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  1. Seriously? I have never insulted anyone for their opinion. I have always used acceptable phrasing being sharp at times but never insulting. Since when my complains have become a problem of behavior? There are members that have been outright insulting and never got a warning and, here it is, I got a threat by a developer and an insult by you. If you want everyone to be like "the rest of you"(I do not know who is "the rest of you"), clone yourself. Now, I am sure you all have better things to do that trying to judge me as a person for saying my opinion. I have not insulted anyone(except, maybe, the one that threatened me and personally judged me) and I have kept all my posts within context. I have not broken any forum rules, and the threats and judgements from Aaron are unacceptable.
  2. It hasn't come to my intention that I said anything about polishing and minor bug bashing. If you want to threaten me for voicing my opinion, go ahead. Make your threats. If you are so confident in your ability of judging others and you want to classify me as a trouble maker, suit yourself. You only show what kind of person you are and how well you treat your customers. Looks like the labeling as trouble makers for those that say their opinion loud(and it is not the one the authorities like to hear) is not confined to the governments, but to game discussion forums as well...No wonder why everything is going to hell. EDIT: Hell, I really was not expecting that. This was an outrage, really. Damn people, you should have thought before posting that. You pompous brat.
  3. "- Camera during AI turn should no longer focus the "hidden movement" screen on the location of the "hidden" movement" Well, maybe not? I took it that they fixed it along with that. Now that I read it again, it is not so clear...
  4. Hmm, You did not read the changelog for build 4, it seems. It is listed as fixed.
  5. ThunderGr

    V19 Experimental Build 4 available!

    UFO: Aftermath had them, Hadrian. I know. I have finished it dozens of times. I also have Aftershock and Afterlight, which did not have random maps. It was a slip of tongue and I apologized.
  6. Checked it out. Then did a web search. Most of the more reasonable comments http://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2011/08/29/ufo-2-extraterrestrials-due-march-2012/#comments here show what a difficult job Xenonaughts and the new UFO 2:ET have. Naval missions. Now, this is something I have been waiting for ages! And I wonder about the air combat implementation. I hope it will be more involved than their last game. Scheduled for Q4 2013, delayed a couple of years, sounds like the story of the first UFO: ET, repeating. I hope the released game is good, this time and will not have to wait for a decent mod to come out and make someone famous, again.
  7. ThunderGr

    Indestructible interceptors?

    I was just replying to the member that was wondering about it. I also specified that I do not agree that there is a problem with the air-combat significance and that players will have to improve their skills with it, so that they do not suffer too much. I know pretty well that this is an opinion only a couple of the other members agree with and I have already stated that I will be happy if I have the chance to mod it out, happier if it make it to the higher difficulties. As you can see, I am not so unreasonable, am I? As a side note, it hits everyone as unrealistic. Many have proposed indestructible interceptors for anything above a foxtrot and unlimited or cheap enough condors and foxtrots. Both sound like they solve the problems people think they have with balancing aircraft losses. It also solves the problem with balancing auto-resolve. Still, please, I would appreciate it if you made it tied to difficulty level.
  8. ThunderGr

    Soldier Ranks: Change them, or no?

    I thought it was obvious I was being sarcastic ...Perhaps I should include sarcasm alerts next time . Cheer up mate! Not everything is to be taken seriously .
  9. ThunderGr

    V19 Experimental Build 4 available!

    Not my intention. I have played enough tile-based in my life to know you can have perfectly playable random maps. The level of "convincingness" depends on the tile-blocks you use. In fact, there are a few posts over the net that provide basic information on how to make a random map generator for tile-based games. here is an example. Besides, I have already said, "you have nearly done it", so, why disregard this piece of positive appreciation of your work? I took that part of your post as a more general reference to the game development, this is why I phrased it like that. Still, I do not think that avoiding to solve a problem is a better solution. Why give up on it when you are so close? If you make the edges uni-blend for each tileset, you will avoid all blending problems that come from the fact the graphics are more detailed. One of the major problems, as pointed out by Max, is that the UFO/Dropship tiles can be overwritten. Your position is a difficult position since you always have to be the target of frustrating comments and unsatisfied players. It needs a lot of strength to do it and I do not underestimate that. I, for one, understand you perfectly. Still, as a player, I do not wish this game to have the fate of UFO: ET, nor this company to have the fate of the company that created said title. You are deeply involved in the development problems and you try to make it to release by minimizing said problems. At the same time, the solutions you pick can make a huge difference in game experience and people will complain about it. Managing to handle the compromise without failing to keep your fan base is the challenge you have to meet. A hell of a job, for certain but this is how things are, the way I see it. Now, since I am not part of the development team, I cannot know the details for the specific issue. Still, I cannot but point out that the random maps were given as a feature in the advertized game. And this is what the whole fuss is about. @Max Yes, you are absolutely right. Only UFO: Aftermath had the random maps(no, not the part about you being a pain....). It was an unjustified generalization from my part, I am sorry. They had the map-validation step where they were checking for path continuity and adjusting procedure if there were deadends. As for the X-COM validation, it is obvious that, since we never got deadends or unplayable maps, there was a validation step. Never occurred to me a map that had my dropship at the top of trees or in a building. Nor the UFO ever spawned at a similar invalid location. Apart from all of that, I want to point out that the dropship/UFO relative locations were completely unknown. It could be that you landed directly next to it or at the other side of the map or anywhere in-between. That is awesome. That made the shroud count .
  10. ThunderGr

    V19 Experimental Build 4 available!

    ...and that. But I thought it was common knowledge...
  11. ThunderGr

    V19 Experimental Build 4 available!

    I am only being negative when you do things that simplify the game and make it less challenging and less interesting. Is it my fault that this is what you have been doing lately? OK, If the UFO Series does not cover you, how about the Civilization IV and V? The use tile movement. They have random maps. I understand the problems but, from what Max has said about random maps, you only need to improve the validation step in the random map generation process. Meaning, you are almost there, why not finish it? BTW, the O.G. addressed the buildings problem by providing a fixed set of buildings that were used during the map generation. People do not mind that, because it is common sense that building architecture is similar. They are still incorrect choices. Sorry. Avoiding the problem is hardly ever a solution.
  12. ThunderGr

    Indestructible interceptors?

    Of course this is understandable, however, the way you respond to people stating extreme frustration about the removal or the inclusion of things in the development that were/were not advertised in the game's features at the time they bought the game, matters to them and the rest of us. In my point of view, you are not just deviating from your planned development path but you, also, state, in a very rude way "this is how I am going to do it, I do not give a shit if you are frustrated or not". I am certain that showing more understanding and having more...diplomatic types of responses...to those people will help the company much more in the long-run. Besides, apologizing for not being able to bring advertised features into the implementation, makes more sense than just making statements showing indifference about what is, in most people's minds, tricking people into buying a game by advertizing features that are not, and will not be on release, there. All of the above, IMHO, of course. @Simmo There are some people that have accepted the idea as an acceptable solution to the interceptor value problem. It has to be noted that the majority of the people(not me) have been recognizing the problem and the need for a solution but most of them did not accept the indestructible interceptors as an acceptable solution and have provided plenty of alternatives.
  13. ThunderGr

    V19 Experimental Build 4 available!

    As I said the UFO Series (Aftermath, Aftershock, Afterlight) had random maps and you could select landing locations. So, nice try, Chris, but modern games have already done it.
  14. As illustrated here. I do not expect you to agree anyway. This is the actual definition of beta, which seems to have lost its meaning nowadays. Of course, not everyone has forgotten about it.