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  1. So now that we go the modular UFOs has anyone thought adding more UFO types? In original X-Com and also the Firaxis remake the different UFOs are tiered a bit differently. There's the very specific Abductor, Supply Ship and Terror Ship for example. So I was wondering about putting in those into Xenonauts too. I was also thinking about something that would be the Alien equivalent of something like Mi-24, an armed air transport. It would be fast, hit and contain a small group of comparatively Elite aliens. Maybe two or three tiers of this kind of ship. One another thing would be a lategame factory ship which is hard to destory and constructs large bases and fast. The most outlandish thought I had was that a special kind of heavy drone which operates as a slow but hard hitting fighter in the geoscape. The would only be seen escorting base attacks, ground attacks and terror missions. Unless destroyed on the geoscape they will appear as dangerous ground units in base & terror missions. Nasty! Maybe differentiate existing types a bit. Like make Landing Ship with troops different from supply landing ship or abduction landing ship.
  2. Would it be possible to make stairs inside the UFOs instead of teleporters? Or levels where the UFO is floating in the sky intact and you have to teleport or breach and fly in to destroy it?
  3. Where do I extract the modular tiles if I want to try making some UFOs?
  4. Would it be possible to make an arctic map which was a bit more urban than the current maps?
  5. They're not particulary terrifying, yeah. The AI can't seem to handle the teleportation most of the time. I've seen a couple of times when a Wraith teleports into cover instead of just sitting in my firing lines. That's nice. Shooting and then warping could work too I guess.
  6. I'm playing my first playthrough on Easy and I've got 3 terror attacks and 2 bases. No base assaults yet. I just started researching MAG Weapons because I got an early alien battle rifle from the other base. I just finished building a Shrike and got Marauders and Predators but no money to build them.
  7. I think you should definitively add something about how to avoid getting hit by friendly fire. The crouching thing, positioning your troops so that reaction fire won't hit them, avoiding getting supressed by own MGs and so on.
  8. I do think some kind of rudimentary night vision would have been cool. They had clear drawbacks and advantages back then. It might be moddable though. Armors at least have alterable vision cones. I also think that having single-shot missiles at the start of the game would have been neat wit the reloadable rocket launcher being a bit later development. The single shot rockets for infantrymen make sense in a world where you aren't shooting tank-armored humanoid robots. If 20 minutes into the future the world's militaries would be concerned about Androns and not human tanks I'd bet we'd see a single-person reloadable rocket launcher rolled out ASAP. I liked how you only got a single shot (or two) out of rocket launcher in Firaxis' X-Com. I don't know if there were any "videogame rocket" (ie. high explosive) single shot RPG around back in 1979 though. I know the US had the Flash rocket launcher at some point and Soviet came out with that thermobaric rocket but I don't remember when they came out. Machine guns would be really difficult to balance in a game of this scope.
  9. I don't like how they can't deal with anything without getting damaged themselves. So after every combat you either wait for them to repair or risk losing them. Waiting for the repairs is almost as bad as losing them anyway. Sure they can eat alien escort fighters but they'll be sitting in the repair bay after that. Then the next wave comes. It's an interesting combat that may work for really experienced players. I really just build them for dealing with fighters and sometimes I wonder if that's even worth the effort. And I'm not the only one who'd rather wait for Marauders.
  10. just my 2c from a not-so-experienced player: I had an idea for a mod where things like alien corpses, captured aliens and the UFO power sources and other gizmos would have a sell value. I've always been disapointed how little of anything the UFOs start yielding about the time when Cruisers start coming around. So early UFOs would yield comparatively little extra cash but once you get more and more exotic gizmos to sell to the world goverments you'd get more money from it. I don't know if I'm the only one but I always hit a point where maintenance costs outstrip any relations gains. I think it has something to do with how difficult escorted Cruisers are to deal with anything else than Marauders. Marauders are more bottlenecked by Alenium than money. So you need aircraft to shoot down UFOs to get Alenium. Aircraft have maintenance costs. Maurauders take a good while to build, especialy without the base upgrades. So it kind of becomes a tighrope of balancing between keeping existing air cover and getting rid of old planes to get Marauders. What usualy happens is that I don't have enough Marauders to deal with Cruisers and they start sinking the relations real fast. Ground combat missions just become kind of tedious after Carriers, the UFOs are really big and the gains feels disapointing by comparison. I think that the later game shift to a kind of a scavenger economy is actualy cool but also that the rewards from it are a bit too sparse. I also think that the second drop team has a more important secondary function than just getting money. I would use the secondary team to train replacement troops for the first team. Or at least it had when you could and needed 12/16 troops in the lategame. This way you're a bit less screwed over if you lose some experienced troops because you get reserves. But secondary drop teams are pretty expensive to run and a lot of the time I end up doing a lot of GC missions just to get more money to maintain them. I do agree that perhaps having some of the late-game stuff require recovered alien components would be good. I just don't know what would be good canditates for those techs. Having Marauders require Cruiser engines would IMO be pretty harsh except maybe if Corsair gets turned into something else than a novelty for people who are really good at the air combat.
  11. The Breaching Armor idea was an interesting one. The current vechiles feel kind of unsatisfying so I tinkered with an idea for a mod. Basicaly you'd get vechiles only a bit later into the game but they'd be kind of mechas with pilots who'd have XP and so on. But I have neither the skills or resources to do it myself.
  12. I like the way it looks now. The orange visor fits because Wolf has it too. What are you going for stat-wise?
  13. Ok, I know it's way too late for this, but I want to get this out anyway. So, there's been a lot of debate about the Geoscape balance lately and about how you need the max amount of interceptor bases ASAP. It struck me that a lot of people are probably frustrated that they can't do anything about UFOs appearing outside of radar cover. So, what if landed UFOs were detected automaticaly? The player would have a shot at doing missions outside of radar coverage and it could help with early game relations strain. GC doesn't give relations bonuses but it could stop the UFO from triggering further events. Since all UFOs don't touch ground it wouldn't devalue radars either. Missions with intact UFOs are harder than missions with shot-down UFOs, so it could balance out. As I said, probably way too late and probably un-moddable.
  14. My favorite is still the following: 2x Shotguns 2x Rifles w/Rocket Launcher 2x Rifles w/Medikit 2x Machine Guns + loads of grenades for everyone I may use pistol + shield before I get armors for the shotgunners. I've always found Sniper rifles kind of awkward to use but I maybe experiment with making Snipers out of the two most accurate veterans when I get a Shrike.
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