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  1. So, I just played my first Xenonauts mission, and here are my impressions: Showstoppers: The font choice is terrible! It is too small, over anti-aliased, and generally hard to read. I am playing on 1280x1024 so I don't know if fonts get scaled down on this resolution. But if you look at the zoomed in variant, it shows the font is all smudged. Next to it is the same text written in an even smaller font in LibreOffice, which in my opinion is much more readable: http://i.imgur.com/rvDQQeb.png http://i.imgur.com/rvDQQeb.png' rel="external nofollow">But, why use a font for ants in the first place? It is not like screen space is a premium in this game, it just makes the game tiresome to play. Secondly, I feel like I never know what left or right clicking actually does and am afraid that half the time it will make me perform an action I don't want to perform. There is no clear inspect action vs perform action concept. Sometimes I just select a soldier and he/she leaves the crouching stance, wasting some TUs. And performing moves is done by double clicking, I think, while right clicking rotates. I fire on enemies by clicking on them, so misclicking by one tile moves my soldier right next to it and to certain doom. Also, clicking on the current weapon in the interface also plots a path for the current soldier towards the position behind it, and again makes me afraid that another click wastes a move. Other stuff: Hint at where the last enemies hide out so it doesn't become an overcautious map crawl to find them. Save soldier loadouts, so I don't have to load up everyone individually. And maybe add items to the inventory by double clicking, not dragging. Drag and drop should work beyond the inventory screen, e.g. for swapping items between soldiers next to each other or picking stuff up. Maybe allow moving forward while crouching, at greater TU expense? And sidestepping would be nice. I'd like a warning when I am wasting med kits on healing a soldier which is healed to the maximum already. Or an instant "heal to max" option. I shot someone in the back, twice! Maybe warn newbies like me? Faster enemy movement calculation, it feels as if there is time added to it for effects.
  2. Currently attachments seem to be broken, clicking on "Manage Attachments" just shows an error in the window which pops up:
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  4. I better post this question in off topic, since I so far only played and loved the new X-COM and am not an original X-Com player nor have I installed my Xenonauts pre-order yet, so excuse my potential sillyness: In the new X-COM with its two action system, a safe way to explore the map was to move one soldier as far forward as possible with the first action, then move the other soldiers in behind, but never forther forward than the first soldier. If you didn't stumble upon an enemy, you put everyone on Overwatch and did repeated this for the next move. If your first soldier did run into something, the rest of the team still had all their actions, so you didn't run into the risk of just having spent all actions right before the discovered enemy makes their turn. This is what I call the snail-leapfrogging tactic. It is pretty effective, but also extremely slow. It was fun for the first playthrough, since it added to the tension, and keyboard shortcuts made plaything this way less tedious, but so far it has kept me from starting a second playthough. So, does Xenonauts also need this extremely cautions forward clawl, is this maybe even inherent to turn based combat? Or are there better ways to move about the map, in either X-COM or Xenonauts?