Little bit more control in tactical combat. How I can choose mode of shooting? I didn't find. How can I calculate TU for opening, closing doors? Now I researched but still didn't use flight suits. May guess that will be good, but yet I have nothing. May be limited fuel for example. 4. Items on board the craft. Can I load additional items? If not, that is bad. Could be useful. 5. More clear experience results after combat. Pluses before how much TU or other stat expanded could be enough. 6. Different camuflage for different locations. I'd better craft 3 similar suits with different camuflage to get cover advantage. The life of soldier is priceless. 7. Weapon constructor as it was in Cenega's games could be very useful! If it is possible of course. 8. Sound of talk between soldiers in tactical combat. If I have any other ideas you could see it later. Thank you. Aleksey Borisov aka Jemar
  9. On the back of my last post, I also think it would be a good idea to have some incidents that are considered more major that a terrorist mission. By that I mean one of the following: - Attack on government facilities - Attack on military facilities - Beachhead (landing of alien forces to create a larger zone for heavy troop drops) - Capital city attack In all of these scenarios, the decision to intervene would be more detrimental or more beneficial due to the scale of the incident. Again, I think it would add a little to the tone of the whole invasion by giving less frequent, but higher tension missions to embark on that could have a big impact on the war.
  10. Hi all, So i made a test game to verify this with some hacked funds to get global radar coverage. I'm getting between 4-8 Ufo's a day, and from the get go virtually no light scouts. do we not think this is a little too high, for example my Geoscape is littered with downed ufo's
  11. In grand X-COM UFO Defence tradition, will Xenonauts be able to "go on forever", as long as the player wishes, postponing the final mission / act of the game?
  12. Hello all, just wanted to post some feed-back on the air-game. In the beginning, there were only small scout ships. These could be handled by a single F-17. However, as all of you know the F-17 would take some damage if left to its auto-fight mechanics. This of course leads into one of my gripes about the air-combat. Which is that I need to be very active in the management of an air-fight in order to be as effective as possible. However, I have no love for spamming the space-bar in order to figure out which plane needs to dodge. I will say that the air-combat is a big step up from Xcom: EU. It has much more potential involvement that Xcom:EU, and just has a lot more depth with the mechanics for squadrons, and aircraft load-outs. I still would love for an auto-resolve button, so I can get back to the much more interesting bits about breaching space-ships(or just the ability to have my ships use their roll on their own initiative). However, the air-combat by the third week(plus or minus a couple days) just became unmanageable with a single base. Now, why is this a problem? Because the air-combat became unmanageable with-out any warning that it would do so. suddenly getting 5 or 6 different contacts just over-whelmed my 3 air-superiority fighters. Also, the next level up of the scout ships were able to one-shot my F-17's. I don't have a problem with being one-shot, when I have some reason to expect it. Although that just might be the life-time FPS gamer in me complaining about weapon balance At any rate, the escalation in damage out-put by the alien ships came as a total shock. That may be a part of the game, but once it happened the game very quickly became unmanageable with multiple contacts all appearing at the same time. So this leads me to my big question: am I expected to stock up on a half-dozen plus fighters per base?
  13. Any chance this can be increased (or anyone knows how to mod it...)? I've seen a few land but usually they're to far away to send a chinook to hit them on the ground in terms of the time frame it takes to travel there.
  14. I'm really like what you guys have made so far and look forward to more. However, Im finding that even without the game balance, i enjoy the game difficulty(?). Im only on the second month and im up to 60+ UFOs and scrounging for cash to support the bases to keep global coverage. I heard that this game is implementing a more sophisticated system for the simulated invasion and was thinking it should implement a phase like this where you are getting hammered but if you can fight it off the alien force will change tactics. like if the aliens started with Scouting, then moved to Abductions, then a straight up Invasion, guns blazing, like in the movies, then after that failed they'd move to remote base building and Infiltration then having infiltrated governments global Warfare between Alien backed Nations and Xenonaut backed Nations.
  15. Do they actually play the game against you in a strategic level (build bases, scout, attack your base etc) or is just random scripted events like Xcom:EU, where you get couple of random abduction missions that magically appear once every month? Sorry if it's a noob question, but I loved XCOM:EU great graphics and all but was lacking in strategic substance. Felt the events were scripted and linear. I rather play a game that has substance than graphics. I'm mostly likely getting the alpha $29.99 preorder just to support these independent developers eventhough I never played the original Xcom. Thanks.
  16. Seems to me if you down enough alien craft within a certain time frame you should get a period of relative calm. The background says that the aliens have to prepare their ships for atmospheric flight, so one has to assume they can only convert so many at a time otherwise they would just land with everything at once, right? Either that, or they ought to come in waves, like task forces that have been converted and sent all at once. Even then, if you shoot down a task force, there ought to be a period where the aliens have nothing ready to send.
  17. Hey there boys and girls, In 1 in-game month I had 18 landing missions, and 92 downed ufos. I am building hangars 7-9 atm, because it is just impossible to keep up with those damned things. I play on Veteran diff, have everything researched, most of my guys are packing laser weapons and wolf armors, and so far game is pretty much walk in the park, haven't lost 1 soldier or aircraft so far. But the shear amount of alien craft is just insane. Anyone else having the same problem, or perhaps a tip? I am losing my mind here. And this is with 1 base only, with 3, in my last playthrough, I had 10 ufo packs in the air at day 15th, and could only affor 3-4 aircrafts atm. Thanks for your time.
  18. ...and not getting very far. At first, I thought the chance of an escort appearing was connected to a percentage chance for an escort happening. However, this doesn't seem to be true. I set up the AM_AirSuperority mission to appear very early on (when the ticker hits 10, or 3 game days in) and fiddled with various escort chance settings, from 10 to 1000, and it didn't matter what it was set to, no escorts would appear. Thinking it might be that escorts can only appear after a given boundary, I then set AM_AirSuperiority to appear later (100), and played through for a game month. No escorts appeared. For the same reasons, the escort chance isn't linked to the ticker, either. I'm currently looking to see if the escort chance is linked to the players' score, perhaps escorts can only appear when the player has accumulated enough points. I'll get back to you on that. However, I did find out that the AirSuperiority mission is only initally triggered when you shoot down your first aircraft. So... that's something!
  19. Hi, I was trying to find out some information on how the game scores certain things:- such as the alien missions/activities/successes and the same on the xenonaut side for the different types of mission/ research etc. A search didn't help me out. Has there been any information released on this yet? No doubt to be tweaked in Beta, but I was interested to see what the variables would be.
  20. Playing a game on normal, I was surprised by the staggering number of UFOs present in just the first month of game time, in the North American zone alone. I haven't played enough separate games, from scratch, to be able to determine if this is always the case... but in simply attempting to get some research done, after the first dozen ground missions I started sending up MiG-32's with 4x Avalanche loads to vaporize UFOs simply to attempt to stem the onslaught. At any given time, there could be up to 3 UFOs in the air over North America alone. By the time the first month ended, there'd be more than 40 UFOs, and close to 30 of those were non-fighters. The sheer size of the alien armada required to field such a force would signify imminent invasion on a massive scale. It seems rather absurd that, armed with the damning evidence of such activity, that ones funding would be based upon such trivial details as "aliens escaped" during a mission. You: "Gentlemen, as you can see here... we are facing the gravest threat mankind has ever faced..." US Chief of Staff: "Ermm... I'm reading here that 2 aliens escaped from downed UFO #129?" You: "Uh... I would need further clarification as to the specific mission, since we are literally being overrun, but aliens routinely escape from crash sites as our Combat Boots Mk. 1 are not always sufficient in speedy apprehension of..." US Chief of Staff: "It shows here that over one hundred alien craft were detected and yet no intercepted..." You: "Sir... we have lost 8 interceptors in the past 30 days... because they are faster, and are armed with technology we haven't yet been able to even..." AU Chief of Staff: "Oy! We 'ad a bugga lan' in the North'est Terror Tree an' you dinna even respon' to im!" You: "... Sir, we have one base. It's located in Colorado. We are unable to cover even the entire North American continent, let alone..." USSR Chief of Staff: "Yes, this is good point! Why is base in middle of capitalist pig land when glorious people's army sends best troops from Afghanistan front to fight?! You have Boris Pavlov, Boris Pavlov, Yuri Pavlov, Maxim Kozlov, Nikolai Romanov, and Anton Novikov! If solider name end with "OV" Soviet Union sends them to fight alien menace, but we see nothing of this!" You: "You know what? Eff this. Eff all of you. Enjoy your anal probes, I'm out." French Chief of Staff: "Sheet guys... they're firing missiles at us..." I am 100% all over this new creation... I just don't think the whole "grading system" jives with what is at hand let alone what is at stake. I know this is in keeping with the the legacy of the ancestral roots, but in its current iteration it just doesn't seem to fit. This opinion isn't from Xenonauts alones... the premise that a given government will, based on your inability to protect them, cut your funding... eventually joining the enemy... flies in the face of logic. Aliens terrorizing Beijing? Get em on the phone, tell them we are ready to deal!! Don't get me wrong, I get the whole premise behind it, and it's not that it's too difficult per se, it just doesn't make solid sense when it is all put together. If crime rises, do you cut funding to law enforcement? You aren't competing with any other organizations, so it isn't as if there is any alternative... "Xenonauts, you suck, we're going with XenoSquad!" So... suggestion wise... I guess: 1. Scale the initial engagements down to a level where "Do we really need these new "Xenonauts"/Proving yourself becomes legitimate. And/or 2. Scale funding appropriately with the threat level. The media, regardless of government attempts, even in 1979, would be absolutely ignited with stories and images of the dozens of craft shot down all over a country in this kind of conflict. No government caught nickel diming the only defense initiative in such an unprecedented crisis would be in power for any appreciable length of time. And/or 3. Change the criteria for a "successful" mission. Obliterating an invading craft in the sky is a big win. Killing X aliens while Y aliens escape (How is this even tracked? If big brother can grade us on this minute level, how about sharing this kind of intel during the mission?) being given a "poor" score seems a bit lopsided... you're fighting a vastly superior enemy. And/or 4. Flesh out the backstory/ongoing news reports, etc in a way that seeks to explain these various points. How are these cold-war era countries getting along, in light of the shared enemy? Is there alien propaganda? Are there any bleeding heart movements portraying Xenonauts as the "bad guy", wantonly slaying these visitors from across the galaxy? Any wacky religious movements causing problems? I really like the changes the dev team is making in regard to the deficiencies in the ancestral title... I just think the move toward making things more realistic is leaving some plot holes.
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