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Found 13 results

  1. At least for adding in a future update or patch after release. 1) Damage falloff for weapons. It should be a simple enough adition - distance to target is already taken into acout for accuracy formulas. Basicly a weapon has an aditional entry in the weapons_gc called pctdamgefallof='-1' that tells the damage reduction per square (as percentage. In this case, 1% damage reduction per square)). Default 0, but it can be made a positive value to make a wepon that become more damage at long range. This would basicly jsut calculate the new damage value (rounded up) and hand that value over to the other calculations (armor penetration, etc...) I'd really lik this, as it would give modders the abiltiy to give more varriance to weapon and create interesting tactical situations 2) Multiple AI Props profiles for allies. Alines have miultiple types and profiles with different stats and equiapment. Meanwhile, allied soldiers all use the same non-combatant profile as the civilians. Just having 2-3 profiles for allied soldiers would help. Roookies, Veterans and the rare Elites (with % chance of appearing). Natually, they'd have better stats, with elites having better armor (like jackal or better...statisticly, not visually). Would be even cooler if we could have a text/name displayed. I would love to make a John Rambo or Chuck Norris characters with 1% chance of appearing, but having monstrous stats.
  2. Because it sure as hell doesn't seem to reduce incoming damage. It seems to me like it just randomly negates damage entirely. I don't know about you guys, but I'd rather have a flat damage reduction all the time then to just randomly have damage blocked at a seemingly low chance.
  3. Light Scout. Farm Map. I wanted to see if firing a rocket at the UFO doors would damage them, and force the aliens to come out to play. Instead the door remained untouched but I scored damage points to two aliens inside. Had I kept going, presumably I could have killed the aliens without ever opening the UFO door (unless it does break later on).
  4. I'm I wrong or there is no such thing as critical chance in the game in order to inflict a substantially larger amount of damage then defined by the weapon? You know guys, a low chance, but still a possibility thing It could be dependent on reflexes, thus making this characteristic more relevant to the game.
  5. anyone else notice when ufo crash site the ufo is undamaged why is that?
  6. Hello, So, this is coming directly from my D&D experiences, in case people wondered. I think that it would be a cool idea to have bleeding soldiers have a 1/10 chance (or whatever seems correct) to stop bleeding and stabilize. This would be "rolled" right before they would take damage for bleeding, and if they succeed on the "roll" they stop taking damage, and instead the notification says "<Soldier Name> has stabilized" or something along those lines. I think it'd be a good addition to the game. What'do'ya think?
  7. It's been pointed out to me in the suggestions forum that we're missing bleeding wounds from the game. This is a good point. It's a simple system but it was one that created memorable moments in X-Com, and there's no reason why we shouldn't include it. I've tapped out a proposed system. It's quick and simple, but here it is for comment if people want to make suggestions: Bleeding Wounds: Every time a soldier takes 10 damage (after armour calculation etc) from enemy fire there should be a 20% chance they suffer a Bleeding wound. A soldier can have multiple Bleeding Wounds, and can suffer multiple bleeding wounds from the same shot if it does a multiple of 10 damage. Each bleeding wound causes the soldier to lose 2HP per turn. If a soldier has a bleeding wound, it should flash up a message at the start of the turn (similar to “XXX soldier has panicked!” message) saying “XXX soldier is bleeding!” A bleeding wound can be cured with a medipack. It costs 5APs to cure and consumes 5 ammo from the medipack. A bleeding wound is always cured before normal HP damage. I'm not keen on having an overly complex injury system, to be honest, but the floor is open to comments.
  8. One of my soldier bled to death and I could not heal her using a medpack. I understand that soldiers cannot seem to heal themselves but no matter how much the other was healing her, she would still bleed.
  9. The reason I ask that the first new UFO of every type to have minor damage is that a lot of key research depends on recovering items from wrecked ships (take for example, the power generator from the Scout), but these are fragile and will blow up in a ship that suffers major damage. It can be very difficult in air combat to measure exactly how much damage to cause (especially on harder settings), so while this is a concession to lern2play, I think it would save a lot of frustration over not being able to get a minor damaged UFO of the type the player needs.
  10. Probably one that was to be tweaked in Beta, but are there any thoughts around making each of the races a little more or less vulnerable to certain types of damage. Back in EU, certain damage types would provide a little bonus when used against certain foes. It added a slight edge to keeping your weapon options versatile. As it currently stands, all alien armour (within each race and rank) has the same level of resistance to Kinetic, Energy, Chemical and Incendiary i.e. your Caesian non combatant has the same values for each of the four damage types provided. For example, would Incendiary ammo be more effective against Sebilians as it cauterises the wounds preventing their rapid healing ability? To balance this, perhaps they should have slightly higher resistance to Kinetic attacks, representing their tough scaly hides (more than is currently given)
  11. Th plasma gun of the aliens is too powerfull. One hit and a character dies! Suggestion: - Lower damage of plasma gun - increase resistance, that at least the human survives and can run away. - Decrease the hit chance It's really no fun to see your characters die that quick....
  12. Right now I feel like the air combat is a little bit backwards with the 'overkill' model in terms of nuanced tactical play. At the beginning of the game, when you're not experienced, you need to exercise more tactical nuance in air combat to avoid over-killing UFOs and leaving no crash site. Later on, when you're more experienced, the bigger UFO's become much harder to overkill, so you can just let loose with everything you've got. This has the odd effect of actually reducing your responsibilities as a tactician as the game proceeds onward to 'harder' air combats. What could be done instead would better simulate the sheer size of these vessels, as well as introducing a different tactical element that makes air combat more involved, rather than less involved as ships get bigger. When a UFO takes a certain amount of damage (perhaps enough to kill it now), it becomes 'seriously damaged'. This means it can no longer go back into orbit and is certain to crash at some point, but it stays on the battle map and can still fight you at reduced effectiveness. Once you've seriously damaged something, you'll want to break off combat with it (too much more damage could bring it down catastrophically and you lose your crash site), but you'll need to do it carefully as the vessel can still hurt you as its going down. The analogy would be to a damaged B-17 - if you took out a couple engines from one of those things, it could still be flying for minutes or even hours before crashing (and sometimes even make it back to base), but during this time its machineguns can still harass and harm attacking fighters. I notice on the battle map ground combat that they've made allowances for varying damage levels of the UFO - you could tie that in to how much damage the UFO sustains while already seriously damaged. Bigger ships can stay in the air while 'seriously damaged' longer than smaller ships, which means they'll remain dangerous longer than the smaller ships - thus leading to a greater need for tactical nuance (planning not just your attack runs but your exit routes) as you begin to fight larger and larger vessels. Something like a Scout can still crash right away and a Corvette can remain on screen for just a second or two, but a giant battleship can stick around for 20-30 seconds or so (or even minutes or hours, if you want to let people escape from the combat and then see where it crashes in the geoscape). Alternately, instead of a timer, being seriously damaged can introduce a percentage chance per second that the craft will crash, leading to random amounts of time before a vessel is brought down. You could do the same thing with player craft - once it's below the 50% mark in damage it needs to get out or risk crashing.
  13. Disclaimer: I haven't played the game at all yet. I've just been reading design threads. I found out that currently if you overkill an alien ship during air combat, there's zero chance of obtaining a crash site from it. Since you have early elements like the MiG that players can obtain (and will want to) that will overkill some of the early craft, players who haven't done their research are going to definitely be doing this (or it'll happen out of necessity in an air combat). Instead of reducing the chance of getting a crash site from overkill results, I think you should consider simply reducing (but not eliminating) the chance of getting a crash site - say, if the damage is over the 'overkill threshold', drop the chance of getting a wreck by 30-50% or so (you could even have tiers, where each 5% above the overkill level drops the chance by 10%, so if players are using a nuke or something against a small scout then it'll be completely gone every time). Savvy players are still rewarded for being careful about how they attack alien vessels, but non-savvy players don't get screwed out of crash sites entirely.
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