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  1. So you were in the process of playing a game of Xenonauts on Steam, but have just loaded it up to discover all your saved games have vanished? This has happened because we just released a major new version of the game, which unfortunately is not compatible with saves made with older versions of the game due to the large number of changes it introduces and so will not display older save files for loading (the files are still there though!). I anticipated this might be a problem for some people, and so I have created a new "legacy" branch of the game on Steam which you can opt-in to in order that you may continue playing older saved games from the main branch. Once you are finished with that particular game you can opt-out of the legacy branch to get the newest update and start playing on that (and I really recommend you do, as we've made a huge number of improvements since the first Steam build). How to opt-in to the legacy branch: Open your Steam library, right click on Xenonauts and click on properties. Click the Betas tab in the properties window that appears and use the drop down box on that same page to select "Legacy - Old build for pre-V19 saved games" and then click Close. Steam will then download the files you need to keep playing the legacy build, and you should be able to load up your old saved games as normal and continue playing. When you want to opt-out of the legacy build and get the latest stable version, then repeat the above but choose the "None" branch from the drop down box.
  2. Is the last mission supposed to loop infinitely after destroying the generators, hordes of Reapers, the high praetor (HP) and escaping to the pod room beyond the HP with everyone alive? If the best ending isn't finished, why not just have a splash screen congratulating the player on obtaining it, or did you not expect anyone to actually manage that? Also, is the last mission not yet complete? TBH it was effortless next to tackling a late game terror site or raiding a large base, or even a battleship. Negative nancy stuff out of the way though, this was a great game and a lot of fun in spite of the flaws.
  3. I know this is kinda a specific thing and will be a short-lived topic but I heard that the Hyper-wave decoder(or equivalent) should be in version 19 stable there was some minor bug where the research topic never becomes available? I am hoping that it be an easy fix that I could quickly go into the files and solve for my version 19 run as that seems like a major problem(as in, to bring the whole game to a halt.) Because I just finished doing the interrogation on a commander from the alien base and after that I kinda hit a dead end, I am assuming that is why.(I actually forgot to read what my next objective is so I might be wrong here, I would look it up but Ironman/streaming it so I can't end the mission/finish it atm) There also was the case that I finished the alien commander interrogation, it opened up the xenopedia but to no page. (only other time it did that was with the laza airplane weapon I believe, but I know that is fixed for v20 and the weapon is still build able) Though it did open the research topic of the alien base itself, which I did(weirdly enough it was on 'exelent' progress even with just 1 scientist) and it gave me some info on the base that was kinda useless. So yea, any easy way to make the hyperwave decoder work and is there a known dead end to the game where the quests simply stop working?
  4. so i guess i will start this off by saying i am playing 19 stable on easy and don't use vehicles so some of the stuff i say may have changed or not be true for other settings ( i did read most of the old balance posts but that stuff drags on),if so feel free to ignore the hell out of me. also i am save scumming like a scaredy cat, some of this is for when the game hangs( its beta not a complaint ) but most of it is just me cheating. i like how the AI kinda seems to save scum with you which is kinda cool IE they attack threw doors they did not the turn before so the game has this massive flip for me based on if i have wolf armor or not. some weapons look like they should still be effective seeing how aliens bring so many but they not. main culprit here the plasma cannon* a 5x5 or so area explosion blows up cover like no tomorrow, but i have guys sitting there no joke taking 30 shots to the face from this thing with little to no damage or suppression ( a funny side story had a andron kill him self from me being in close range when it shot my guy doing no damage to my unit while killing itself). pistols and the first type of rifle the stuff that still shows up on scouts still have a chance to do some damage even if it takes a few shots this comparison just feels very off. all this may be because i am playing on easy settings which is fine but an internal logic would be nice. then there is the heavy plasma* the autofire sniper shotgun this thing has killed more guys then the rest of the plasma arsenal combined, that and my favorite of when i forget to make the guy up front kneel so i auto fire into the back of his head. not sure what to say about them other then holy crap its scary if you make cannons lethal at all then this thing might need to get toned down. if i see one all 8 guys turn and try to kill him a 4% chance to drop them is always better then a 95 chance to hit an alien with something else(other then reapers) ok so that is a bit exaggerated there not so bad if there sitting on the edge or just over line of sight but any closer and holy crap. this one is a bit more of a open question are the disk things broken AI wise, as they don't seem to every really shoot at any thing other then civilians(this mostly applies two big types i never saw many of the small ones really) and i just so far view them as great ways to blow up cover so my snipers have a clear shots. chances are its not be said as often as it needs to be great game so far i am loving the hell out of it almost as much as it makes me rage a good sign i think when coming from the original *i may be mistaken on the name of the weapons in question i tried say how shot to better define them the heavy plasma i am talking about shoots little needle like things with a 3 way spread like the shotgun and the plasma cannon is just one big blob.
  5. The game is not done, sure. But it's still pretty playable in its current state. However, there are several things that positively make me cringe and/or grind my teeth on a regular basis. Here they are, grouped by gameplay area: First, the more benign and easily fixable stuff: Graphics And Interface Trigger-happy right clicks. Opening a grenade menu takes several attempts, fine. But opening/closing a door suddenly eats all your AP. Why can't I see the state of my aircraft in a table without spending 5 minutes selecting a UFO and pressing 'Intercept'? Two words: Invisible enemies. And stuff hidden behind a wall that's next to impossible to target. Next, the stuff that is most likely to get fixed, as it's by no means finalized. Also, some stuff that, sadly, won't get fixed, as far as I understand: Content/Balance/Global Strategy Pregenerated maps. Effectively removing 50% of replayability, and trekking over the same terrain, unsurprisingly, gets really dull after a while. Also, one of the farm maps has a 'void hole' that is rather puzzling to see. Bloody. Impassable. Solid. Massive. Hedges. Everywhere on the farm maps. Would be nice to have a flamethrower and burn them to the ground. Go have a look at a real farm. Researching '#####' to be able to produce '#####'. Placeholder texts, anyone? Other things have them, e.g. 'alienbase.sebilian.medium' or somesuch. No viable production-based economical strategy. Stuff you produce has exorbitant production costs, and sells at ridiculously low prices. The only option is to do as many missions as possible. On repeating maps. Ugh. Automated Research/Production. This is a controversial one, but I have fond memories of having to build alien containment (containment escape missions, anyone?), manage the stockpiles, build ammo and juggle dozens of research projects. Lore inconsistency. First, we have radio-based telepathy, then genuine psionics? If their telepathy is radio-based and we have decoded the language, wouldn't it make immediate sense to produce field/global radio detectors to track units in combat and decipher UFO targets and intentions. No psi/advanced training??? Actually, no training, period. Nine shots per magazine. To be consistent with the chosen upgrade mechanics (upgrade by magic), it would make sense to have some technologies affect the ammo capacities of weapons. Combat. I intentionally omit all the bugs. Lack of strafing. Limited mobility options in general. Why the hell is the UFO in combat a selectable object? I had a really bad time trying to target an alien who was sitting in the open right next to it, because the cursor jumped to the Battleship itself. I had to send a soldier to open the front door to turn the UFO to it's 'blueprint on the ground' state before I could target him. Useless stun gas. Missing grenade effect areas. Hidden movement mechanics. The camera is not exactly helpful there. Teleporting and shooting wraiths. Enemy/Civilian AI in general.
  6. So, I just played my first Xenonauts mission, and here are my impressions: Showstoppers: The font choice is terrible! It is too small, over anti-aliased, and generally hard to read. I am playing on 1280x1024 so I don't know if fonts get scaled down on this resolution. But if you look at the zoomed in variant, it shows the font is all smudged. Next to it is the same text written in an even smaller font in LibreOffice, which in my opinion is much more readable: http://i.imgur.com/rvDQQeb.png http://i.imgur.com/rvDQQeb.png' rel="external nofollow">But, why use a font for ants in the first place? It is not like screen space is a premium in this game, it just makes the game tiresome to play. Secondly, I feel like I never know what left or right clicking actually does and am afraid that half the time it will make me perform an action I don't want to perform. There is no clear inspect action vs perform action concept. Sometimes I just select a soldier and he/she leaves the crouching stance, wasting some TUs. And performing moves is done by double clicking, I think, while right clicking rotates. I fire on enemies by clicking on them, so misclicking by one tile moves my soldier right next to it and to certain doom. Also, clicking on the current weapon in the interface also plots a path for the current soldier towards the position behind it, and again makes me afraid that another click wastes a move. Other stuff: Hint at where the last enemies hide out so it doesn't become an overcautious map crawl to find them. Save soldier loadouts, so I don't have to load up everyone individually. And maybe add items to the inventory by double clicking, not dragging. Drag and drop should work beyond the inventory screen, e.g. for swapping items between soldiers next to each other or picking stuff up. Maybe allow moving forward while crouching, at greater TU expense? And sidestepping would be nice. I'd like a warning when I am wasting med kits on healing a soldier which is healed to the maximum already. Or an instant "heal to max" option. I shot someone in the back, twice! Maybe warn newbies like me? Faster enemy movement calculation, it feels as if there is time added to it for effects.
  7. We have just released the next stable build of Xenonauts - V19 - onto the main branch of the game on Steam! This is a major milestone, as it marks the fist update of the main branch since we launched on Steam 3 months ago. This update will be applied automatically for everyone who pre-ordered the game, including those of you who have opted-in to the experimental branch. We specifically kept the length of time between updates of the main Steam branch quite long because whenever we do deploy an update like this you will no longer be able to load saved games made with the older versions of the game. If you were in the middle of a game before this update and would like to continue it, I've made arrangements so you can do so - please see this thread. I would however recommend you try the new version as soon as you can, as it is a dramatic improvement over our initial Steam build. As this build is such a big step forward we would really like to hear as much feedback on it as possible from as many people as possible - even (and especially) if you have not been closely following the development of the game and the experimental builds. Please post any feedback you might have in the beta forum - and if it's specifically about game balance, there are two sticky threads at the top of that forum for discussing those aspects of the Geoscape/Ground Combat. In the future we are going to continue releasing experimental builds as we were before now, however expect a delay of a few weeks before the first of these goes up as we have quite a bit of code for the new Geoscape UI to merge across and test. I am going to post a complete change list for this new build, but need to do it across multiple posts to work around the forum character limit (it's a big list of changes!).
  8. Greetings to all the staff and community! Congratulations on a job well done, as always! "Well done", but there are things I would like to express. According to me, the latest V19 has also made a number of small regressions on a few gameplay aspects. Overall, the "coloring" of this regression adequates to three words : "less mystery around"! I will put four small items here on this subject. Maybe only these items exist on this matter. 1) In tactical combat : The "hidden combat movement" that filled the screen before, is now taking only part of it. Albeit a very small change, it translates into a setback to me. Two reasons : XCOM (94), and ambiance. It is a matter of ambiance; fear, and being 'uncomfortable' to the player at this step, may seem quite non regular but is fully part of the tactical combat gameplay here. Having sounds with a picture hiding the whole screen (an interesting picture, as well) fits a purpose, the same way the sounds, and music fits an artistic purpose. It gives the 'fear' to the player. Having a small picture, instead of a fullscreen one, makes it become more technical and less ambient. Like "yes, this movement is hidden". Of course the camera doesn't move to the target, but for some reason we still have the impression that we still see something. I discovered that the "One More Turn" effect was much stronger with the fear and ambiance being stronger. Of course, this may seem maniacal to some people, but I believe I expressed how it felt and why it felt so to the best of my (french) ability. Solution : Please make the "hidden movement" picture fullscreen again! 2) In research screen: The summary of a technology (the short line describing it when it isn't researched) now seems to always provide a direct description of "what we will be able to do with it". Meaning: what other research it does unlock. While being practical to the player, the strong accuracy of it makes the choice of a topic to research being even more a "strategic" choice more, than an "ambient" choice or "choice by heart". A good example of the resulting gameplay comparison would be the following : In MOO2, when you researched a tech, you did not know which new tech of this item will be available next. It was random. I believed it contributed to the fun of MOO2, with many other things. In other games, you have to explore the whole tech tree, and see/calculate what it unlocks next. While it still makes the game fun, it's a different fun (and guess which ones ended up as cult titles ). To go back on topic with our wonderful game, providing more, and more accurate information before making a decision, is nice but you must never forget how the "mystery/discovery" of a research contributes to the gameplay, more than the strategic aspect of a given decision. I believe this accurate description has a hit on the gameplay and ambiance. Again, what I mean by this isn't the fact that we have a short description (it's wonderful and I want as many descriptions, and as long and unique ones as possible!) but the fact that it announces the next techs it will allow. I no longer do this or this because I want to know what will be revealed (as description, flavor, upgrade...) since what will be revealed is already "announced" or rather, "summarized". So, researching item #1 only becomes a way to reach the item #2 that was announced. In my player mind, I'll have item #2 then as a focus. Overall, I believe it makes research more strategic, but also contributes less to the "I want to play this game until I discover this item #1", since I kept the next topic #2 on head, and also contributes less to the "wow now that I had discovered item #1, I see I can now do this and this! nice surprise !". Overall, this means I leave the game earlier and shorten my game session. Yes, truly. Maybe I sound as an odd player, but that's my two coppers Waiting to receive the brief about a research discovery is really a nice gameplay feature, so announcing the next strategic component before making that choice, is forcing the player to make another kind of decision. You know, if in Civilization you did not have these "black unknown tiles to explore", the game just works differently, but the gameplay isn't the same. Making a step just to target the further one is just never the same thing, gameplay-wise. Gameplay-wise, the "one more turn effect" often relies on "a thing we want to wait to discover", more than a planned series of events. I believe these short lines need more to focus on flavour (or vague references) than on "accurate techs" to unlock next. 3) The new geoscape is really nice and "gamey" but has a bit less of this fear and ambiance aspect to it. But I don't believe this should be changed. Rather, we players should evolve along with it ; the new geoscape is a nice component. But if changes are to be made on the geoscape again, just keep ambiance as a priority ! 4) By fixing a number of oddities, the tactical combat is more accurate, but also sound to me more easy. I had no problem to avoid any disastrous event. Soldiers fire according to plan, there is less friendly fire even when I risk it, and the situation is "clean". But again, as such, I also end up having less funny things to tell to my friends about my Xenonauts mission. I don't think anything is to be changed here (I mean, it can't ?) but people must be careful with such changes ; having players "suffer" from a few situations, is also part of the stress when playing, and the pleasure of it. So removing some random situations will remove some things, and bring less flavour. With more and more things like this, the risk (overall) might be to lead people to think that "doing a mission" could translate into a chore, more than willing to see what will happen out there. I played on Ironman / Veteran, but on this second test run, I still haven't explored much of the features I explored a few months ago.
  9. Hi guys, I'm playing version V19 Stable hotfix marked 02/09/2013. I've been playing through this game the last day or two and I'm at the point of having just about to get strike cruisers spawning. I've already done carriers. Where does the research tree end, I'm suppose to capture a leader at this point (don't think I've seen one yet) but aside from that I've finished the research tree and not sure what's next, if anything. I've got Marauders and Valkyrie, Sentinel/Predator armor and plasma weapons. I know on the wiki there is more after that but I've not had it unlock yet. I've also not seen the last race of aliens spawn yet. Am I missing something out or is that it for the moment? Thanks
  10. Greetings, I've just noticed Humble Store updated Xenonauts to the Stable 19 version (I don't know how long that's been there, HB didn't put an update date under the download link - which is also why I noticed it only because I was checking the link target) but, upon download, the .zip archive won't open. The md5sum checks ok so the download went good and the file's good, but the unzip utility outputs this: Has anybody experienced the same behaviour?
  11. Hi everybody i have just started a new LP of "V19 Stable hotfix on steam". Go check it out and give it your saying. First episode in the playlist is here: Regards SnowiiFrog
  12. Today I started playing this game first time in a semi seriously manner. Here are a collection of thoughts I had in my first 5 hours or so: Whoa, I'm impressed! The game has really changed in the last 6 months or so. Superb improvements in every department. AI is really aggressive and deadly. Great job there. Music is nice and the game is surprisingly stable. I had only one crash and two or three strange behaviors in ground combat. I think the game could use a bit more tutorials in the early game. Atm I really don't know what I should be doing in the early months. Different mechanics should be explained much more clearly. The game is full of numbers, statistics etc, but the game doesn't give me enough information to make anything useful from it. For example what I should build in base and why, how my success is monitored, how my income is calculated etc. I could also use a bit more information on how different things effect country relations. There could be pop ups for every missed ufo or ground combat on how it affected your relations to that country? Okay, here's some random thoughts thus far: Please Chris and GH, don't take this in any bad way or as a too harsh critisism. I only want to make this game better. I might also be missing something so some problems might just be LTP (learn to play) problems. I would like the global map and air combat to edge scroll in the same manner as ground combat. Air combat doesn't even scroll with arrow keys like global map. A bit confusing that some parts of the game scrolls differently than others. If you zoom in the global map and try to build a base in a certain city, you can't do it. Cursor hot spots are too small and too low. (probably a known problem that is fixed with the new UI?) When reqruiting new people, they are referred as items when arrived. Some notification sound would be nice when alien is spotted in ground combat All invertory sceens should support click and move as well as drag'n drop. My first mission was an automated crash site with 9 sebillians. A bit steep learning curve as my ass was handed to me in a way I was never thought was possible in this game (6 xenonauts were killed). Cool I guess, but for a first timers I think it might be a bit too harsh... Some xenonauts death sounds are bad Unit getting gibbed doesn't have any sound effect. Some DooM'esque splatter sound effect would be nice! Some way to know which first aid level is the maximum so I wouldn't need to scroll them three times around every time... Are you going to fix the mirrored art in the global map screen? Seems a bit lazy... Why cant I start building a foxtrot if I don't have a free hangar? Seems a bit silly especially if my hangar is ready before foxtrot Research projects in the list at the right side of the screen shouldn't show projects that are already under work. or at least it should show its current state of progress and that the research is underway. How can I open UFO door without walking through it? I'm getting slaughtered by reaction fire whenever I try to breach the UFO's. Small Scout's layout is maybe a bit too annoying and lethal to breach as a frist UFO type that should be more like a tutorial for a noob player...
  13. V19 Stable contains quite a serious bug with lockups on the Hidden Movement screen. As it's Saturday and the team are not all near a computer, fixing this bug today does not look realistic. We've therefore rolled back to Stable Candidate 3. The differences should be minor and hopefully should not break save games, but hopefully the hangs people were previously experiencing will now be fixed. We apologise for the inconvenience.
  14. Just a quick note to say I've pushed a hotfix for the stable version to the experimental branch. This only serves to reinstate some of the changes that were reverted on Saturday when the issue with the hidden movement screen hang was discovered. Because the changes are so minor saved games should not be affected. Once this has been up on the experimental branch for a day or so with no new issues showing up we will push it to the main branch.
  15. So as someone who only reads official development update news and patchnotes i have a few thoughts to share about v19. Geoscape: Im holding off most of the thoughts about it until the new UI, but the change i hope to see the most is a proper interface for ordering your air units around (in geoscape, not in dogfights), proper waypointing (like shift+clicking), maybe even creating patrol routes and saving them for later use. --- Ground combat: AI: It still feels weird... while i notice that aliens tend to go into safe spots where most of their angles are covered from the optimal ammount of xenonauts i still see them going out of cover for no reason (especially inside light scouts: they shoot some and when walk out from behind the cover). I also witnessed a bizarre behavior in my first terror mission that i played in this build (im not sure if this behavior was present in previous builds). In this mission aliens (androns and light drones) completely ignored my scout car, to the extend where i was effectively able to cover my soldiers with it and exploit the scout car as a "sliding door": I would move it away at the start of the turn, fire some shots with my soldiers, and cover them again with my scout car at the end of the turn. Aliens never shot at the car, and acted confused, over running around aimlessly or just going after npcs instead of trying to flank my soldiers or attack my scoutcar. I also find it hard to make use of secondary floors, its like they are not in game at all, i rarely find aliens in buildings (and never in upper floors) and wish it was a more common occurrence. It also feels like their pathfinding could use some work, sometimes they make a lot of aimless movements and end up in the same position from which they left or out in the open. It feels like they have trouble managing their TU's... Also every alien seems to act like an individual ignoring his comrades... I'd like to see some group tactics involved. An example would be aliens that are sitting inside of ufo storm out to help their buddies when there is a firefight going outside, attempting flanks and so on... Too often its just picking off one alien at the time... pushing a bit forward and finding another one hunched behind cover a bit further back, why didn't he come and help his buddy 3 turns ago? Also the placement of aliens around the map (in ufo crashsites) is odd, they seem scattered and disorientated with no clear goal. Shouldn't they try to set up a defensive perimeter around their ufo wreck? Try to ambush you (in greater numbers than 1) as you approach it and so on? --- Visuals: I thought i'd be used to it by now, but the particles that fly out of all the weapons look horrible and out of place, they are slow, sluggish and look like a cheap placeholder art. I would much more prefer to see just muzzle flashes and impact sounds, or some nicely animated tracer round lines. In fact the whole combat gameplay feels off, soldier dont allign properly with the direction they are firing, sometimes skipping the "raise weapon" animation completely and just shooting from idle pose. But the worst part is bullets hitting things... it just looks so impact-less? I mean shooting stuff felt more satisfying in fallout 2, and im not talking about critical gore-fest kills. (which would be amazing to see in this game, but i know that the its very hard to do thanks to overly-complicated animation processes used in this game). Ground combat part 2 Shooting from the cover sometimes shows that theres a 50% chance to hit the cover im shooting from. This just isn't right... and there is a bunch of other oddities when trying to aim through/from complicated cover. I once saw like 3 50% indicators pop out by simply aiming at the target behind a low train platform...vagon... thing. Morale system isn't working properly i think. Im still not seeing the randomness in maps, and there's too few of them so it gets repetitive fast. I had few other things i wanted to mention but i forgot. I should keep a list or something. Anyway hope this helps.
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