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  1. From what can be garnered, weapons seem to have some kind of bleeding modifiers in the main code. Assuming this is true, please, when possible, make it possible to mod the these variables in the near future..
  2. Is it possible to edit cover % ?
  3. Which file holds alien stats, sight range, armor values?
  4. Would I be correct in remembering that the amount of Alenium/ Alloys is still hidden away somewhere, or is this in the assets folder somewhere. Also for the equipment carried by the aliens?
  5. Will the Goldhawk interactive team be releasing a .dll file to assist with some of the more awesome points of modding? I'd like to add some things into the game that are not available via the xml files. For instance, maybe I want to add a huge tank alien that is a melee brawler. Lots of hit points. His purpose is to either melee or run toward enemy positions and force enemies out of their hidey holes for ranged weapon users to snipe off/mow down. Maybe I want to add a ninja class for the Xenonauts. Poppers? Those would be cool. Those could probably be handled with Ai there now however. How about technological control? It compromises tanks and andron units. Like mind control for robots. Mayyyybe I want to do a lot of things with this that would be cool. I totally understand that this is in beta, just asking.
  6. Hello everyone, Walrus here, making his big modding related feature request. A small number of you may know me as the small time weapon-modder with a tremendous ego, and apatite, who has hit an impasse due to lack of features (As many in the future may hit as well.) Standard pattern weapons have fairly basic features to them. -They can support multiple ammo types, but the GUI will not display this, and there is no clean way to smuggle more ammo in. (Despite the fact that alternate ammo's can be dragged into the gun, however, reaching through the receiver to do so is inadvisable, and I am not responsible for any loss of limb doing so, or attempting to do so.) - Most of the traits are the guns traits, meaning that having multiple ammo's is fairly limited in its usefulness for standard weaponry. I am here to ask for what little I would like to see regarding this, as I see a lot of potential here, and I hope many of you guys do to. (This may seem like a compilation of a few other requests, but I am also trying to trim ideas down to keep it (Hopefully) manageable level.) 1. Give the ammo button in ground combat, and the barracks a right click to open (Like the grenades have,) to display additional ammo types, as well as reflecting changes to Weapons.xml to support having several ammunition types on a single weapon (With the same ammo button functionality as ground combat.) 2. Move clip-size to the magazine in Weapons_GC.xml. Every other trait can stay on the weapon (Range would be nice to have on ammo, but it isn't necessary... Pellet count would make many fans gasp in glee, but once again, this isn't totally necessary.) The only reason needed is that it would allow for much greater diversity with weapons, loadouts, and logistics in mods. Now. On the timeframe I would like this request to be considered. As soon as you are comfortable working on this, but hopefully before the last patch. I would love to have this by the full release, as the wave of modders that would come around that time would likely love to have this as well. However long it takes, I understand. This is what I would like to see, so I can make the best content for your game that I possibly can, and I am aware that my interests may conflict with yours: Finishing the game. All I ask is you remember this, this lone, puppy eyed modder, staring at you to do the features that he needs to survive in the jungle he unwittedly jumped into before he, or the jungle, were ready for what was about to transpire. Him getting mauled, and savagely, screaming "If only I had more then one ammo! I would be the eater!" but never dieing, waiting for the day that he too, can be the eater. He who cheers for you, and hopes that you cheer for him as well. Edit: Recoil being a function of ammo would be GREAT as well. Range, Recoil, and clipsize. Oh man would that be glorious.
  7. Please, give us the ability to mod it. I would like the alien bases to increase alien activity on the ground in a radius around it without the presence of UFOs(as it was in the original game), instead of sucking out your income. I find the current implementation unrealistic and unfun. Since you are watering down the air-combat under the pretence of "this is what a player playing an xcom remake would expect", please, use this logic to include in the game features that people playing an XCOM remake do, really, expect!!(BTW, complex and unforgiving air combat is, also, one of them despite you thinking otherwise as it should be relevant by the multitude of posts about it).
  8. Migrated to V19. Cant find armours_gc.xml and missionscore_gc.xml files. Is this information not modable anymore?
  9. As many of you know, the artist who did much of the work for V1 of my mod, Laggy wolf, Has mysteriously vanished. As such, I have found that I have needed to learn to do my own art (OR die trying,) and I have discovered incredibly workable methodology for getting a adequate looking spirte, as well as having modified many existing unused sprites in the games files to finish off my semi-fictional Tier 3 firearm sprites (Which consist of a mix of psudo-futuristic firearms, like a good story set in the 90's in ye olde 70's would portray, and weapons like the 1911, and G3, which gun fanatics would goad me if I refused to include these practical options from the time period.) Edit: I came to an impasse where issues with the base image ended up causing the sprite to be somewhat..... Unusable in the actual game. It is currently in the cleaning phase (The wood is slightly too saturated to fit with the games art style, the small bits contrast a little awkwardly in its current phase, and its outline fades out to white instead of black,) and much like Laggy Wolfs very well done images, are heavily Photoshopped and stylized versions of real life guns, with bits and pieces of my own spiriting to fix parts that simply would look awkward. As for the state of my mod: Many of my intended features are likely impossible at the moment, with current GUI, as such, progressing past tier 1 in a balanced fashion isn't going to be possible until multi-ammo gui becomes a possibility. I will finish the first tiers expansion (Fix all animations, alien armor, re-balance lasers, plasma and tier 4, look into getting permission to use the more-shotguns mod,) and release the sprites for all three tiers in preparation for the multi-ballistic-ammo gui. This will become V2, as I intend to do a lot more then was originally entailed in V1.1. V1.1 will be available Tuesday, it will contain new sound assets, a few new art assets, some improvements to old art assets (Particularly the SKS, which I had totally ruined experimenting on before, has been reverted. The Lars lever has been sharpened as well...) Additionally, it will have a teaser of a few of the sprites I am working on, or will be using (Copies of otherwise unused assets, most of which are modified, or are likely to be replaced.) Following this, I will be looking for your complaints, and working on improving balance for the various V2.X versions. Also, a little more: (This time, the M1911 (Which is T3) will be replacing the Beretta (Which is T2.) Don't worry... Its just that the M1911 sprite is less new and exciting at the moment, and I just finished this.) (Probably the best looking in game sprite, due to the level of detail it appears to have.) (Note: Tier 3 weapons are generally supposed to either be psudo-futuristic, M1911, or actually a modern gun that somehow you have progressed tech far enough to make in the 70's using alien materials.... I ended up using far too many modern guns, due to the fact that the Psudo-futuristic weapon designs generally flopped due to their images having too many problematic issues to show off... For now.) (Once again, Tier 3 uses some modern guns. I really wish I used fewer of them, but the designs that had souls are going to take much longer to do properly, the above calico M950 variant was supposed to take the place of this, but of course... This sprite simply turned out more polished... Eventually, I will replace this, or find a use for the M950 variant.)
  10. Hello I have created this thread for 2 reasons. 1. People have complained about the blocking of funding regions. 2. I think this would help out some future mods. So can the regions/territories/whathaveyou be modded. Thanks for reading!
  11. I want to try to modify how the fog of war works including its color, transparency and geometry.
  12. Ok, after looking through the suggested features section I found the discussion regarding Medkits and got it into my head to see if I could create a mod that adds a new item "Trauma Kit" to the game Premise Modify the game so that when a civilian/local force/Xenonaut is taken down/killed instead of dropping the corpse prop it instead drops a Wounded Prop which has a duration of a few rounds. During that time if a friendly unit uses the trauma kit on the square containing the wounded prop it would instead convert the Wounded Prop to a Stabilized Prop At the end of ground combat any Wounded Props automatically convert to Corpse Props and Stabilized Props would get treated similar to Stunned Props for game mechanics. the games internal mechanics should then be able to determine wounded time based on the remaining hit points which in this case would be 0 and thus would get the maximum wounded time allowable. However I have run into obvious mechanical issues and would like to get some feed back from the Dev team 1) is the mechanic I am discussing possible without going into the source code of the game? 2) if so does the Props File allow for a duration variable? and a command to convert from one prop to another? My guess is that much of this will end up being in the source code which would be frustrating but I would like to get some verification from the Dev's
  13. While alien weapons are fearsome, as Ol' Stinky has already pointed out, they lack variety after a while. Stinky already addressed this by making new variants on alien weapons, but I believe that alien weapons could use an exotic touch that you wouldn't see in human weapons. Bleeding as a function already works, and there is a set percentage chance for a bleeding wound to happen. Would it be possible to have an auto-bleed property? Something that automatically causes x bleeds (where x is the number of bleeding wounds per hit caused), the property of which could be distributed to alien weapon variants. This would create a healable damage-over-time property which would add an "oh shit!" factor when taking on aliens.
  14. I've created different versions of non-combatants so that I can get a mix of alien weaponry in the lightscout and scout ships. Now, gameplay wise, it seems to be working okay. The new ranks show up in-game, using their new guns. Here's the thing, though: they all look like unarmed Caesan non-coms. The new ranks sound like they're meant to (the sebelians hiss when hit, for example), and their corpse's graphic in the inventory screen when you stand on their corpse is properly set. But I cannot find where I'm meant to define their unit's look! I've had a look in, well, units, but all I see are graphics, and no .xmls. I've tried creating folders in there, but the game doesn't recognise them. Clearly I need to set that myself, but I don't know where. I've defined the new guys' stats in aiprops.xml, and the new weapons in weapons_gc.xml, weapons.xml, and items.xml. I also edited ufocontents' various xmls so they appear on the ufos, and quickbattle.xml for easy testing. I'd be grateful for any help! Where's the remaining file(s) I need to edit?
  15. I'm trying to make a chemical sprayer, y'see. I see that the basic functionality for a template-based weapon is in. (incidently, if anyone is interested, try setting the assault rifle to flamethrower - you'll get one hell of a surprise!). Is there any chance whatsoever that it could be hooked up to animation syncing?
  16. I really don't like it. Will it be possible for me to change it for myself or are most of it images? EDIT: Talking about the font used in the game. EDIT 2: Something more like this, now this is just something crude I put together in a haste, but it's more... well, I don't know, less artificial perhaps...
  17. Sorry if this is a stupid question but I tried some searches to find out which files I need to edit to change price and build time but wasnt able to find which ones. A post said items.xml but I cant find any aircraft in there.
  18. Where can i find the files to edit like my soldiers and equipment all i get is save games:mad:
  19. After adding an Anti-Material Rifle (Based off New Vegas) I have been running through the problem of where my soldiers aren't holding a weapon. Sounds, stats and images work; just not the in-game model.
  20. Sorry i was not sure where to Post it because it aint a Suggestion for the game. I am pretty sure that there are tons ot talented players who love Xenonauts, i have just started playing it an I love it. Its better than the new XCom and really good, as some ppl pointed out it lacks of the WOW effect, which aint a big deal, BUT this can be changed quite easily. There are tons of talented players who are able to design ingame items and are willing to do it for free i am pretty sure. How about starting a thread where people can post their items and objects for the game to enrich the battlefields with more diffrent models of things, soldiers, and other things based on a set of rules the developpers give out so the items suit the graphic style applied to the game. If i had the talent i d do it but i am horrible at animating or drawing
  21. I'm just wondering if you have any plans in the pipeline towards integrating the steam workshop into your great game (or vice versa, I don't really know the process of doing so^^), so it would be really comfortable for everyone to keep track of new mods and maps (and as a nice side effect to keep them actualized with zero effort) and for everyone to be able to upload Maps and Mods? Just my 2 cents.
  22. I am pretty sure that there are tons ot talented players who love Xenonauts, i have just started playing it an I love it. Its better than the new XCom and really good, as some ppl pointed out it lacks of the WOW effect, which aint a big deal, BUT this can be changed quite easily. There are tons of talented players who are able to design ingame items and are willing to do it for free i am pretty sure. How about starting a thread where people can post their items and objects for the game to enrich the battlefields with more diffrent models of things, soldiers, and other things based on a set of rules the developpers give out so the items suit the graphic style applied to the game. If i had the talent i d do it but i am horrible at animating or drawing
  23. I have been experimenting a fair bit with balancing the weapons into the roles I see them fitting in. I keep running into the same problem though. The current way of setting the stats and abilities of the weapons is quite restricted. There is a single shot mode with adjustable accuracy per step and only one burst mode. This leaves a lot of the weapons feeling very similar to me. I propose an alteration to how the two fire modes are handled by the game. Specifically both fire modes would be identical. This would allow much wider variation between weapons and finer adjustments when balancing them. *edit for clarification* If both modes allow for all of the options that are currently locked into either single shot or burst modes then more combinations of abilities are possible. For example some weapons may have primary fire modes with multiple rounds fired, others with multiple levels of burst fire which is currently not possible. Additionally I would also like to see the individual steps of each mode define the characteristics of the shot rather than the mode itself. This would allow yet more variation. Examples follow to try and clarify my points. Currently the stats for weapons are defined here: I would change them to this configuration: These changes would mean each individual step could define its own number of rounds fired, as well as the suppression generated and the amount of ammo used, rather than only the AP cost and accuracy. Ammo count and damage multiplier would be useful as weapons like the lasers could have a secondary fire that was more like an overcharged shot than a burst (uses three lots of charge for a 1.5x damage shot etc). Each mode would pretty much require its own link to an animation spectre if it had a different number of rounds fired. Specifying the GC crosshair image used here would also allow for different shot types to have a different secondary fire icon, for example the current burst fire icon or an overcharged shot icon overlay on the aiming reticle. Clip size moved to the ammo type if possible would allow for different ammo to have different capacities, extended mags, improved batteries etc. A few examples of current and possible versions of weapons follow (most numbers for example only). Single shot and burst fire modes are referred to as primary and secondary fire as I copied these from another of my posts. Machine gun: Assault rifle: Carbine: I like the idea of sniper rifles with two fire modes, one that gives you increased accuracy the longer you aim (as current) and one that gives increased damage instead of accuracy (i.e. aiming for the critical areas). I would like to see machine guns where you can decide how many rounds you will fire at the enemy by selecting the shot type with right click. Laser weapons that kick out a more powerful single shot instead of a burst.
  24. Hey all So i'm wondering if there's a tutorial or something anywhere on using the modding tools, I did a quick search on the forums but couldn't find anything. I would love to start making maps, and I'm pretty sure other novices would love it too, then you would have even more maps to throw into the final version! I have had a fiddle about with it, but as soon as i click the "open level viewer" it appears to lock up and do nothing, so can only assume i'm doing something wrong If i'm missing the obvious, i do apologize
  25. So, if I want to (say) make 8 aliens spawn on a light scout mission, how would I do that? I feel really dumb for having to ask - I feel like the answer is right under my nose, but I can't seem to find it in the .xmls in the assets folder. I did check the mods sticky thread at the top, but zzz1010's "double crew" mod doesn't seem to be hosted anymore, so I can't peek at what he changed.
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