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  1. Is there any chance hypervelocity could be brought back? You could increase bonuses in cover and encourage more strategical elements rather than a do or die mentality that way.
  2. 3x Foxtrot vs 3x Heavy Fighter is another Also going into a battle against scouts with 0 missiles on foxtrots and having an 18% chance to win, kamikaze maybe?
  3. Maybe you could have the corsair have heavy missiles and the cannon or give it the ability to perform rolls quicker than the condor can? Foxtrots are usable for a long time but they have limitations. I do have one problem with them though in that they have no issues taking stuff down using autoresolve when in manual combat they would never manage it. I don't know what criteria you're using for the autoresolve feature but it doesn't match up with what is possible in manual combat and once I've reloaded a save a few times vs different craft I know that between using manual and autoresolve I can get away quite easily without needing to upgrade anything until I get Marauders. The problem is that if you can do with Foxtrots + Condors until you finish researching the Marauder then there's never any need to build Corsairs because you're going to want to upgrade them to Marauders themselves anyway. There needs to be a strong need for the Corsair, either having more ammo to do additional sorties or the ability to avoid damage that the condor cannot. It either has to do something the Condor cannot or it needs to be useful for longer which would be a more fundamental change but I'll expand on in the next paragraph. To make the game 'longer' and give further incentive for progressive upgrades rather than shooting straight for the 'ultimate' version of anything you could increase research time and make the alien progression take longer also. If you doubled the man hours needed on research and then doubled the amount of time it takes the aliens to progress then you would have a situation where you do more ground missions with tech before you get around to upgrading it. It would make the game take a bit longer but it would offer the chance to make intermediate technology more useful and worthwhile to produce. [You could still skip certain tech if you wanted to ultimately but at least if you decided not to you would get more use from the intermediate stuff]
  4. I had a look at my troops again and I agree with Skitso, 0.27 should be the modifier for strength. If that leaves undesirable elements like stacking shields etc that need dealt with then we should do that by changing those items specifically. The only other alternative I see is being able to have items consume less than 1kg each (magazines/grenades in particular).
  5. I would agree that I'm a bit further ahead than usual. I'm on normal just now however so unless veteran changes the research times it should be achievable to get the same results as myself providing you research things efficiently and build a new laboratory as soon as the game begins and then fill it as soon as possible. I could even have shaved off another 1.5 days of research or there abouts if I had the option to hire scientists in advance of the lab being built but we can't. My research was: Alien Invasion > High-Speed Interceptor > Alien Plasma Pistol > Alien Plasma Rifle > Laser Technology > Alienium > Alenium Explosives and now I'm going straight to Wolf Armour (Skipping jackal and investing the money into bases/fighters instead) [EDIT] I got 3 light scout spawns on the first day of play and I believe I also got the first of the normal sized scout spawns on the globe as well. If you don't then that would probably add a few days onto your research of alenium but you could do the improved armour research in between the laser tech and alenium to try bridge that gap.
  6. Sounds like you might be a bit behind. In a new game on this build I got lasers, alienium explosives and the foxtrot in the first month alone.
  7. Yeah I think either 0.27 or 0.28 might be the ticket. I'll need to go back and see how much str my guys have and see what is reasonable. I think unless the soldiers are super high stats then it should be around 27/28Kg - that should be enough for armour + rifle and 2 clips and 2/3 grenades or so. If shields and other stuff can be abused because of that allowance then perhaps the weights for those items should be adjusted instead of changing the formula?
  8. I feel like the strength nerf needs toned down slightly. I think making it half the difference between the old and new value would be spot on. Putting armour on my guys pretty much means either no grenades or no ability to do more than one mission (or longer missions that need multiple reloads) and I don't see how having a pack mule carrying ammo for everyone should be the done thing but it's going to have to be at this point imo, especially early on when we only have 8 guys to use. [EDIT] Also, I didn't play last night because I was busy with other things but the last light scout I done I had a grand total of 2 alien alloys from it, why even bother? I don't feel like I need to do these missions unless I want my squad to have better stats because I can just choose the airstrike option now and get pretty much the same money regardless, only missing out on those two alloys. Generally once Scouts show I only do those and just airstrike the light scouts because they're a waste of time. (unless i really need more alloys) I think there needs to be a bit more incentive to do the ground combat for these smaller ships. I think reintroducing some relationship bonus for doing them yourself should be there, similar to the old score system. It doesn't need to make a huge difference but just a small one so that doing those 5 light scouts that appeared in the month might net you an extra little boost in funding.
  9. Korgath

    V21 Experimental 1 Available!

    I feel like shields should have a better chance at taking more than one hit. Maybe things improve once you throw armour into the mix but for them to be useful at the start I think they need to be able to take around 80hp of damage. That should give them the chance to take one or two pistol hits but a rifle would a much better chance to one-shot. I also feel that for 'normal' difficulty there should be a bigger element to back and forward gunfire exchanges. Just now it's very much kill or die when you see aliens. The only way to avoid losses is to abuse LOS with smokes and hiding around corners etc. It's going to lead to most people using one or two guys to scout (nothing wrong with that) and then guys further back to actually take the aliens out and if things go wrong then you just dump a smoke on the guys in the line of fire and have another go next turn. I don't think there's anything you can do to counter the smoke/LOS abuse to be honest (at least nothing I can think of off the top of my head) but it shouldn't necessarily be the method of playing you push people toward.
  10. Korgath

    V21 Experimental 1 Available!

    First mission was touch and go but everyone made it back. 4 riflemen and 4 snipers. Seb Guard right outside the front of the dropship. First Rifleman auto's at him and misses but they all land close to him, amazing luck to avoid reaction fire. Second guy does the same, hits once and suppresses him and saves my bacon. Could have easily have been 2/3 guys dead right there. Next guard I take out after he misses a guy and the third one hiding in the ship gets captured with flashbangs! I had everyone at the door and used the first guy to throw a smoke causing the seb to miss his reaction shot. All the guys after that just threw in flashbangs, after 4/5 he went down. All my guys had a little bit of damage on them (5pts or so each) but otherwise unscathed. Off to a good start then, all downhill from here I bet.
  11. Korgath

    V21 Experimental 1 Available!

    It's probably because they just finished it and are going to bed themselves or something.
  12. Korgath

    V21 Experimental 1 Available!

    Eagerly awaiting steam getting the update
  13. Opening doors doesn't offer reaction fire as far as I can tell. I abuse it quite a lot to keep track of what they are doing inside the UFO before I breach. I don't know if it's worth changing either though seeing as you'll end up just getting the guy that's doing it to equip a pistol and shield to reduce reactions against him. (If I read how it works correctly?). Also in my game it looks like the Light Drones have the wrong model, they are using the caesian model for some reason, red shirt. They have the right sounds still but I'm not sure if they are able to shoot or not, I killed them before they got a chance. When this build goes back onto experimental I'll try grab a save for you to look at if you want. I'm just about to try my first landing ship on this play through as well when you put it back up, if I notice anything else weird happening I'll let you know!
  14. I usually just shoot them down but I also have troops and vehicles in each base to defend.